Can You Boil Water in a Rice Cooker? – Everything You Need to Know

Even though rice cookers aren’t designed to boil water, you can do interesting things with them.

But can you boil water in a rice cooker?

The answer is yes. In fact, you can also prepare tea or hot chocolate with it. If you maintain safety precautions, you can boil water using a rice cooker with no harm. The modes in your rice cooker will tell you how you can boil water using the device.

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Is It Safe to Boil Water in Rice Cooker?

Although it is feasible, the outcomes might not be what you want. The purpose of a rice cooker is to steam and heat meals. So boiling water in one will cause the temperature to rise. And result in more steamed than boiled water.

But there are more creative and versatile options to try other than just boiling water. You can also find a lot of rice cooker recipes that can be very delicious.

One of such options arises the question – Can you cook noodles in a rice cooker?

Boiling noodles or vegetables are a better choice. There are some exceptions that work better than others. Such as cooking porridge or making soup from scratch.


Be certain that your rice cooker can reach a temperature of 100°C (212°F). So take this into consideration if you want to cook something in it.

Knowing About Rice Cooker Modes to Boil Water

You can use your rice cooker’s other functions to warm up the water. For example, take a look at each cooker’s different buttons and settings-

Steaming Mode (Usually labeled “Brown Rice Mode”)

This function will generate heated steam. No matter if you desire cooked white rice or uncooked brown rice.

White Rice Or Cook Mode

This function uses the same type of heat that a rice cooker uses during cooking. So it will also produce steam but it won’t get too hot.

Quick Cook Mode

Use this mode to heat up water quickly. It’s the fastest out of all modes. In contrast to other uses, the rice cooker uses less water at once in this situation.

How long to boil water in a rice cooker?

Large amounts of rice are typically cooked in a rice cooker in between 25 and 35 minutes. The amount of water and cooking time needed to prepare different types of rice varies.

Keep Warm Setting

Some rice cookers have a separate button for keeping warm. Push it and your meal will be ready when you are. If you demand warm water, you may also apply this feature.

Drying Setting

Some food products can be effectively dried with this setting. Or place items that require a longer period of drying time. Such as vegetables, herbs, and spices inside the cooker to boost their shelf life.

Knowing about these settings can make you easily know how to boil water using your rice cooker. Do you use boiling water in a rice cooker?

No, it’s advised to use cold water in your rice cooker. Depending on the sort of rice you’re cooking, you’ll need a different amount of water. And how wet you want your rice.

3 Things to Do Before Boiling Water in Rice Cooker

By this time you should already have your answer to can we boil water in electric rice cooker?

Yes. The electric rice cooker is designed to heat water to boiling while also containing rice. The water will inevitably boil even in the absence of rice.

Just be careful not to vigorously boil the water to the point where it spills over. This is certain if you fill it to the brim.

Prior to starting to boil water in your rice cooker, you need perform the following-

Limit the Volumes Being Used

There must be space for the steam to build up. It’s for the water to effectively boil. So, you can only fill the pot with water to about 3/4 of its capacity.

Rice cookers may be found in a variety of designs and sizes. So the quantity you can boil at once varies.

Apparently, this is one of the disadvantages of boiling water in a rice cooker. Since you may need to complete numerous cycles of boiling to get your desired volume.

Maintain The Rice Cooker’s Cleanliness

Generally speaking, you must clean the appliance before using it to cook anything. The goal is to lower the possibility of food poisoning. This is valid for several situations outside merely boiling water.

The pot is one of the essential components since it comes into touch with the food.

So even if you had cleaned the pot before storing it, clean it again. Just prior to beginning to boil the water, do this. More so if you intend to consume it.

This aids in getting rid of any contaminants and particles that can give the water an odd taste. To avoid damaging the surface in the process, make sure to clean correctly. This depends on the material being used.

You can as well drink the boiled water as long as the rice cooker is clean.

How to clean your rice cooker

Keep the Lid on the Cooker

Before turning the rice cooker on, double check that the lid is in place. The way a rice cooker works is quite similar to how a pressure or slow cooker works. Such requires firmly enclosing the ingredients in the pot.

This aids in both preserving the nutrients and accelerating the cooking process. When water is boiling, covering the pot reduces leakage as soon as the water begins to boil.

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Why Should You Use Rice Cooker to Boil Water?

It is true that water boiling functionality is not built into rice cookers. However, you can get around this by doing a few things.

Making Hot Chocolate/Tea

Can you make tea in a rice cooker? One option is to use the rice cooker as a means of warming water for other projects. Like making hot chocolate or tea.

Taking Advantage of the Heat

An interesting option is simply taking advantage of your stovetop’s ability to generate heat. All you need for this method are a pot and a stovetop burner set on high.

Killing Germs

The rice cooker’s inner pot is often designed to withstand high temperatures. The internal temperature may reach as high as 230 degrees Fahrenheit. So boiling water inside the vessel is a safer alternative.

While the water heats in the cooker set a pot on the stovetop. Likewise, heat up two or three glasses of water. Boil it for 10 minutes or such. This will guarantee that any food residue in the inside pot of your rice cooker is destroyed.

Steam Vegetables

You can also use the cooker’s steaming basket. It is usually shaped like a bowl or small pot and placed over food while cooking. Just fill the steamer with water and place it on your rice. Not only will this keep the rice warm. However, you can steam veggies concurrently with your main entrée.

You may notice that your rice cooker comes with a plastic lid that has holes in it. This is specifically designed to allow steam release while preventing splatter or spills. Some models may have up to five holes in the lid. But two perforations should be adequate for boiling water safely inside the vessel. You can remove the lid or cover the food with a piece of aluminum foil.


Keeping the Food Hydrated

You can also use the rice cooker as a humidifier as it steams the water. Steam around the rice and veggies will create moisture in the air. Place a wet towel over the lid or put something like an oatmeal canister inside the steamer vessel to keep it moist.

Use As a Humidifier

Simply boiling water in a rice cooker will cause the water to boil over and the steam to escape. This will happen until the water runs out. The rice cooker will then shut off by itself.

When your humidifier breaks, you may use your rice cooker this way on purpose. This will increase the humidity in the air. It’s a cheap, free and natural way to help keep your home humid.

Tips for Boiling Water in a Rice Cooker

As we said, rice cookers are not designed to boil water. Rather, it’s designed to slowly cook the rice and keep it warm in the process. However, here are some tips that can come in handy-

Keep Check of the Water

There’s another possible outcome to using your cooker for water boiling. Even the best machines don’t always have water level indicators. And sometimes the flow of steam can get blocked or a leak could occur.

If you’re concerned about getting scalded by hot water, simply lift the lid from your rice cooker. Then you can check on its inside temperature. If it isn’t operating at its full potential, you may also add extra water.

Cook Versatile Things

Rice cookers aren’t just great for making rice and other grains. Additionally, they may be used to prepare other foods like quinoa, oatmeal, and porridge. Even a measuring cup may be included with some variants. Or a small pot designed to work with specialized functions.

For many of us, a rice cooker is not just for steaming or making rice. It’s also a mean kitchen tool that can make our lives easier every day.

What Water to Add

The common question is- do you add hot or cold water to the rice cooker?

The best temperature for cooking rice in a rice cooker is around 90-120 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooking process will be completed faster at higher temperatures. Colder temperatures result in longer cooking times.

The best practice is to leave out the water in high settings. And add boiling hot or cold water when the rice is nearly done.


Can a rice cooker be used to reheat soup?

The leftover soup from yesterday’s takeaway may be heated up. With the lid off, warm it up in the rice cooker. Close the door and select “keep warm” so that your seconds stay toasty.

Can eggs be fried in a rice cooker?

Whether you are cooking eggs in a rice cooker or on the stove, steaming them is actually the best way to “hard boil” them.

Can meat be cooked in a rice cooker?

Yes, you may prepare meat or poultry strips in a rice cooker. They may be steamed using a tray as you prepare the rice. Or they can be cooked in the rice cooker similarly to how you would cook anything in a slow cooker. Place the meat in the rice cooker after seasoning.

Final Words

We hope that not you know the answer to your question- can you boil water in a rice cooker. Always use fresh water for boiling foods by boiling your ingredients separately. Do this before adding them to your cooker.

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