Can You Deep Fry Pizza Rolls? Let’s Try Something New!

What if your oven is not working and the pizza roll is the only snack you’ve got to eat? Situations like this can make you feel pretty helpless.

So you may think that you can deep fry pizza rolls instead of baking them.

It is possible to deep fry pizza rolls. Grab a frying pan. Put some oil. Heat it. Now put the pizza rolls in the pan. Fry the rolls for a while. You can also use a deep fryer. Because of frying the rolls might get a bit oily and crunchy. However, they taste rather good than baking them.

To master the process of deep frying pizza rolls, you will need much precise information.

And for your help, I bring this article. It has the required info to help you in deep frying.

Let us begin!

Deep Frying Pizza Rolls: Yes or No

Let’s clear this confusion first. If you are wondering whether you can put pizza rolls in a deep fryer, then yes. It is possible to deep fry the pizza rolls.

Generally, pizza rolls are not meant to be fried. Just grab them and bake them. Then eat them.

Nevertheless, you may fall into situations where you may have to fry them. And it is not impossible at all. In fact, people do that quite often.

Rather, it is said that pizza rolls taste way better when fried. Rather than baked. 

The difference is, that the pizza rolls can get a bit oily. Plus, a bit more crunchy than any usual pizza rolls. And it is pretty obvious. After all, you are frying them using oil!

Great! Now, How Can I Deeply Fry Them?

Well, now you know the answer to, “can you deep fry pizza doughs?”

However, how do you fry the pizza rolls? Obviously, the next thing to poke your mind.

There are two ways you can actually deep fry the pizza rolls. Either you can use a frying pan and fry it traditionally. Or you can use a deep fryer. In both cases, the process is the same. All you need is just some oils and the pizza rolls that you want to fry.

Technically, it’s just like frying any other snacks.

However, don’t worry. To ease you. I have described the whole frying process in some specific steps. Thus you won’t feel any confusion at all.

Step-01: Ready the Pan

Let’s start the process. Firstly, grab a frying pan. You can take a frying pan of any size depending on the number of pizza rolls you want to fry.

Now clean the pan with water. Then wipe it with a kitchen towel. Now the pan is ready to use.

Step-02: Pour the Oil

Now, and turn on the stove in your kitchen. Then place the frying pan over it. Afterward, grab a jar of oil. And pour the oil into the pan.


Now you can use any amount of oil. Generally, for deep fry, it’s best to use extra oil.

Otherwise, the rolls won’t get a crispy and oily texture.

However, If you don’t like too much oil, you can use less oil as well.  You will still get the crispy vibes from the pizza rolls.

Step-03: Warm Up the Oil

Now, time to warm up the pan. Once you have poured the oil into the pan, keep it over the stove.

Wait for a while, at least 5 minutes. During this time, the oil in the frying pan will get warmed up.

Now, why wait this additional time?

Well, it becomes easy to fry the rolls. If you don’t wait and put the rolls in directly after putting the oil, the oil can split out of the pan.

This can make cooking very hard. Plus, the oil can hit your body parts and can damage them.

When you warm the pan, the oil gets heated already. Hence, even if you put the rolls in the pan, the oil won’t burst out.

Similarly, if you are using a deep-fryer, then turn on the fryer. And give the oil some heat.

Step-04: Place the Pizza Rolls

After the oil warming is done, you have to place the pizza rolls. Take pizza rolls out of their bag. Then firmly place the rolls over the pan.

Place the Pizza Rolls

Keep placing the pizza rolls until the pan gets filled. Then you have to start frying the rolls.

Step-05: Fry Time

Now, increase the heat of the stove. And start frying the rolls.

How long do you deep fry pizza rolls? At the increased heat, keep frying the rolls for at least 5 minutes. After this time, turn over the pizza rolls. Again, wait for 5 minutes. 

This way, both sides of the pizza roll get perfectly fried.

Well, this goes for the frying pan users.

Now for the deep-fryer users. Set the temperature to deep fry pizza rolls at about 385 degrees of Fahrenheit. Then heat for around 5 to 7 minutes.

Now gently place the pizza rolls in the deep fryer.

Finally, check the pizza rolls. If they get a color tone of golden brown, it means the rolls are ready.

Turn off the stove. Get the pizza rolls out of the pan. They are fried and ready to eat!

A Few Precaution

Well, congratulations! You now know how to deep fry the pizza rolls.

However, have you completely mastered the method of deep-frying the pizza roll?

The answer is no. Well, there is still some fact that you must consider other than just frying the rolls.

And once you know them you can perfectly deep fry the pizza rolls. Without any fuss.

Now, I don’t need to feel sad. Because here I have written about all those that you should keep in mind. For frying the pizza rolls perfectly.

Avoid Over Frying the Rolls

Try to avoid frying the pizza too much. This can make the pizza rolls pop out.

Pizza rolls contain a remarkable amount of cheese. That’s why they must be heated properly.

Sometimes, you may notice that after you fried the pizza rolls, some of them cracked open.

This happens because of the extra time you have fried the rolls. The cheese of the rolls got too heated and thus got out by cracking the rolls.

Because of this, the pizza rolls can look bad. Plus, if the cheese has already gotten out, what’s the point of eating them? It will only make a mess.

There’s more. Even if the rolls stay intact, over-frying can simply burn them. Now you won’t like to have some burned pizza, would you?

Hence, you have to stay careful and keep an eye on the timer while frying the rolls.

Don’t fry them too much!

Don’t Put Too Many Rolls 

This problem mostly occurs when you use the frying pan.

Always try to fry as many pizza rolls as possible. Not more than that.

Especially, don’t put the rolls one over another one.

If you put more pizza rolls than the pan can carry, they get stuck up. While frying.

Now guess what happens when you are about to pick them up? You have to separate the rolls. This way, the rolls can break.

So, you have to stay careful while placing the rolls in the pan. If the pan gets filled, don’t give any more rolls.

If you really need to fry the rolls, wait for a while. Fry them once the current rolls get fried.

Remove Extra Oil

Normally, deep-frying gives the pizza rolls an oily and crunchy texture. Thus they can contain a lot of oil.

Thus, It’s best to remove this extra oil. After frying the rolls. This can make the rolls greasy.


For this, take some paper towels. Now put rolls on them. The towels will take out the extra oils from the rolls.

If you are out of paper towels, have a look at this:

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They are at the best price right now in the market. Worth giving a try!

Well, keep an eye out for these things. And you can smoothly deep fry the pizza rolls!


Is It Possible to Fry Hot Dogs Crispy?

Yes. You can deep-fry the hotdogs. Grab a skillet. Now pour some oil into it.  Then warm the oil to a temperature of nearly 350 degrees of Fahrenheit. Then put the hot dogs in the broiler. Wait for around a couple of minutes. And the hot dogs will get deep fried and ready.

Is It Okay to Use a Toaster Oven to Make Pizza Rolls?

Yes. You can use a toaster oven to make pizza rolls. To do so, take a baking pan. Now distribute the pizza rolls all over the pan. Once you are done with it, place the baking pans inside the toaster oven. Set the temperature to around 425 degrees. Now bake the pizza rolls for around 15 minutes.

Is It Possible to Change The Taste of The Pizza Rolls?

Yes. If you want to add new flavor to the fried pizza rolls, you can do that. There are many additives you can add. For instance, you can use different types of seasonings. Plus, you can also use cheese. When the pizza rolls are fried, then add these additional flavors.

Time to Wrap

Well, that’s all I got on “can you deep fry pizza rolls”. Hopefully, you now know what to do.

Still, if you have further confusion, you can do one thing. You can reach out to any master chef. They help you for sure.

With this, I say my goodbye to you. Have a great day!