Javelin Pro vs Thermapen: Which One Should I Choose?

A food lover does not only have different types of food. Rather, they have a lot of stuff to prepare the best food items! A real foodie also has a thermometer to measure the temperature of the food. Javelin pro and thermapen are two of them!

So, which one to choose between javelin pro vs thermapen?

Javelin pro has very accurate temperature readings. Just like that, thermapen also accurate readings. In addition, thermapen comes at a reasonable price unlike javelin pro. However, javelin pro has a noticeable design and remarkable customer service. The looks and customer service of thermapen is general.

You have had a good heads-up so far. Now, keep on reading to know more about what I have covered about their details.

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Javelin Pro vs Thermapen: A Head to Head Battle

You can get here a basic idea about their features. Go through this as this would give you a better comprehension of their comparison. Take a look.

FeaturesJavelin ProThermapen
Temperature ReadingsVery AccurateAccurate
Desing And StructureAttractiveOrdinary
Customer ServiceGoodGeneral
AvailabilityAvailable at AmazonAvailable at Thermoworks Website

This is a basic comparison that’d help you to understand properly.

Javelin Pro vs Thermapen: A Detailed Comparison

Once you have this basic idea, you can get started with a detailed comparison. Take a look. You would know about their comparison in detail.

Precise Temperature Results

Both javelin pro and thermapen are seen to provide accurate temperature readings. These are generally helpful to have proper temperature while cooking. 

These can be really helpful while cooking things like beans. Because thermapens have a precise temperature which is needed while cooking beans. Without precise temperature control there’s a chance of beans staying hard.

Despite the fact that both thermometers registered 32°F in a water freezing test. And sometimes, they can also detect temperature to the tenth of a degree. 

Thermapen, on the other hand, registered 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit in the performed boiling tests. Because it’s a lot closer to the most precise measurement. 

In terms of temperature accuracy, the Thermapen comes out on top. In contrast to that, javelin pro couldn’t match thermapen’s accuracy. As a result, thermapen takes the lead over javelin pro.

Because the more accuracy to be noticed between these two is of thermapen.

This is ideal to prevent the meat from turning black! Because these can give more accurate temperature readings. And the meat won’t be overcooked.

Winner: Thermapen.

Cost of The Thermometer

After you have gone through the first difference, you may already have an assumption. That is, you may think thermapen thermometer is better. Because this is much effective with its feature. 

But hold on! You have still many more to get. And the cost is one of them.

The thermapen thermometer is twice as expensive as the lavatools javelin pro digital thermometer. And this may deter potential buyers from purchasing it. 

The operation of javelin pro food thermometer is similar to that of the thermapen in general. As a result, you may already be satisfied with the javelin pro thermometer. 

Because this is primarily a budget-friendly option. As a result, javelin pro may emerge as a more cost-effective digital thermometer.

However, if you need something more cheaper, you can get yourself a Lavatools Javelin for half the price of Javelin Pro.

Winner: Javelin pro.

Design And Structure

For the design, let us start with the javelin pro review first. Javelin Pro resembles a Tron laser loop. 

It’s also sturdy and ideally designed if that wasn’t enough of a reason to like it. As a result, it fits comfortably in your grip and is simple to operate. 

Remember that, not everyone can use these thermometers properly.

You can fit your decor with one of eight different hues. The lanyard hole is one of the other significant design characteristics. 

Many people will be able to utilize the incorporated magnet to hang it on a hook or peg. The magnet is particularly popular for a reason. 

That is, they can simply glue the entire thing to any metal in the vicinity. To add with that, these are dust-proof. 

And don’t think about any splash. Because they withstand splashes too! So, you are getting a picturesque look with effective structures in this.

Now, let’s come to thermapen review now. The thermapen thermometer comes in an average look just like the other ones. However, you might like some customization.

In that case, check out this black Operation BBQ Relief Limited Edition thermapen. 

If you want a variation of colors, you might become dissapointed. Because you would most probably get only one or two available colors for this. However, it might depend from place to place in the matter of its availability.

Remember one thing, we should never judge a book by its cover. That means just because the appearance is normal doesn’ mean the thing is ordinary too! 

You already know that this is a remarkable thermometer in the market currently.

Javelin comes first as its design is remarkable.

Winner: Javelin pro.

Customer Service And Support

When you buy something, the period does not get over. Because you may also need servicing and support after the purchase. 

Let’s start with javelin pro first.

This thermometer comes with a 3-year fixed-guarantee against the company’s faults. Simply fill in the form from the website and submit a claim. 

They’ll also tell you where you may send it for amendment or change. This would be real quick, especially if it’s in the working days.

It’s possible that your Javelin PRO Duo is in perfect working order. But you would still have 30 days to change it for a refund if you don’t like it. So, that is a perk of this thermometer. 

You may subscribe to email alerts for staying in touch with the company. But don’t expect to be able to socialize with them. 

They also have Instagram and Facebook accounts, but both are almost completely devoid of content. This is rare at this age. But perhaps there isn’t much to say about a thermometer.

Let’s come to thermapen warranty now. Almost every thermoworks products have a warranty of 2 years including thermapen. However, the warranty also depends on the functions to functions. 

And remember that, not every damage would be considered for the warranty. Damages like burn, broken or scratched will not be accepted. 

In addition to that, thermapen generally has the policy of refund without any valid reasons. 

Like, you can not just change your mind and expect to get a refund by returning it. So, it’s better if you just make up your mind and get a thermapen.

Don’t deteriotate it by buying it with any confusion and giving it a try. Now, you may think is the thermapen worth the money? Well, you already have the answer now!

Javelin pro comes first as they have attractive customer services and policies.

Winner: Javelin pro.

Final Verdict: Which One to Choose?

Now, have a look here to get to the final decision. 

If you want the thermometer with more precise temperature, go for javelin pro. In addition to that, javelin pro also comes first in terms of design and customer service.

But if you want a cool thermometer at a reasonable price, go for thermapen.

Hope this helps!


Are thermopro and thermapen the same?

No, thermopro and thermapen are not the same. However, thermopro is the successor of thermapen. Thermopro has got a few more features than thermapen. It has got a magnet and light display which helps you to see the numbers easily. But that does not mean thermapen is way behind its successor.

Is thermapen more expensive than the other thermometers?

Yes, thermapen is more expensive than a few other thermometers. This is because you are getting a number of additional features buying this. Features like a 360 rotating display, backlight, and wake-up mode are all available. So, your money does not actually go in vain. It’s worth it!

Can javelin pro withstand water contact?

Javelin pro can generally withstand water. But make sure the battery does not come in contact with water. Also, if there is rain in the spot, cover the thermometer. Because rain droplets may eventually damage the color due. In addition, if it still gets wet, dry them immediately.

The Final Words

Now you know which one to buy between javelin pro vs thermapen! You have already got all the necessary information here.

You should now be able to make up your mind about which one to choose! 

All the best!