4 Reasons Behind Big Green Egg Thermometer Not Working

Throwing a bbq party is anxiety-inducing. But what’s more, anxiety-inducing is when your thermometer stops working mid-grilling. 

Let’s face it, under no circumstances do you want to be in this situation. 

Sadly, this is exactly what I went through a couple of days back. The meat I was grilling turned into burned crisps. While frantically researching why it isn’t functioning I’ve come across quite a few probable causes. 

So exactly what is the reason behind your big green egg thermometer not working? 

The main cause behind your big green egg thermometer not working is incorrect calibration. Another common reason why your thermometer not working is a dead battery. Finally, due to various external factors, the thermometer gets damaged and seizes to function properly. 

Not clear about all these problems? Stay on board for an in-depth explanation regarding each of these problems.

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Troubleshooting Big Green Egg Thermometer 

The big green egg is one of the most versatile cookware on the market. Starting from grilling to slow cooking, the big green egg can do it all. 

If you check the leading offset smoker list you’ll see that every smoker has a functional thermometer. So, having a thermometer is essential for grilling. 

For the most part, the public reception of the big green egg thermometer is quite well. However, around 11.5% of the big green egg review contains some sort of thermometer problem. 

So let’s take a look at all the problems you may come across with this thermometer. 

Problem 1: Incorrect Calibration

First things first, the most likely cause of your thermometer not working is incorrect calibration. Sometimes, the big green egg thermometer calibration gets offset and fails to show the right temperature. 


At times, you’ll notice that the hands of your thermometer are moving but it’s showing incorrect temperature. In that case, your thermometer probably lost its correct calibration. 

Here’s how you can check whether the temperature shown is correct or not:

  • After that place the probe of the thermometer in the boiling water for a minute. Make sure not to let the probe touch the container. 
  • The boiling point should read 212°F/100°C at sea level. One thing to keep in mind is that with each 1000m of height, the boiling point drops by about 2°. 


I’ve noticed that the calibration of a thermometer can get skewed for a variety of reasons. From high altitudes to moisture damage a few things can cause the calibration to not work properly. 

This poses special difficulty when you don’t have a big green egg thermometer probe to rely on. Here are some of my top picks for probe thermometers: 

  • I’ve found that the Thermopro TP20 wireless works exceptionally well. So, if you have the extra cash go for this one.  


If after checking you notice that the temperature reading is incorrect, you need to calibrate it. The thermometer should read 212°F/100°C at sea level. If not you need to adjust the dial.

At first, I found calibrating the thermometer quite a daunting task. However, upon researching, I’ve found an easier method. 

Here’s how you can adjust big green egg thermometer:

Calibration can be reset by gently holding the thermometer head at first. Then rotate the hex nut with a wrench. 

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You need a good quality wrench in this case. So, here are some of the wrench that I’ve found to work really well:

Once you’re done with that just place the thermometer back into the egg. Now check whether the temperature is normal again. 

Problem 2: Dead Battery

 A dead battery is also quite a common issue with the big green egg thermometer. It’s relatively straightforward. 


Another thing you may notice while inspecting is that the thermometer hands are not moving at all. If that’s the case then it’s likely that the battery is fried. This is probably the first sign you’ll notice when your thermometer isn’t working. 

Source: jjgeorgestore.com


The life of a battery drains out with continuous use. As a result, the thermometer seizes to work. The big green egg thermometer battery usually lasts a long time. However, due to some external factors like weather, fall, etc. the battery loses its power. 


Sadly, the only thing you can do in this situation is to replace the thermometer.

Problem 3: Damaged Thermometer

From time to time the big green egg thermometer can get damaged due to a variety of reasons. Depending on the cause, the process of fixing changes. 

Well, sometimes, surprisingly you might not find a thermometer in some of the finest gas grill smokers. However, when it comes to the big green egg you’re definitely getting one.  

But as useful as this thermometer is, it might fail to work properly. And when it does fail it becomes quite frustrating to say the least. 


So, what would be the first telltale sign of a damaged thermometer? It is when the hands move but only up to a certain extent. 

Usually, the hands of a fully functioning thermometer revolve throughout the circle. However, when this thermometer undergoes some sort of blockage it fails to move. 


External factors like weather and rough use can damage a thermometer. The big green egg thermometer instructions suggest a few things. One of them is that the egg should be kept away from extreme weather conditions. 

For the majority of the time, the big green egg remains outside. This makes the thermometer of the big green egg particularly susceptible. So investing in some good quality covers will avoid some of the damage. 

Here are some of my top picks: 


If water gets inside of your thermometer then you need to take out the thermometer at first. 

After that put the thermometer in a bucket of rice. Because to your miracle, rice draws out water from things.

 As a result, your thermometer will get back to working perfectly again. 

Source: biggreenegg.com

Now, if the damage is too extreme your only viable option is to replace the thermometer. 


How do you fix a stuck big green egg grill thermometer?

To fix a stuck egg grill thermometer you need to dip the tip in ice-cold water and see if the reading is 32 degrees celsius. If not then you need to manually turn the hex nut of the thermometer. 

Is the big green egg temperature gauge accurate?

Yes, the big green egg temperature gauge is quite accurate. Just by inserting the probe in the meat, you will get precise results within 2-3 seconds. 

How will I know if my thermometer is accurate?

To see if your thermometer is accurate or not check from time to time by dipping it in ice water baths. If the reading shows that it’s 32 degrees celsius then your thermometer is accurate. 


A malfunctioning temperature reading can be the difference between a gratifying meal and something completely inedible. So, make sure to take good care of your big green egg. 

Do not handle it roughly and you should be fine. I hope I could clear out all of your doubts about the big green egg thermometer not working. 

And with that, we’ve reached the end. Happy grilling!