Can You Boil Steak? Let’s Find Out!

Steak is a mouthwatering and popular dish. It’s enriched with meat’s fat, and the authentic taste of the meat itself. Being so popular different questions arises centering on the cooking method of steak.

One of such questions is can you boil steak?

No, you shouldn’t boil steak at all. It will remove the fat and make the meat tasteless. However, some hard meat pieces like chuck steak, round steak, etc. can be boiled. Furthermore, if you are planning to make steak stew, you can boil it. But, it takes several hours of cooking those pieces.

Hold on! There’s more to it! But don’t worry, this article will cover everything you need to know.

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Should You Boil Steak?

No, you shouldn’t boil steak directly. It will ruin the taste and smell. On top of that, you will remove that juicy, tender, and rich texture of your steak.

However, in some scenarios, you can boil the steak. For example, to make a “Sous Vide” steak, you need to boil the steak. Nevertheless, you should never boil the steak directly in a pot. You need to boil the steak in a bag.

The perfect way to cook a steak is by grilling it. Using a pan, you can do it quite easily. Take the steak out of your refrigerator. Keep it out for 10-20 minutes.

Afterward, wash it with lukewarm water and let it dry. In the meantime, preheat the pan around for less than a minute.

Then, you need to season the steak. Add salt, chili pepper, garlic pepper, etc. Now, check if the pan is heated or not.

When the pan gets fully heated, you need to add a little bit of oil. Remember, the steak itself contains a lot of fat. So, adding too much oil will ruin the steak.

Now, just put the steak on the pan. Depending on the steak type, you need to cook. Let’s see the duration of cooking a steak.

Steak TypeCooking Time
Medium Rare2 minutes per side
Medium3 minutes per side
Well-Done4-5 minutes per side

You can add garlic and rosemary to enrich the flavor.

There you go, a perfectly cooked steak without boiling. However, you can cook steak in boiling water. Let’s see that in the next section.

 cooked steak without boiling.
Source: Our Salty Kitchen

How to Boil a Steak?

Meat pieces like chuck steak and round steak can be boiled. The reason behind it is that these meat pieces are hard. So, grilling it directly will make the steak inedible.

The famous “Sous Vide” steak is a boiling steak. I will write the recipe below for you to cook the steak without grilling.

Firstly, you need a ziplock bag. Because it is necessary to boil the steaks in a bag

Then, you need to season those meat chunks. You can add a bit of butter, crushed garlic, and rosemary for added flavor and taste. 

Afterward, place the steak in the ziplock bag. While placing those make sure to remove any air from the bag. But how long to boil steak?

You need to boil the steak for 20 minutes. However, the temperature should be different for each steak type. Let’s see the temperature below.

Steak TypeTemperature
Rare120 – 129 F
Medium rare129 – 135 F
Medium135 – 144 F

After 20 minutes, voila! you get a steak that is mouthwatering, delicious, and good-looking.

But, is boiled steak good?

Yes, boiled steak tastes as good as grilled steak. However, without proper seasoning of the steak and seal the bag, it can get ruined. On top of that, you have less chance of ruining the steak while grilling. Whereas without proper constant temperature, you can ruin a steak while boiling.

There are a few aspects that you need to consider before boiling too. We all love a tender steak! But, does boiling steak make it tender? Well, surely it does only if you follow the recipe correctly.

For a better understanding, you can follow the Sous Vide steak recipe video.

Let’s address another important aspect regarding this in the next segment.

Kitchen Sanctuary
Source: Kitchen Sanctuary

Can You Boil Steak for Pet Animals?

Steak is a high-protein food. It also contains lots of fat. All these may have a good impact on the human body. But what about your pet animals?

Pets particularly dogs, love meat. So, can you boil steak for dogs? Yes, you can and you must boil the steaks for them.

Giving them unboiled or uncooked meat can cause severe health issues. Your dog can have stomach aches, vomit, and even worse food poisoning.

So, you can boil steaks for your pet dogs. But, don’t give steak to other animals that eat meat. 

Also, use the steak as a treat. You can give them boiled steaks to teach them certain skills. Like if your dog sits when you say sit, throw them a treat! Your good boy deserves it.

However, don’t give them steaks way too much. Thrice a week is good for them to have steaks. Otherwise, the food habit will change completely. And your dog will refuse to eat other healthy foods.

Also, you should season that steak with only salt. If you want you can just boil it, cut them into pieces, and feed your dog. Keep the seasoning as little as possible. Because garlic, onions, and other products can upset your dog.

Is Boiling Steak a Healthier Option?

Now comes an important aspect. Does boiling your steak make it healthier? We will answer that keeping in mind that Sous Vide recipe.

There’s no clear answer to this question, however. In both cases, the steak is cooked accordingly. 

Nevertheless, according to research boiling steak is healthy. You need to maintain a high temperature and a long cooking time. That way all germs and bacteria get destroyed. However, make sure to seal the bag without any air.

If air gets into the bag salmonella can form. That is harmful to your health. So, be extra careful while boiling your steak. 

Make sure that the steak is chewy and tender enough. As long as the internal temperature is high enough, it will be safe to consume. There is no difference between well done and medium rare steak. 

Source: Serious Eats

Should You Fry Instead of Boiling Steak?

As of now, the Sous Vide recipe will give you mouthwatering steak. But, should you always boil the steak that way instead of frying it?

With Sous Vide steak, you can have enriched flavor. But, you may fail to get the proper curst. On top of that, the time required to boil steak is longer than frying.

By frying a steak, you can get the proper curst that you need. That way, you can even control the type of steak you need while cooking.

You can even grille the steak. The whole thing is upon you to decide. By taking a nonstick frying pan with butter, you can fry the grill. Frying your streak is a much more realistic decision for you.

You can fry multiple steaks at a time. But, if the pan isn’t big enough, don’t force your steaks to fry together. It can ruin or even break the steak. 

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Now, let’s move on to FAQ!


Can You Reduce Cholesterol by Boiling Meat?

No, you can’t reduce cholesterol by boiling meat. Meat is enriched with fat and protein. By boiling the meat you infuse it together. The elements can higher cholesterol levels. Even traditional cooking methods can’t reduce it. However, by boiling the meat, you can make it softer and easy to digest.

Can You Consume Boiled Meat to Lose Weight?

Yes, boiling meat can help you to reduce or lose weight. Meat pieces like lean cuts of red meat are a great source of protein. Higher protein levels and low carbs are efficient to lose weight. And by boiling them, you make the meats easier to digest. So, yes boiled meat can help you to lose weight.

Can You Consume Steak when You Are on a Diet?

Technically yes, you can consume steak while you are on a diet. Protein is necessary for your diet. And steak contains just that. However, you need to consume the exact amount of protein. So, be careful while consuming steak. Consuming too much or too little can be harmful to your health.

Is Steak a Protein or Fat?

Steak is a protein food. It also contains a bit of fat. But the protein count on the lean cut is almost 28%. Hence, steak is considered a high-protein food. However, while cooking the steak you also infuse the fat. In short, even though steak is a high-protein food, you also get other healthy components.


That’s all regarding can you boil steak? Hopefully, now you have the knowledge regarding this topic.

Here’s a pro tip, you can add butter with cooking oil. That way you can enrich the taste and texture.

Hope you have a good day!