Beef Liver VS Lamb Liver: The Rich Nutrition Source

Even if you’re an athlete or want to make your skin glow, the liver has always been a great source. Apart from this, the liver has a rich protein source.

Are you confused about which liver you should buy? Which would have more nutrient factors? I feel you.

So, want to know the differentiable factors between beef liver and lamb liver?

Both the liver has a different taste from their meat. Lamb liver price is higher than beef liver price. Same for any geographical location. Beef liver has 133 calories, and lamb liver has 138 per 100g. The protein amount is almost similar in both. Beef liver has more cholesterol than lamb liver.

This is just a gist. To know more accurately, you need more information regarding beef liver and lamb liver.

Can we start the journey together?

Beef Liver VS Lamb Liver: Quick Summary

Just like calf liver and beef liver both beef and lamb liver are quite similar. Here you will get to know the differences between beef and lamb liver. Now let’s go!

On summer days don’t you prefer fried liver with onions? Isn’t it a great starter?

Confused because which liver you should choose? Okay, to clear this confusion let’s observe a quick overview.

AspectsBeef Liver (every 100g)Lamb Liver(every 100g)
Calories 133138
Texture (raw) Slippery, jellyJelly 
Vit C1.11.1
TasteEarthy Bitter
Vit A20% less than lamb liver20% more than beef liver
Protein 20.35g20.4g
PriceLess price than lamb liverMore price than beef liver

No, this is not enough to choose the best one. Detailed information is much needed.

Beef Liver VS Lamb Liver: Detailed Explanation

Without knowing all the factors, you really can’t pick the best one for you. What are you waiting for? 


If you’re concerned about the pricing before making your purchase. Which is very normal. 

Beef Liver

More or less, in every geographical corner, lamb liver tends to be higher in price than beef liver. 

If you’re looking for a rich protein source but searching for a lower price, the beef liver is the greatest option

Winner: Beef liver because it comes at low pricing. 


The liver has a rigorous and odorous taste. Apart from meat, it does not sample the aromas of the ingredients it is prepared.

Beef liver has a unique taste. It tastes best when done cooking on moderate flame. A properly cooked liver will be nicely textured. 

Whereas an overdone liver will be hard and crunchy. If you over smoke, it’ll taste burnt. Then you have to remove the smoke flavor from meat.  Overall, it is ideal to cook it moderate or rare. 

In contrast, Lamb Liver is for someone who has developed a taste for it, as lamb liver has a savory odor and a distinct appearance from some other parts. 

Some people may not like the flavor of lamb liver. But if you can cook lamb properly, the gamey taste will disappear. 

It is much tenderer than beef and even pork liver and has a gentler flavor.

Winner: Depends on taste, but you’ll choose what you like more. Personally, I like the beef liver. 

Source of Calcium

Calcium is the main ingredient to build strong bones. Both beef liver and lamb liver have calcium in it. 

1.98g(per 100g) calcium in lamb liver. On the other hand, beef liver has 5g of calcium. 

Lamb Liver

This means per 100g, you will get more calcium if you intake beef liver. Those who have a deficiency of calcium and want to improve their health condition can consume beef liver in the right amount. 

Now, if you can’t stand the taste of liver you may miss out on these important nutrients. But fortunately, there are some supplements that you can take to gain the necessary nutrients. Some of them are given below:

Winner: Beef liver 

Source of Vitamin A

Don’t you always aim for better vision? Would you always prefer wearing spectacles? If not, then you must consume vitamin A in the proper amount.

Do you know beef liver or lamb liver has more vitamin A? Let me give you the answer. 

Beef liver has less vitamin A than lamb liver. And it’s approximately 20%. This Means lamb liver has 20% more Vitamin A than beef liver.

If you’re suffering from weak eye vision or any kind of eyesight problem you must consume Vitamin A more and more. 

But remember one thing: take nutrients in the proper amount. Not so less, not so much. 

Winner: Lamb’s liver has more Vitamin A.

Improved Athletic Performance

Do you have an interest in sports? Or do you know someone who likes sports? If you notice a sports person, you might notice that they consume a lot of protein.

Through protein, they gain stamina. Beef liver and lamb liver have quite similar amounts of protein. 

Beef liver

Beef liver has a protein amount of 20.35g per 100g beef liver. On the other hand, lamb liver has 20.4 grams of protein per 100 grams of lamb liver.

Isn’t it the same?

Winner: Both have pretty similar amounts of protein. 

Final Verdict

I would like to have beef liver. Beef liver has a rich protein source. If you’re suffering from health issues like weak eyesight, you can intake beef liver. 

But if you have high cholesterol, don’t take much beef liver. Before having beef liver consult your nutritionist. 

I like beef liver more than lamb liver if you have it as a portion of regular food. The first thing I consider is price. Beef liver costs me less no matter where I buy it.

Usually, any kind of liver has a different flavor than meat. Most likely, it has a pungent flavor. Medium beef liver is my favorite.

On summer days, beef liver dishes are best. You can have fried liver with onion sauteed. Cooked beef liver tastes better than raw. The raw liver has a slippery, jelly texture. 

And the cooked medium rare liver is not so chewy or not so soft. I prefer this state of the beef liver more. 

As beef liver has 5g of carbohydrate per 100g of beef liver. Lamb’s liver has 2g of carbohydrate. 

I suggest you consume beef liver according to your nutritional necessity and health condition.

But if I consider price, texture, taste, and smell, I prefer beef liver. And would suggest you taste it at least one time. 

That’s all for you from my side regarding beef liver and lamb liver. 


Here are some frequently asked questions for you to understand better.

Can we eat raw liver?

It’s better not to consume raw liver. Ingesting pork meat, liver, or other organs increases the risk of getting a foodborne illness from the hepatitis E virus, salmonellosis, Campylobacter, or other infectious agents. The freshness of the meat is also unimportant.

What is the purpose of soaking liver in milk?

The trick to excellent liver and onions is to drench them in milk prior to preparing food. Do not skip this stage. Some individuals assume that the liver has a bitter or vinegary flavor. Soaking it in milk for 1-2 hours before preparing meals eliminates much of the bitter taste.

Is it possible for the cooked liver to change color to green?

The green color is caused by biliary leachate into the liver from the gallbladder. Green livers are not injurious if consumed, but they are excluded and castigated in the slaughterhouse for cosmetic reasons. The gallbladder, or a fraction of it, may sometimes stay connected to the liver. 

Last Note

Hopefully, now you can choose which protein source you should select between beef liver and pork liver.  As you know, the liver has excellent nutrition. 

However, be mindful of your liver consumption. Excess liver consumption can have adverse health effects.

Enjoy your summer meal!