Big Green Egg Medium vs Large: Choosing the Right One!

Low and behold the big green egg!

There’s always this ongoing debate among grillers about which size of the green egg is perfect. 

I myself have gone through this dilemma. But after carefully observing the eggs, I now believe I know a few things about big green eggs. 

Well as they say-

If you plan on selling your kidneys for something, better spend it on the right product. 

So, which one should you choose when it comes to big green egg medium vs large? 

The dimensions of the large big green egg are more substantial than the medium. Consequently, the price of the large green egg is higher than the medium egg. The medium egg is better for small families and the large one serves bigger families. 

Having a hard time grasping? Let’s just jump into the main discussion for in-depth analysis-

Short Preview

The large big green egg is considered the most popular egg among others. On the other hand, the medium egg is versatile and at the same time compact. As the big green egg website best describes it, “Happiness in a smaller package.”

So, to clear out your doubts look into this table that I’ve prepared for you:

Factors Medium Large
Diameter15-inch 18-inch
Cooking Area177 sq inch262 sq inch
UsageBest for 6-8 peopleBest for around 10 people
AccessoriesAccommodates some accessories Accommodates all accessories
Where to get the coversGet the Cover Today Get the Cover Today

Wait a minute…you don’t have to rush. Take a look at this graph for a better picture of the two eggs. 

Now, without wasting any more time let’s get into the depths of this discussion!

All the Comparison Factors

Big green eggs come in all sizes. Starting from minis to 2xl, the variation in big green eggs is unprecedented. So, amidst all of these options, it’s only natural to get confused. 

However, the two sizes that most people are always in dilemma about are the medium and the large big green eggs. So, to put all of this dilemma to rest let’s look at all the comparison factors. 

What Are the Dimensions?

First things first let’s look at the dimensions of the two big green eggs. 

The medium green egg is in the middle of the pack grill. It’s not too small and at the same time not too big. The large green egg is probably the most popular size.

The grill diameter of the medium big green egg is 15 inches, which is a tad bit smaller than its large counterpart. The large green egg has a grill diameter of 18 inches. 

Now, the cooking area of the large green egg is around 262 square inches. Whereas the medium egg has a cooking area of 177 square inches. This can make indirect grilling in the medium egg especially hard. 


Moving on to the weight, the medium big green egg weighs around 52kgs. On the other hand, the weight of the large big green egg is 73kgs. So, the medium green egg can be carried around more easily than the large egg. 

Winner: Large big green egg

How Much Can You Grill at a Time?

We’ve talked enough about metrics. Let’s look at the practical uses of the space that the big green eggs provide. 

Ideally, the medium egg is reserved for smaller families and couples that like to grill on the weekends. The large big green egg can handle all the cooking needs of most families and small parties. 

At a time you can grill 12 Angus burger patties or 8 fresh steaks from whole foods in the large big green egg. You can grill quite as much as the large egg in the medium egg. The medium egg can fit around 6 burgers or 4 steaks. 


I’ve seen that the medium egg best serves around 6 to 8 people. Whereas the large egg is perfect for a party of 10 people. 

At times like this, the large big green egg seems truly worth it

I’ve seen that grilling on the medium egg can get quite cramped at times. Continuously cramping your grill may result in thermometer issues. In that case, you need to be on the lookout for a thermometer replacement for the big green egg

For a visual guideline I’ve found this video from ace hardware to be quite helpful.

Winner: Large big green egg

What Are the Additional Accessories?

The best part about the big green eggs is that you can customise their function according to your needs. You can choose from a variety of things to accessorise your eggs. 

Starting with the medium, you can add a lot more accessories than the minis. The medium egg accommodates all the most popular EGGcessories like the convEGGtor and Pizza & Baking Stone. I found it to be versatile and efficient in a smaller package. 

I’ve recommended some of the cheaper alternatives of the medium big green egg accessories here:

However, compared to the large big green egg, the medium doesn’t feature as many accessories. The large egg accommodates all the accessories available for the big green eggs. From baking to roasting, you can do almost everything with the large big green egg. 


As efficient as the medium eggs are, the large egg takes the cake for accommodating all sorts of accessories. 

Winner: Large big green egg

How Much Do These Cost?

At this point, you know most of the details of the two big green eggs. So, you might be wondering, what is the price of these amazing green eggs? 

Only for a low price of around $899 you can take home the large big green egg. 


Did you catch my sarcasm there? 

The price of the big green eggs is quite high. 

But fortunately, its medium counterpart costs slightly less. The cost of the medium big green is around $699. Its price is still a lot compared to other grills on the market. 

The saddest part is, it doesn’t come with a stand. You have to pay extra for the stand. To make it easier for you I’ve listed some cheaper alternatives to the big green egg stand. 

While purchasing big green eggs you have to keep in mind that you’re paying for the premium. It doesn’t get better than these grills. As a result, you don’t have to sit around and wonder why your smoked meat is turning black.  

Winner: Medium big green egg


Is the medium big green egg big enough?

The medium green egg is ideal for feeding 6 to 8 people. So, if you have a small family then the medium big green egg is big enough. 

Which big green egg is the best?

The large big green egg is considered the best egg by most people. However, the ultimate decision of the best big green egg comes down to your preferences. 

Are big green eggs worth it?

If you can afford it then big green eggs are absolutely worth it. They are versatile, long-lasting and in general, make your grilling process smoother. 

Final Verdict

That was everything I had on big green egg medium vs large. 

From my experience, I’ve noticed that the large big green egg is overall a better investment than the medium green egg. Yes, it is more expensive but there are also a lot of things you can do with the large egg as well. 

With that, we’ve reached the end. Catch you next time!