Big Green Egg Fire Ring Cracked: How to Fix it?

One item many homeowners are adding to their hearth is a big green egg fire ring. It provides a sense of warmth, home comfort, and a unique cooking space from other rooms in the house.

But a cracked big green egg fire ring can be just as frustrating.

Big green egg fire ring cracked. But why?

The first reason for the cracked green egg fire ring is overheating. Another reason why it might get cracked is due to  humidity. Glazed interior and sudden cold snap can easily crack up the fire ring. A cracked egg fire ring can be fixable with provided steps without spending loads of bucks.

We know a few more reasons why such incident can happen! And not only that, but we can also help you fix the problem!

So tag in and find out how you can fix your fire ring!

Big Green Egg Fire Ring Cracked Troubleshooting

Can a Big Green Egg Crack?

The fire ring can crack, chip, and cause a leak on your egg. These are important things to consider if you’re thinking about getting one for your home.

The fact that there’s a crack in your egg means it can be damaged. If you drop something heavy like a fire poker or a steak knife, it can happen.

Now, you may want to know, can a cracked green egg be repaired?

Yes, a cracked green egg can be repaired. Before pouring the cement, damp all the parts. Following Rutland brand’s mixing directions, apply cement over the shattered ceramic pieces. Squash the broken Egg back together. Do not be concerned if parts are missing or broken.


Reasons Behind the Big Green Egg Fire Ring Crack

There could be multiple reasons behind the cracked big green egg fire ring. Let’s see which one is falling under your troubleshooting-

Reason 1: Excess Heat

Moisture and excessive heat or cold are the two factors that cause a pot to break. These objects are heated to far above 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unless there is a weak spot in it, temperatures beyond 300 Celcius shouldn’t harm them. Because of the size of these pots, this is a typical occurrence.

Reason 2: Humidity

Have you kept them outdoors in the rain or in a location where humidity is strong? Then it might cause the ring to crack. Because the ring becomes damp and the surface starts to lose its sturdiness. As a result, it starts cracking.

Reason 3: Glazed Interior

Another reason for the big green egg cracked fire ring is the lack of a glazed interior. It allows moisture from the air to seep into the porous clay. This causes steam to build up and cause cracks.

Reason 4: Sudden Cold Snap

You might wanna know will Big Green Egg crack in cold weather?

With your Big Green Egg, you have nothing to be afraid of. Many people in Townley cook their eggs even on the coldest and stormiest days. Your egg will just not crack. Low and slow cooking is also an option. But there’s a catch!

A few days of 50-degree weather and rain can be followed by a sudden cold snap during the winter. As it freezes the clay and causes it to break.

“Crack” will occur if the clay is heated to an extreme temperature change in moist or cold conditions.

You should start with a very tiny fire, maybe five or six pieces of charcoal. Let it burn for an hour before starting your cooking fire. Check if the humidity or temperature is high or cold with a hygrometer.


How to Fix Cracked Big Green Egg Fire Ring?

Now, you definitely want to know how do you fix the firebox on my Big Green Egg? 

There’s no use in buying anything new if you can repair it for less money. The term “old house crazy” has a lot to do with it. You’ll need roughly $20 worth of components to repair it.

Step 1: Wash the Egg properly

If you want to use cement, you’ll want to make sure the broken edges are as clean as possible. It is to ensure that the cement adheres well to them.

Wash the Egg at high pressure, paying particular attention to the regions. It will be treated with cement. When applying glue, clean the big green egg spot with a wire brush.

Note: Even if you’re simply changing a plate setter, the technique works well! You may, however, get an unbreakable cast iron plate setter here for less than the cost of cement and your valuable time.

Step 2: Apply Cement to the Cracked Area

Pour Cement and Assemble – Do not wait for the broken edges to cure after pressure cleaning. Actually, Rutland suggests dampening before putting cement.

Cement should be applied to the fractured ceramic pieces. Maintain the instructions for mixing and squishing the Egg back together.

Do not be alarmed if any of your items are broken or missing components. Filling the ceramic holes with refractory cement is totally acceptable.

Step 3: Give Proper Time to Dry

It only takes around 24 hours for the cement to dry. After that, you can use your freshly renovated Big Green Egg to cook something wonderful! Up to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit, the Rutland refractory cement is suitable.

To ensure that Humpty doesn’t fall again, place your Egg safely. Put it on a table or other sturdy surface.

Step 4: Use Hardware to Fix Middle Crack

Protect your Investment. To fix the middle crack, you don’t want any meals to be contaminated by any metal coatings. Make sure you get a masonry bit compatible with the screw diameter.

Clamp the plate setter parts together tightly after you’ve obtained your hardware. Use a band clamp to keep the band in place.

Place the repair plates across the break when securely secured by the plate setter. The masonry bit may be used as a guide to drill holes in the studs.

With an appropriate masonry bit, these ceramics may be drilled smoothly. We don’t advocate doing this with a typical wood or metal bit.


Your plate setter is now mended when you’ve finished tightening the bolts. However, if your plate setter is beyond the point of repairing, then we suggest finding a solid replacement.

Worry not! We got some perfect options that you can choose from. From our thorough market research, we selected these 3 best plate setter for your Big Green Egg! Have a look:

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These are our top recommendations due to their high quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. You can pick any of them and get back grilling!

In some cases, the big green egg crack can be totally damaged. You should compare both green egg shelves and mate before purchasing a new one.

The glues and epoxies you’re talking about when heated emit nasty chemicals. Those chemicals are going directly into your food.

This is why we recommend using fireplace repair concrete to fix the cracks bigger than a few inches. Of course, the crack won’t show up for 20 years or so.

But if it’s incurable, check out the difference between pk360 and big green egg.

Can I Use Big Green Egg without Fire Ring?

Absolutely not! Use the Big Green Egg only with the firebox and fire ring attached. A grid or plate setter rests on top of the fire ring for either direct or indirect cooking. Big Green Egg has a ductile iron grate for straight cooking.


Can Big Green Egg be Left Outside?

The Big Green Egg’s innovative air control systems allow it to stay closed during cooking. If the dome is left open, the flame and temperature will rise. It will level up to dangerously high, making it impossible to cook correctly.

Are green Eggs Worth it?

The Big Green Egg is a worthwhile investment. As with other kamado-style barbecues. It is quite costly. As a bonus, you won’t need (or want) to purchase another grill once you get your hands on a Big Green Egg.

How Long Do Big Green Eggs Last?

Good quality one will last atleast more than 5 years. But it also depends on how you take care of it. Good care will serve you for a long time and enable the cooking mood environmentally friendly. The food also cooks deliciously and keeps intact all the nutrients.

Bottom Line

Hope you get to know how to fix the big green egg fire ring cracked issue. Don’t get anxious after seeing the crack.

Follow the mentioned instructions to fix the green egg fire ring and make yummy food. The fixing cost won’t exceed more than 20 bucks.

Best of Luck!