Gumbo Tastes Like Flour- 3 Easy Ways To Fix It!

When making gumbo, you expect a hearty and warm dish to fill you up. But your gumbo doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to.

So, what should you do if your gumbo tastes like flour?

If gumbo tastes like flour, it’s undercooked. Or you may have added too much flour to it. Also, it can be simply improper mixing. Well, to fix your gumbo, first brown some flour on a dry skillet. Then add water or broth to make it into a paste. Finally, mix the paste with your gumbo.

I’ve explained a thorough guide about this whole fixing process down here. As a bonus, I’ve mentioned some tips to prevent the Gumbo from tasting like flour.

So, just keep reading and I’ve got you!

Why Does my Gumbo Taste Like Flour?

You’re making gumbo, and when you taste it, you realize it tastes like flour. And that’s definitely not good.

But why does my gumbo taste like flour? 

Well, sometimes gumbo gets a floury taste because the flour was probably undercooked. However, there may be other reasons behind the floury taste as well. For instance, you could’ve added in an excess amount of flour. 

But, that could also be caused by a mishap in the recipe book or a measuring error. And if you added the right amount of everything, it’s possible that you didn’t mix it right. 

Source: Southern Living

All of these together, and separately, can result in a gumbo that tastes like flour. But what can you do to fix floury Gumbo? 

Let’s find out in the next segment!

Can I Fix My Gumbo if it Tastes Like Flour?

Yes, you can fix your gumbo if it tastes like flour. You can do that in 3 easy steps. Starting with browning the flour, wetting it with water, and mixing the whole thing into a paste.

Now, it’s usually unlikely for a properly cooked gumbo to taste like flour. That’s because even in the white roux, the flour taste disappears in 4 to 5 minutes. 

However, you might be thinking about cooked gumbo which looks kind of light in color. 

Source: Cooking Light

Let’s have a look at the 3 steps to reduce the floury taste!

Step 1: Browning the Flour

To fix a light-colored gumbo, you’ll need a heavy and dry skillet. 

If you don’t have one then get one. It will be an investment because obviously, you won’t use it only for this one dish.

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If you have a skillet at home that’s great too. Now, put some flour on it and brown the flour. Next, you have to stir the flour until it’s a dark tan color.

Source: The View From Great island

Step 2: Wetting the Flour with Water

Now, you have to wet the skillet with the browned flour with a little water. This will give it a much darker color.

Step 3: Mixing the Flour into a Proper Paste

Finally, you can add that dark flour mix to your gumbo. This will give your gumbo the color that you’d find in a dark roux. 

And it will taste like it too, so you won’t have to add any extra fat either. 

So if you were wondering how to darken gumbo after cooking, this is how you can do it. 

Now you know how to fix a gumbo that tastes like flour. But you might want to prevent it from tasting the same the next time. So, what should you do about that?

Well… We’ll help you right out!

5 Ways to Prevent Your Gumbo from Tasting Like Flour

The following are some common mishaps that normally take place when someone makes gumbo. But we can also tell you how to prevent them. 

Cooking Roux Properly

Usually, for a deep-roasted flavor, the gumbo is usually slow-cooked till it browns.

But make sure not to burn the gumbo unless you want a gumbo that tastes bitter. Keep stirring until a dark coffee brown color is reached. And you should be all set!

Source: epicurious

But how long does gumbo take to cook? Usually, it takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Quick Tip: It’s a good idea to toast the flour first. 

Also, it’s also a good idea to know how to make the perfect roux.

Adding Enough Flour

Adding little flour will make your gumbo very watery. And it will turn out more like a soup rather than a stew. 

To prevent that, make sure you add enough flour and prepare a thick gumbo.

Using Stock Instead of Water

Primarily, people start cooking their gumbo with water. And that will make the gumbo taste bland. It might as well make your gumbo tastes like water.

Well, you should use stock instead. That way, you can get a more flavorful end product.

Try to match the flavor of the stock with that of the proteins you add to your gumbo. You can also mismatch some, like chicken or beef broth for pork gravy.

Cooking Your Gumbo Slowly

You should not rush with your gumbo. Cooking gumbo is a slow and time-requiring process. Especially if you want a perfectly cooked gumbo.

Plus, the longer cooking time ensures proper distribution and infusion of flavors.

Using Oil Instead of Butter

You shouldn’t use butter when making the roux for your gumbo. That’s because once a certain temperature is reached, the fats and solids tend to separate.

And the problem with that is that these solids start burning.

So using oil is a much better idea. If you’re using what are the best oils for making roux, we’ve got you covered!

Does Gumbo Taste Floury with All Flour Types?

No, gumbo does not taste floury with all flour types. Because of the difference in carbohydrate and protein content, different flours will behave differently in gumbo.

Not all flour types are suitable for thickening gravy until the desired gumbo texture is reached. Here’s a short summary of the four flours on whether to use them or not for Gumbo.

Flour TypesAlmond FlourGluten-Free FlourWhole Wheat FlourRice Flour
UsabilityNot opt for making GumboGumbo shouldn’t be made with Gluten-free flourUsable and also adds some fiber content to your GumboUsable and probably the best replacement for regular flour

That’s just the basics obviously. Hopefully, you got an idea now of which one to use and which one is non-usable.

Gumbo Roux With Almond Flour

Primarily, you should not opt for making a gumbo roux with almond flour. That’s because almond flour doesn’t work well in thickening the gravy enough for the gumbo texture.

What almond flour does instead, is leave your gravy grainy. That’s because it cannot absorb a sufficient amount of liquid for the flour to mix perfectly. 

And so, your sauce won’t be thick enough to stick to the other ingredients in your dish. 

Gumbo Roux With Gluten-Free Flour

Traditional gumbo is not gluten-free and usually made with all-purpose flour instead. However, if you can find gluten-free all-purpose flour, you can use that to make a gumbo. 

Other alternatives for gluten-free flour include rice flour and tapioca flour.

Gumbo Roux Whole Wheat Flour

Yes, you can make gumbo roux with whole wheat flour. It’s a great way of sneaking some fiber into your dish.

And it’s easier to do if you use white whole-wheat flour. It has a less pronounced flavor and your gumbo won’t taste wheaty afterward. 

As a bonus, your gumbo will also brown quicker!

Gumbo Roux With Rice Flour

Rice flour is actually an amazing substitute for regular refined flour for making gumbo. 

You can use sweet rice flour easily to make gumbo. Plus, it’s a great gluten-free option. And additionally, you’ll get a nice velvety roux as well.

If you’re worried about your gumbo turning out gritty, fret not. As long as your rice flour is finely ground, you won’t fall into that predicament.


What is the Taste of Burnt Flour?

Burnt flour tastes pretty bitter. So, when cooking gumbo, you should be careful not to burn the flour. Instead, try to get it toasty and brown. It follows the same principle as when you saute or roast onions and chilies. Basically, it adds an extra bit of flavor to your dish. 

How to Prevent a Floury Taste in Soup?

You could prevent a floury taste in soup by getting your proportions right. Usually, it is 2 tablespoons of flour for every cup of the broth. Or, you can blend in the flour with double the amount of water. Similar to gumbo, the flour taste is usually persistent if you don’t cook your soup long enough.

How does Gumbo File Powder Taste?

Gumbo file powder usually tastes like the eucalyptus plant or like the gum, Juicy Fruit. It also has a very distinct root beer flavor. Additionally, it has more of an earthy taste. Just like the flavor of thyme in savory dishes. Gumbo file powder is usually used in sauces and stews.

Final Words

That’s all I had on why your gumbo tastes like flour. Hope I was able to help you find what you were looking for. 

Don’t walk away from your gumbo if you don’t want it to get clumpy or burnt.

Good luck and happy cooking!

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