PK360 vs Big Green Egg: The Ultimate Grilling Showdown – Unbelievable Winner!

If you are a foodie then you must love barbeques and grill parties. And this definitely necessitates the presence of a griller. But there are a number of great grillers nowadays. Pk360 and big green egg are two of the common ones.

So, which one to choose between pk360 vs big green egg?

The venting system of Pk360 way better compared to big green egg. But that does not mean that a big green egg smoker has a bad venting system. In addition, Pk360 has a better smoking capacity and portability than the big green egg. However, the cooking area is larger in Egg than that of Pk360.

If you think this is how far you had to read then you’re wrong. You must keep on reading to know about their features more before choosing one!

So, jump into the main part right away!

Pk360 vs Big Green Egg: A Quick Comparison

Take an idea about their features before you start for the differences. This can give you a good heads up to the main part. Take a look here.

AspectPK360 GrillBig Green Egg Grill
Build MaterialCast Aluminum and SteelCeramic
Grill TypeCharcoalCharcoal
Cooking Area360 square inchesVaries by model
Temperature Range180°F – 700°F200°F – 750°F
Grilling StyleGrates & GriddleGrates
Temperature ControlPrecise Airflow ControlManual Venting
PortabilityWheels and HandleVaries by model
VersatilityGrilling, Smoking, Roasting, SearingGrilling, Smoking, Roasting, Baking
Warranty10 yearsVaries by model
PriceClick Here to Check PriceClick Here to Check Price

This is the comparison that would give a good headsup.

Pk360 vs Big Green Egg: All You Must Know

We hope that you have a basic understanding of their features now. So, now we expect you to get started with the detailed comparison. Take a look now at the graphical comparison.

Venting of The Griller


A quite important feature to know about the griller is its venting system.

The capsule has two spectral vents at the peak and two-cylinder vents at the bottom. Pk 360 temperature control and ventilation control are enabled with them.

PK’s Two-Zone heating method is also possible thanks to the characteristics. The radial openings, like a traditional grill, are placed on top of the capsule. The fact that there are two of them is an added bonus.

And as a result, distinct temperature zones might be created. The vents of the PK360 are distinctive. They revolve to enable airflow and are located at the base of the cooking capsule.

Under the charcoal barbecue, there are vents that open to the inside. These also feature detachable covers to prevent ash from the vent openings.

Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg venting system is really easy to operate. We normally cook over direct heat at temperatures ranging from 500-800 degrees.

As a result, you can just leave the top daisy wheel off and let the egg cook on its own. You can also attain higher temperatures by letting the lower vent totally open.

If you want then you may fine-tune with the top cap. This griller enables you to set up a temperature of more than 10 degrees simultaneously.

Winner: Pk360 is the winner in terms of venting. Because this venting system is more useful than that of the big green egg.

Cooking Surface


The PK360 has a perk compared to its competitors because of its capsule design. And that’s all there is to it in terms of cooking space. 

Larger chunks of meat fit well on the grill surface. Like smoking ribs on pk360 can be great.

The 360’s engineering design also makes use of the available space. The PK360 swings at the rear but not sidewise. And the users prefer it since it’s what they’ve grown accustomed to. 

The length and width of the internal hinged metal rack are 23.5 and 15 inches, respectively. This makes it simple to add pellets to slow-cooked or smoked meats.

Big Green Egg

On the other hand, the area of a big green egg is 672sq inches. When compared to PK360, the portion of cuts that can be cooked on Big Green Egg is larger.

You can also get it up for a party or catering. However, this griller is not mobile which is a drawback. But that can be solved if you add a Dracarys rolling nest with it.

To add to the perks, you can get this griller in a number of sizes. That is, big green egg grillers come in sizes. And this enables you to choose the preferable area for your cooking.

Winner: While considering the cooking surface, Big green egg wins. Because their area is quite larger compared to pk360.

Heating And Smoking Capabilities of Griller


All vents must be open for the direct heat process to work in PK360. You can also put the food right on top of the hot coals. This method uses high heat to cook the meal. 

This method is excellent to get the ideal sear on your steak. However, the grill could be used as a slow cooker with convection. And you can add smoker boxes to it too.

The method is drawn through one cylinder outlet. This passes through the hot embers and cooks the meat indirectly. The heat then exits immediately above the meat through the opening radial vent. You can control the smoke inside it. 

Big Green Egg

For the big green egg, it has a temperature gauge. So, you can control and monitor the heat inside. Thus, you have a big green egg temperature controller

But in case that stops working, here are some spare temp controllers. They all are compatible with all of the big green egg grills.

ImageProduct NamePrice
BBQ Guru DigiQ DX3 BBQ Temperature ControllerGet Now!
SMOBOT WiFi Kamado Grill and Smoker Temperature ControllerGet Now!
Briidea Digital BBQ Temperature ControllerGet Now!

You also have the smoking option that enables you to control the texture of food. However, you can not control the quantity or flow of the smoke. 

It goes as its default form when you activate it. You need to remove the smoke flavor yourself later.

Winner: We announce Pk360 as the winner for heating and smoking capabilities. Because this has more advanced options.

Portability of The Grillers

When you think about portability, both of them can be portable. But not both of them are the same to carry from place to place. 

You need to see how easy are they to carry depending on the weight. There are some other factors too.


Starting with the pk360 grill, it is only about 90 pounds. This barbecue is ideal for camping or partying. The quick-release handles enable the side shelves to be rapidly removed. 

In addition to that, a  single quick-release knob is included too. 

The two heavy-duty rollers make moving it into and off the garage much easier. This smoker set even comes with its own waterproof cover. 

It can also be used as a carrying bag. This model is simple to put together and take around. Instead, if your backyard requires a full-fledged outdoor kitchen, the PK360 is ideal. Simply take it off the stand and place it wherever it is required.

Big Green Egg

When you come to the big green egg smoker, it is quite heavy compared to pk360. A big green egg grill weighs around 15-70kg depending on the model. 

You might plan to disassemble the parts of this smoker to reduce the weight. But unfortunately, you can not just dissemble a big green egg yourself. If you want to move a big green egg, you have to do it like this.

But this does not mean that it is impossible to carry this from place to place. All you need is just a commuter to carry a big green egg.

Winner: For portability, Pk360 is the winner. Because it is light and quite easy to carry.

Final Verdict: Which One to Choose?

So, this comes to the final part where you make the final decision. You may still be confused about which one to choose. So, this one’s for you.

If you think you’re more concerned about carrying and the venting system, go for Pk360. In addition, Pk360 comes first too when it is about the smoking system.

But if your first priority is the area then big green egg is for you.

Hope this helps!


Is it worth it using a pk360 griller?

Yes, it is absolutely worth it using these pk 360 grillers. These grillers have recently become quite popular among the foodies. This happened due to the additional convenient features it got. It has a cast oven, precise vents, and many more features. In fact, the look of this griller can make your mind!

Is it worth it to use a big green egg griller?

Yes, these grillers are worth your investment without a doubt. You can get a number of features that can be really helpful for you. Provided temperatures, controlled cooking speed, and many more grilling features are available in this griller. So, you can definitely count on these grillers.

Can my grillers rust over time?

Yes, your griller can rust over time if you let it so. A griller is made of aluminum which means it can get rusted if not prevented. If you do not know how to prevent it from rusting, it will get so soon. It may also get rusted if you keep it idle for a long time. So, avoid these actions for the griller.

The Final Words

Now you know which one is better between pk360 vs big green egg! We suppose you have each and everything clear about the features these got.

For any further confusion, consider going through the comparison once again. Hope this helps!

All the best!