Semolina Flour vs Bread Flour – Which One To Buy?

Flour is a super common ingredient in any kitchen. However, people often get confused when using different flours like semolina flour and bread flour. We understand if you are struggling with a similar confusion as well.

So, between semolina flour vs bread flour– which one should you get?

Bread flour has a bland taste compared to the slightly sweet and nutty flavor of semolina flour. But bread flour is cheaper. They also have a slight difference in their gluten ratio. Unless you are allergic, semolina flour is a safer choice. That is because the other one might slow your digestion.

I’ve discussed all the pros and cons of these two flours in detail here. So, before picking one of them you should enrich your knowledge about them.

So, let’s get down to the discussion, shall we?

Semolina Flour vs Bread Flour [Overall Comparison] 

These two flours have many dissimilarities between them. They aren’t even similar seemingly and that’s why you can easily differentiate them.

Now, it’s time to reflect on the differentiating factors between semolina flour and bread flour. Let’s have a look!

FeaturesSemolina FlourBread Flour
TasteSemolina flour tastes slightly sweet and has a nutty flavor to it.Bread flour has a bland taste.
Color TextureIt acquires a golden color when you bake or cook it.They are comparatively white.
UsesUsed to make pasta, couscous, sooji upama, semolina cake, etc.Used to make loaves of bread, cookies, and many baked goods.
NutritionsIt contains high levels of protein, Iron, and Magnesium, fibers, and fiberIt contains high levels of protein and lesser carbs.
Gluten LevelSemolina flour contains 13% or above gluten content.Bread flour has 12%-14% of gluten content.
Medical ConcernsIt can cause trouble if you are gluten intolerant or allergic to it.Too much of it can cause slow digestion and constipation.
Pricing3 lbs of Semolina flour can cost around $13.3 lbs of bread flour can cost around $12.
Where to buyOrder from AmazonOrder from Amazon

This is an overall sneak peek of the factors that set these two flours apart. But that’s not it. We need to look into these features thoroughly to choose one for you!

In-Depth Comparison

In this section, we will be discussing the differentiating features mentioned above thoroughly. Let’s dig in! 

Feature 1 of 5: Taste and Color

When it comes to cooking, it all boils down to taste and presentation. Hence, it is super important to know what these two flours taste and look like. 

The semolina flour has a faintly sweet taste to it. It is used popularly because of its sweet taste. 

It also gives off a nutty flavor. This is a great addition to baked goods and is loved by most people. This mixture of sweet and nutty flavor makes semolina flour super unique.

Depending on the varieties, semolina flour can be a bit darker or golden in color. It also provides a far more earthly aroma than any other flour. 

semolina flour
Source: The Spruce Eats

The reason for this taste, color, and aroma of semolina flour comes from its origin. So, what is semolina made of

It is made from a unique type of wheat called the Durum wheat. 

People often wonder how to make semolina flour or “can I grind semolina to make semolina flour?” The answer is yes!

On the flipside, bread flour doesn’t really have a taste. It is pretty bland and tasteless. This is good for baked goods like bagels since they’re not sweet without a spread.

bread flour
Source: Bob’s Red Mill

Bread flour is made essentially from hard wheat. And for that reason, they are white in color. It gets a brownish color when baked.

Bread flour has no unique aroma to it to be specific.

Feature 2 of 5: Usage

Semolina bread is generally famous for making kinds of pasta. It is super popular in Italy for that exact reason and is called pasta or macaroni wheat. You can also make couscous with semolina flour, which is also Italian.

So, if you’re looking for a 2 minute recipe to make pastas then check this out.

Semolina flour for pizza dough is also great since it provides elasticity to it. It is widely used for making porridge, especially  Indian sooji upama or semolina cake

On the contrary, it is no brainer that bread flour is mostly used for making bread. You can use it to make cookies and bagels as well. It goes well with most baked goods.

You can make flour tortillas as well. Make sure to store your flour tortillas if you end up opening them.

Feature 3 of 5: Protein Content

Both semolina flour and bread flour are high-protein flour. This is why both these flours are very popular for baking.

Semolina flour contains 13% or above protein content. One-third cup of uncooked semolina flour has 7 grams of protein in it.  

It contains 7% fiber, which is really good for your digestive system. It also contains 13% iron and 8% magnesium, which are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, semolina flour is rich in B vitamins. 

Bread flour contains around 12% of protein levels in it. It has fewer carbs than semolina flour. 1 serving of bread flour has 74.1 grams of carbs in it. 

Both these flours will make you feel full and so they are good for weight loss.

Feature 4 of 5: Gluten Levels

Both of these flours are very rich in gluten levels. This is sort of like a necessary evil for the chefs out there.

Semolina flour contains 13% or above when it comes to gluten levels. Whereas, the bread flour contains a gluten level of 14%. 

Because of the gluten, we get pasta in all shapes and sizes with semolina flour. The gluten ensures that the pasta doesn’t lose shape and stays firm even when boiling. 

The gluten also helps in making pizza dough. The pizza dough is less sticky and very elastic. The crust of the pizza is usually crispy when made with semolina flour.

Bread flour, on the other hand, contains 14% gluten. Hence, it is popular for bakery items that are meant to be chewy and firm. 

Feature 5 of 5: Pricing

Finally, we come down to the affordability of these two flours. It is an important aspect when you are planning to choose one from the market.

3 lbs of bread flour costs around $12-13. Whereas, 3 lbs of semolina flour costs about $13-15. 

Which One To Buy?

Well, this is a tough call. There is no best one between them. Because you have to use them to make different kinds of foods.

If you want something sweet and want a nutty flavor, semolina flour will be the best. But, for a rustic bread-like aroma, the bread flour is unmatched.

You can make delicious dishes like Gumbo. However, make sure to cook it properly or the gumbo will taste floury.

Some dishes look best when they are golden in color after baking. For making dishes, semolina flour is your best option. 

And finally, if you are looking from only a budget-friendly perspective, the bread flour’s best. You can use it as a substitute for semolina flour for making things like pizza dough. 

Here, we have mentioned two quality semolina flour and bread flour for you!

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Hope you’ll like them!


Why is semolina flour yellow?

Semolina bread comes from durum wheat. It contains carotenoids in high concentrations. This compound is the reason why semolina flour is yellow in color. Carotenoids are also behind the breathtaking colors of carrots and apricots. Mangoes also get their color from this compound.

Can semolina substitute breadcrumbs?

Yes, semolina can definitely be used instead of breadcrumbs. People often do this when they have too much semolina or their semolina’s gone stale. Using semolina as a coating gives the dish a crunchy and flavorful texture.

Why is bread flour good for losing weight?

Bread flour contains very little fat and carbs in it. It is known for keeping you full for a longer period of time. Also, having protein-rich elements in your diet is the rule of thumb for losing weight. Hence, bread flour is very good for weight loss.

Final words

Hopefully, all your confusion was cleared regarding semolina flour vs bread flour.

Did you know? Semolina flour was first chosen for pasta-making because of its yellow color!

That’s all for now. See you in another article real soon. Till then, happy cooking!

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