How to Store Challah Bread

Are you fond of challah bread just like us? Then you might be concerned about the perfect step for storing it as freshly baked.

So, How to store challah bread?

The most effective way of storing challah bread is using plastic wrap or ziplock bags. You can also go for plastic containers or boxes. Ensure that there is no air passing through the bread. And finally, keep it in the freezer for storing it longer. Following the steps, you can store challah bread for 3 months.

Are you thinking that all about storing? No, we have a lot more to enlighten you about storing challah bread.

Let’s jump ring into exploring the rest.

Storing Challah Bread: Best Way

To increase the shelf life of challah bread, we can store the bread in different methods. In the case of challah storing we need to know the proper methods so that the taste is intact.

There are quite a few ways of storing challah bread. Among all, the few most effective methods are plastic wrap, ziplock, or bread bags. Airtight containers are also a great way of storing challah bread.

You can store challah bread for months if you know the perfect way of storing them. Make sure you store them in a way so that there is no direct or indirect contact with moisture. only then you can make sure of having the fresh challah after months.

Challah Bread

How to Store Challah Bread for Longer Duration

There are many ways to store challah bread and increase its shelf life. It mostly depends on how long you want to store the bread, you can follow the procedures. The best part about challah bread is you can easily store them for one to three months.

If you can preserve them accordingly the bread will remain fresh even after a few months. We are discussing the whole process in detail-

Storing for 2 Days to A Week

It is really difficult to finish one challah bread at a time. Even after eating there still might be leftovers from this big loaf of bread. In that case, you can store it for later.

Step 1

Storing for a shorter time period, use an airtight container. Ziplock bags also work great. Make sure you are storing the bread in a moistureless place. You can use plastic bags or boxes too.

Step 2

In case of storing in container and box, you can keep it in the fridge. Following this even if there is any moisture that won’t ruin your challah bread. You would also get the fresh bread even after a week.

Storing for 2 Weeks to 3 Months

Storing challah bread for months would require some extra precaution. Freezing is the best possible way to keep the challah bread fresh for longer.

Step 1

Before freezing, you need to resist the contamination first. You have to wrap the bread first and then put it into the freezer.

Firstly wrap the bread with plastic film. Cloth or aluminum foil will also work in this case. just make sure there is no access of moisture to the bread.

Step 2

And finally, you have to keep the wrapped bread in freeze. Thus you would be able to retain the bread fresh for up to 3 months. You might be confused about the freezing process but this is the most effective way of storing.

Although freezing is the best way to retain the freshness of the bread, there is a catch. Ensure that the bread is not in touch with any raw things like meat or fish. That could be the reason for contamination.

How to Store Challah Bread After Baking

What if you just baked challah bread and your guests are coming tomorrow? You need to store it well right? Let me tell you the trick. 

Just after taking the bread out of the oven let it rest for 15-20 mins. While resting the bread, cover it with a wrap. Thus it won’t lose the moisture of the bread. It also prevents the bread from drying out.

The resting process plays a vital role in the challah bread. We don’t want to taste dry bread. To keep the moisture intact inside the bread, don’t forget to let the bread rest.

How to Store Challah Dough?

Making challah bread is a longer procedure. Sometimes we don’t get the time to freshly make it. In that scenario, we have to make the bread earlier and use it while needed.

Challah Dough

People say if we freeze the dough and then bake it, we won’t get the desired rise. It also lacks elasticity. However, we would try to give you the best possible process so that your dough remains perfect.

  • Right after making the dough, try to divide the dough into different strands.
  • Freeze the strands on parchment paper or a baking sheet.
  • Once your dough is frozen, shift it into a freezer bag.
  • For the thawing process, transfer the dough into the refrigerator. The rise occurs as they thaw.
  • Remove from the refrigerator before you bake and wait until it comes to room temperature. It will still rise during the resting period at room temperature.
  • Finally, when you see the dough has a good rise, it’s ready to bake.

Thus, you would be able to get a nice fresh challah bread after baking. Here are a few suggested products for your convenience while storing the challah bread.

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The plastic bag would help you to store the challah bread for longer. And the silicone mold would help you to get the perfectly shaped bread while making it.

What to Avoid While Storing Challah Bread

There are a few things you must keep in mind about challah bread while storing them. Thus, you are ensure you are having fresh bread.

Stop Refrezarating

Many people think that refrigerating challah bread is a good way to store it. Well, let me tell you it is not good for storing for a longer period. It simply makes the challah moldy.

The low temperature inside the refrigerator helps the microorganism grow. Hense it stales the bread.

Do Not Wrap Loosely

Wrapping the challah bread refrain the bread from getting in touch with any other particles. If the bread is loosely wrapped, there is a chance of contamination with something else. As a result, it can get staled.

Challah Bread

So if you are storing the bread, just wrap it properly right away. Make sure all the surface is fully covered. Seal the bread in such a way that no air can get inside the wrap.

Do Not Waste the Bread

You must know it is quite difficult to finish a challah bread in one go. So if you cannot finish your challah bread and it is staled would you waste it?

It is not true that staled bread is a waste and of no use. You can still eat it by simply microwaving it.  Surprising right?

Well, microwaving can kill mold and fungus. Even you can transform the bread into some other dish, for example, crotons.


Here are a few tips for you while baking challah bread to get your desired outcome –

  • To avoid sticky, add the water slowly. Do not put all the water at a time.
  • Add the yeast with all the dry ingredients in a dry form. That would be helpful for the dough to better rise.
  • Maintain the proper ratio of flour, water, and yeast so that the dough is nice and fluffy.
  • Don’t forget to double brash the challah with egg wash or butter. It will help to get a nice golden crust on top. 
  • Try to use a metal or plastic scraper. That way you would waste less flour.


How to keep the challah bread soft?

To keep the challah bread soft, the key trick is to keep folding the dough. Do not stop folding the dough until it gets into the right form of dough. If you feel the dough become hard and crumbly, use a bit of oil. It will work great for perfect dough. Also, let the dough rest before baking.

How long you can store challah in freeze?

You can store challah bread in the freezer for 3 months. You have to follow some steps for doing that. Seal the bread properly with plastic wrap before keeping it in the freezer for longer. After wrapping, keep it in an air-tight ziplock or in a plastic bag. Finally, it is ready to store in your freezer.

Can you store challah bread in a plastic container?

Yes, you can store challah bread in a plastic container. If you are intending to store the bread for one or two days, plastic is the solution. Storing for a day or two, plastic bags or containers would work great. Then it is ready to be kept at room temperature.

Final Word

That was everything on how to store challah bread from our side. Hope you have found the article useful for all your doubts.

Finally, the tip for you is to make sure you are using the right amount of flour. Too much flour would ruin your dough.

That’s all for today. Happy baking!

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