Big Green Egg Shelves vs Mates: Which Offers Better Service?

Oftentimes we lack proper knowledge of Shelves and mates in Big Green Egg. This makes it difficult to choose one between them.

So, which one to choose between Big Green Egg shelves vs mates?

Unlike the shelves, the egg mates offer more versatility when used. But you can expect better heat resistance from the shelves. You can get the Big Green Egg shelves at a much more reasonable price. However, the higher price of mates can get you the option to choose from varying color options.

The comparison might seem like all the info you needed. But you actually need to dig further to get the in-depth comparison we got here.

So, get started now!

Big Green Egg Shelves vs Mates: A Head to Head Battle

A brief about their features is necessary before the comparison. So, here it is.

FeaturesBig Green Egg ShelvesBig Green Egg Mates
MaterialsWood or CompositeHigh-Density Plastic
AppearanceCommon, one yellow ochreVarieties, yellow ochre, greyish, and many more
Heat ResistanceHeat resistantMight endure damage from too much heat
DurabilityVaries by MaterialDurable
Surface AreaLimited, depends on ModelAmple workspace
CompatibilitySpecific to Big GreenSpecifically designed
PriceClick Here to Check PriceClick Here to Check Price

This is what you needed as a heads up to the main part.

Big Green Egg Shelves vs Mates: A Detailed Comparison

Big green egg grill is a useful tool for anyone who has a knack for grilling or cooking. It’s a highly flexible tool that allows the user a lot of functionalities. You can even fix your coffee beans that taste like alcohol by using Big green egg grills.

Shelves and mates are two separate extensions of the grill.

You already know a little about their features now. So, it’s time to move on to the details. So, here is the detailed comparison between big green egg shelves and mates.


We know both of these are additional parts to the big green egg. However, they have their own distinct features too. 

Let’s begin by going through their different purposes:

Big Green Egg Shelves

A big green egg is an addition or complementary to grills. But it’s mostly preferable in a few specific situations. So, when do you use the big green egg shelves

Well, you can expect this addition of the grill mostly while you are cooking. You may wonder, how are big green egg shelves useful while cooking?

These are helpful while cooking mainly in two ways. The first advantage you can get is putting the complementaries around your grill.

While cooking, one needs supplies at a regular pace when you are cooking. 

To help you with your workflow, you can use these additional big green egg shelves. Because you can keep the supplies alongside the grill while you are cooking.

Big Green Egg Shelves

Big Green Egg Mates

These big green egg mates are very similar to the big green egg shelves. However, it serves an entirely different purpose.

A big green egg mate is best used to keep the add-ons. Basically, you can keep the complementary food alongside the main dish on mates.

Say, you are going to the beach and eating BBQ chicken in the evening. And you got anadama bread. Adding to that, you may also fix up the extras to eat with anadama bread. 

And that is when the mates come in handy. You may need other items like sauce, lemon, soft drinks, and all. And you can use the mates to place those ingredients.

And this is the time you get to use this mate perfectly. So, you get to utilize big green egg mates the best in outdoor parties.

So, you get multiple advantages in using these big green egg mates. A great alternative to Big Green egg mates and shelves can be an entire BBQ rack.

Winner: In terms of uses, we prefer the big green egg mates. Because these can be used in multiple ways.


No one generally overlooks the fact of the appearance of a thing. Because a good look would interest you a lot more than a dull one. So, here you go.

Big Green Egg Shelves

A big green egg shelf comes mainly in one color. And the color is what we mostly see on the shelves. It is like yellow ochre in color.

The color is quite standard in case you are wondering. And you would like the color without a doubt. But you may not expect to get any variation in the color of it.

Good news is, you can always coat with the color palette you want. And it will give an amazing radiant look at the end of the day.

Big Green Egg Mates

On the other hand, the big green egg mates have mainly two types of color. You can expect these mates in yellow ochre and greyish color.

Winner: Big Green Egg shelves takes the crown in this round. You might not get a lot of color options with it, but it has that premium wooden texture everyone admires. Also, you can easily color-coat the shelves with your preferred color.

Heat Resistance

As a grill extensions, it’s important how well your extension stands up to heat. While grilling, you’ll have to place hot objects on the extensions at times. And that’s why its necessary to have a heat resistant extension.

Big Green Egg Shelves

Due to being made of wood, the shelves are very much resistant to heat. This means that you can easily place hot food items on the shelves without worrying about damaging it. 

Big Green Egg Mates

Despite the flexibility it offers, the composite material of the mates are not well suited to endure heat. As a result, placing hot items on it can damage the composite mates. 

The heat from the flames can also cause severe damage to the mates. For that, you need to use a heat setter for your Big Green Egg. It’ll make sure that the heat doesn’t spread far away, keeping your mates safe.

If you’re in search for some quality heat deflector Big Green Egg setter, we got some options for you! Have a look at some of our recommendations!

Hongso 18″ Ceramic Heat Deflector Plate SetterBuy Now from Amazon
Uniflasy 18” Cast Iron Plate SetterBuy Now from Amazon
BBQ Future Heat DeflectorBuy Now from Amazon

These plate setters all 18” big. That means that you can use these plate setters for big sized green egg shelves. They do an amazing job at deflecting heat, keeping you and the mates safe from heat. Try them out!

Winner: Big Green Egg shelves comes out on top in this round with it’s superior heat endurance.

Although you have a choice in color, the variation is not too much. Like, these look similar in color. But the manufacturers make sure the appearance is quite standard.

Winner: When it comes to the color of these, big green egg mates may win over. Because you can get a bit of variation in the color.


You can never forget the price while buying something. Because this plays a big role when you make a purchase. Here’s how the two components fare up in the pricing department:

Big Green Egg Shelves

The big green egg shelves are not that expensive or cheap. However, the price range is actually a reasonable one.

To get a pair of the big green egg shelves, you need to spend around $150. And you would not have any additional charges for this.

Also, you would not have to think of any maintenance costs for these shelves. So, you can say that buying these shelves is a one-time cost.

Big Green Egg Mates

On the other hand, the big green egg mates are a bit more pricy than this. But it is not, however, overpriced or expensive.

You get to spend around $180 to buy a pair of these mates. And you have no other additional charges with it.

However, you may sometimes need to use edible cleaner for this. Because you generally keep food items on these mates.

It’s as easy as cleaning dirty grill grates.

In that case, you may consider a small budget depending on the situation.

Winner: In terms of the price, the big green egg shelves win over the mate. The big green egg shelves come first as they are cheaper in price.

But you are getting almost all the utilities you get with the mates. So, this one gets a competitive edge on the price.

Which One Should You Consider?

If you are still confused, do not get upset. Because it’s something to be in a dilemma before making a purchase between two things.

This part is for you so that you can finally move into a final decision. Here you go!

If the first priority is usability, go for big green egg mates. But if you think that you have a fixed budget, go for the big green egg shelves.

Lastly, big green mates are for you if you look for a variation in the looks.

Now, if you are trying to get these easily, here you go!

Big Green Egg ShelvesClick Here to Buy Now
Big Green Egg MatesClick Here to Buy Now

Hope this helps!


Are Big Green Egg Mates Worth Considering?

Yes, these big green egg mates are worth it considering. You already know that this is an addition to the big green egg grill. So, you can carry necessary cooking items with it without a secondary carrier. And this can be really helpful in assisting in many more things with the grill. 

Is a Big Green Egg Grill Good for Chicken BBQ?

Yes, a big green egg grill is one of the best grills for chicken BBQ. These grills are absolutely top-notch for BBQ or any type of grilled meat. You can get a very good texture, flavor, and timing on these grills. And this is one of the most popular grills now.

Do Big Green Egg Grill Mates and Shelves Have Any Similarities?

Yes, big green egg grill mates and shelves have similarities. Like, they can both carry complementaries in general. And the looks are also similar. However, they are not exactly the same though. Because they have their own additional benefits too along with a variation in price.

The Final Words

Now you know which one is better in big green egg shelves vs mates

Before you go out to buy any one of them, try to assess your preferences and requirements. This will increase the usefulness of the components.

So, all the best with your decision!