Large or Xl Big Green Egg: Which One’s the Perfect Size?

So you want to get the infamous big green egg? 

But you’re confused about which size of big green egg you should get. 

You see I’ve been in a similar situation before. But after using both the eggs for some time I could finally gather all the properties of the eggs. 

So, which one is ideal for you when it comes to large or xl big green egg?

The xl big green egg provides more cooking area than the large egg which feeds 16+ people. But the xl egg also comes with a hefty price tag. On the other hand, the large big green egg is best for feeding a large family. The price of the large egg is also relatively less than the xl egg. 

Still, confused on which green egg you should get? Stay with me till the end for a complete analysis. 

Large Vs Xl: Quick Comparison

Getting the big green egg has been all the hype recently. More and more people are getting on board with the versatility, quality and longevity of the big green egg. 

It’s okay if you’re still not clear about all the differences between the two models of the big green egg. I’ll be providing you with more comprehensive information down below.

But before that, take a look at this graph for a brief review:

Now, let’s get into the details. 

Large Vs Xl: Detailed Comparison

At first glance, you may ask how these two models of eggs differ apart from the size. To that, I’ll have to say. Plenty of ways. 

For fetching the most suitable egg for you check out all the comparing factors. Starting with the dimensions. 

Let’s Talk Metrics:

It’s clear as day that the xl green egg is far bigger than the large egg. Not just in terms of size, all the dimensions of the xl green eggs are huge. 

The xl green egg has a whopping 452 sq inch cooking area and the large egg has only 262 sq inches. This makes a huge difference while indirect grilling as the space becomes almost half with that method.

The same thing can be witnessed in regards to the grill diameter. An xl big green egg has a direct grill diameter of about 24 inches. Whereas the large big green egg’s direct grill diameter is around 18 ¼ inches. 

So if you plan on selling bbq from your residence, your best bet would be to get the xl big green egg. 

As you’ve already guessed, the xl green egg is heavier than the large egg and weighs about 99 kgs. The large egg closely follows it and its weight is 73kgs. 

Winner: XL big green egg

What About the Cost?

Cost is probably the most important factor that you need to look into before purchasing the big green egg. You can only buy what’s within your budget. 

The big green egg is infamous for its steep price tag. The price of the large green egg is around $860. Which in and of itself is much costlier than other grills on the market. 

Now brace yourself for the price of the xl big green egg. It’s close to $1200. Yes, more than almost 1 grand for cookware. 


The original big green eggs don’t come with any additional accessories. All of the accessories need to be purchased separately. You even have to get the stand of the green eggs separately. 

If you’re getting into the world of the big green eggs I’d suggest getting these stands or nests:

  •  I’ve found the Dracarys stand to be perfect for the Xl green eggs.

Getting these eggs along with the stand and accessories can get quite expensive. But as these eggs are one form of investment, the price can be justified. 

So if we compare the two eggs, the large green egg is more affordable. 

Winner: Large green egg

Ease of Use:

The large green egg is the most popular among all the big green eggs. It’s popular for good reasons. Some may even consider it the perfect size.

The xl egg on the other hand is the second-largest big green egg. So naturally, it’s huge. Moving it around can get difficult at times. 

But one plus point of the xl egg is that you can grill a lot of things at once. On top of that while indirect grilling the space doesn’t get too cramped, unlike the large egg

Although the large egg is quite spacious, it may get cramped while cooking for a large party. Cramping too much food at once can cause your thermometer to go haywire. So in that case you may need to look for replacement thermometers for your big green egg. 

Winner: Xl green egg

How Much Can You Grill at a Time? 

Now, we have already talked about the cooking space that each of these eggs provides. But let’s get into the specific capacity. 

The xl green egg grill can fit up to 16 hamburgers or 9 ribeye steaks. Which is a lot considering the large can fit up to 10 hamburgers or 6 ribeye steaks. 

9 of the fresh ribeye steak from whole foods can be grilled at once in the xl egg. Whereas the large egg can only fit 6 of these same steaks. 

How Much Can You Grill at a Time


Let’s face it. Both of these models are mammoth-sized grills. 

However, when it comes to cooking a lot of food at once, the xl green egg takes the spotlight. The xl egg is perfect for huge parties. That’s why it can be commonly seen being used by professionals. 

Winner: Xl green egg

Room for Mix and Match:

All the additional accessories of the big green egg are available for the large and xl models. This feature is exclusive to these two models only. 

The 5 piece EGGspander kit is a valuable addition to the big green eggs. This set comes with 2 pieces of the multi-level rack, carbon steel wok, convEGGtor, and the convEGGtor basket. It allows you to grill cowboy-style on top of indirect grilling. 

On top of all of this, you can also cook desserts with the help of all the accessories. Cooking butterscotch biscuits is so easy with the big green egg. 


Other accessories that you can add to your big green eggs to make your grilling experience better are:

So, there are endless possibilities for mixing and matching accessories with these two eggs. 

However, for a deeper look at all the accessories, I’ve found this video to be quite helpful. 

Winner: Tie

How Much Fuel Are These Eggs Actually Burning?

The amount of coal that these big green eggs are burning can be a concern for some people. I’ve seen a lot of heated debates regarding this topic. 

As purchasing charcoal can get quite expensive, most people don’t want to waste this fuel.

There’s this misconception that the xl green egg burns twice the coal as the large egg. But that is simply not true. 

The amount of coal that’s burned is directly proportional to the amount of food that’s being cooked. Now, if the same amount of food’s cooked in both eggs, the difference in fuel intake is almost negligible. 

However, one thing to note is that the xl egg has more cooking space. So, it takes a bit more time to heat up. As a result, its fuel intake is slightly higher. 

Winner: Large green egg

So, Which One Should You Get?

Both the large and xl big green egg are worthy investment pieces. The ultimate decision of picking the right one comes down to your needs. 

That’s everything on the differences between large and xl green egg.


Is the large big green egg sufficient? 

For most families, the large big green egg is enough. Starting from 10 hamburgers to 20-pound turkey, it can grill a lot of food at once. 

Do I need the Xl big green egg?

If you plan on throwing large parties often or just need to cook a lot of things at once then xl is for you. Foods like multiple stacks of ribs and steak require a lot of space that the xl green egg can provide. 

Can I fit a whole brisket inside the large green egg?

Yes, you can fit a whole brisket inside the large green egg. However, you might need to tightly pack it on the grill for the briskets to wholly fit inside. 


And with that, we’ve reached the end. I hope you are clear about which one to choose when it comes to large or xl big green egg. 

No matter which egg you choose, make sure to never use the lighter fluid. Use a fire starter cube instead. 

Until next time stay safe!