Ceramic vs Aluminum Slow Cooker [5 Factor Analysis]

Looking to solve your slow cooking troubles? That’s great. But don’t know which one to choose?

If you’re stuck on which slow cooker to use then worry not! We’ve got you covered. We’re here with exactly what you need.

So, in ceramic vs aluminum slow cooker, which one to actually use?

Between ceramic and aluminum slow cookers, ceramic slow cookers are better in terms of durability. It will last for 6-10 years whereas the aluminum one will last 3 years (Max). Considering health factors the ceramic one is the winner. But in the case of quantity and price aluminum is the winner.

We’ve analyzed these in detail. So stick with us till the end. It’ll surely help you decide.

Let’s dive in-

Short Comparison

Both ceramic and aluminum slow cookers are excellent for cooking food. But their comparison is unlike the javelin pro and thermapen comparison

There are some prominent brands of slow cookers. Such as All-clad Slow Cooker and the Morphy Richards Slow Cooker

These provide some of the best slow cookers. Including the best ceramic slow cookers. As well as the best aluminum slow cookers

Aroma slow cookers produce some of the best cool touch slow cookers. 

Now, we’ve put together a comparative analysis of some of the most considerable factors. These factors are irrespective of brands.

Let’s skim through the key differences between ceramic and aluminum slow cookers.

Ground of comparison Ceramic Slow CookerAluminum Slow Cooker
Healthier OptionYesNo
Multi-purpose UseYesNo
Cooking QuantityLessMore
Durability6-10 years2-3 years
Affordability$14-$195 on average$20 to over $100 on average

This was just a glimpse. Now let’s move on to some in-depth analysis. 

Ceramic vs Aluminum Slow Cooker: Head-To-Head Analysis

Here, we put forth our analysis of different aspects of ceramic and aluminum slow cookers. 

Let’s begin.

Healthier Option

The first thing we are considering is the health issues. Our concern is to identify which one is health-wise safer.

Let’s have a look. 

Ceramic Slow Cooker

Oftentimes you need to cook acidic foods. Such as tomatoes, limes, vinegar, etc. Good thing, the slow cookers with ceramic inserts do not react with acidic foods. Especially the Cuisinart slow cooker ceramic insert.

Usually, slow cookers with ceramic inserts are non-toxic. Because the insert is 100 percent ceramic. 

Here’s our recommendation for some top picks for Ceramic Slow Cooker.

Aluminum Slow Cooker

Most Aluminum slow cookers are also safe. But the aluminum or any other slow cooker metal inserts can raise some health concerns. 

In high heat, there is a possibility of aluminum reacting with acidic food. Hence aluminum could end up being mixed with your food. Aluminum is toxic to health. 

You could end up getting sick. In severe cases, you could end up with permanent damage to your health. 

Winner: Ceramic Slow Cooker

Multi-purpose Use

Well, both the slow cooker can be engaged in multiple kinds of tasks. But the ceramic slow cooker gives much more options. 

Let’s have a look.

Ceramic Slow Cooker

Ceramic slow cookers can be used on tabletops to serve directly from it. Besides, ceramic is oven-proof. As it can withstand up to 400ºF. But to be safe, always lookout for the ‘ovenproof’ sign.

Slow cookers with ceramic inserts can also be used to store food in the refrigerator. This will not taint the flavor. Unlike the metal ones. 

Besides these ceramic slow cookers are dishwasher proof.

Aluminum Slow Cooker

Firstly, you cannot oven heat metal. Hence, aluminum is not oven safe. 

Then comes storing food in it. Well, your food could smell a little metallic if you store your food in this. As a result, it’s also not recommended to use it in the refrigerator. 

But what you can do is use an aluminum slow cooker for heating on the stove. It conducts heat quickly. So, you can heat your food quite easily.

Winner: Ceramic Slow Cooker

Cooking Quantity

Be it beef liver or lamb liver, whatever you’re cooking you must measure the quantity. Because depending on the quantity you need to use the cooker. 

Ceramic Slow Cooker

It is not recommended to use a ceramic slow cooker for a large amount of food. It’s recommended to cook smaller amounts in it. 

It’s good for cooking for a small gathering of people.

Aluminum Slow Cooker

If you are planning for a bigger party then certainly this cooker is preferable. Because you can cook a large quantity of food in it.

In short, a larger quantity of food will be cooked properly in the aluminum slow cooker. 

Winner: Aluminum Slow Cooker 

If you’re looking for some top-quality Aluminum slow cookers, here’s our recommendation.

  • All-Clad Slow Cooker– 7 qt of large quantity. You can also get 4 cooking modes here. The see-through glass lid is also a charm.  
  • All-Clad Gourmet– 20 hours of programmable timer available. Very easy to use.


A ceramic slow cooker can last for generations. This is not the case for the aluminum ones. 

Let’s see why. 

Ceramic Slow Cooker

Ceramic has the ability to withstand scratches. 

So while cooking the ceramic slow cooker will not bear scratches. And will basically not sustain any damage. 

So you don’t need to worry about the durability of the ceramic slow cookers. Because if you do the basic maintenance it could last for decades. 

But it is recommended to replace it every 6-10 years. Depending on the condition. 

Aluminum Slow Cooker

In the case of aluminum slow cookers, it’s quite the opposite. Why? Because metals are prone to scratches. 

When you cook you need to stir a lot. This stirring will cause scratching and it will damage the cooker. 

Thus, aluminum slow cookers get damaged faster. As a result, they need to be replaced every 2-3 years on average. 

Winner: Ceramic Slow Cooker


There are different price ranges for different sizes of slow cookers. But overall the Ceramic slow cookers are more affordable than the aluminum ones. 

Here’s why. 

Ceramic Slow Cooker

The average price range for ceramic slow cookers is from $14 to $195. 

Besides the fact that the ceramic slow cooker lasts longer makes it a good investment. This one-time purchase will give you service for years to come. 

Aluminum Slow Cooker

Depending on models, the mid-range ones could go for under $100. And the higher-end ones will go over $100 on average. 

You’ll find the lower-end ones at about $20-$50. But when you need to purchase it more frequently then the price adds up. 

This makes it less affordable. 

Winner: Ceramic Slow Cooker

Final Verdict

Observing the characteristics, you could ask, is ceramic better than aluminum slow cooker? The answer is, it depends. The cooker you’ll use depends on what you need!

If you are concerned with health you should go for the ceramic one. It’s also good for multipurpose uses such as an oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator. 

But if you want to cook more in quantity then the aluminum one is the one. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for affordability and durability then ceramic cookers will suit you. 


Do Ceramic Slow Cookers have Lead?

Yes, ceramic slow cookers could contain lead. Slow cooking is the reason why lead-leaching could occur. Lead tends to escape in hot pots. Slow cooking is done for a longer period of time. As a result, the pots remain hot for hours. This results in more lead to leach out. Which could be harmful. 

Can you safely leave a slow cooker on overnight? 

Yes, you can leave a slow cooker on overnight safely. But there is a possibility that it could dry out or even get burnt. To avoid that you should keep the temperatures above 140ºF at all times. Or you could keep it in a warm setting. This setting usually keeps the temperature between 145-165ºF.

Are slow cookers energy efficient?

Yes, slow cookers are energy efficient. Slow cookers consume very little electricity. On low setting slow cookers consume about 75-150 watts. And on high settings, it uses around 150-210 watts. The slow cooker cooks all day. Despite that, it only consumes electricity equivalent to a light bulb. 


Hopefully, by now you know which one to choose between ceramic vs aluminum slow cookers. 

Hold on, we’ve got a bonus comparison for you. It’s easier to clean the ceramic slow cooker than the aluminum one. 

That’ll be all from our side. Take care.