Can You Use Olive Oil to Fry Chicken? Know Everything

Are you determined to use less oil in cooking? But you can not make fried chicken without oil. Again using too much oil is not healthy. So what can you do?

You may be wondering can you use olive oil to fry chicken!

The answer is yes, you can. Olive oil is the healthiest oil in the industry. It enhances brain power and keeps your tummy healthy. It improves your liver and heart condition. But keep in mind the smoking point. The smoking point of extra virgin oil is 375 F. Going up the point can give you a bitter test.

That’s a small part of what is coming next. Have a read of the whole article.

Advantages of Using Olive Oil to Chicken Fry

Olive oil has multiple benefits. First, let’s look at the benefits of using olive oil to fry the chicken.

Chicken Fry

Lowers Oxidative Stress

Extra virgin olive oil is high in antioxidants. It contains beta-carotene, lutein, tocopherols, and hydrophilic phenols. 

Antioxidants are reported to protect cells from free radicals. The body creates these chemicals throughout activities such as metabolism.

Enhances Cognitive and Mental Health

consuming extra virgin olive oil has a preventive role on the brain’s blood vessels. It also reduces the potential for the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Saturated fat consumption has been related to depression and other health problems. The finest resource of monounsaturated fats is olive oil. It is good for both cardiovascular and general wellness.

High Resistance to Oxidative

When oil oxidizes, it combines with oxygen, forming a variety of hazardous chemicals.

This may occur at room temperature, which is one of the ways oils grow rancid. But when oils are cooked, the process is considerably accelerated.

However, due to its strong antioxidant and minimal polyunsaturated amount of fat. Hence, olive oil stands up well when heating.

Improves Heart Health

Polyphenols included in olive oil have been demonstrated to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and heart disease.

 Olive oil also reduces blood clotting and LDL (harmful) cholesterol oxidation. It also decreases blood pressure and strengthens the blood vessel lining.

Before we further move on, it is crucial to learn about the many forms of olive oil. 

Types of Olive Oil

The taste and smoking points are quite different. Besides, the usability is also other. 

 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It is the most costly form of olive oil but is also the best. Extra virgin olive oil is entirely unprocessed. It has the minimum acidity level of any olive oil. 

It is exceptionally high in antioxidants and has the most vitamins of any olive. 

Virgin Olive Oil

There is a distinction between extra virgin and virgin olive oil. It has a slightly higher oleic acidity level. It has a somewhat more significant acidity percentage that fluctuates between 1 and 4%. 

Another feature of this oil is its heat resistance. The flavor is milder than extra virgin oil and is suited for low-flame cooking. It’s also fantastic for salad dressing.

Regular Olive Oil

Most olive oils labeled “pure olive oil” or just “olive oil” are refined olive oils. This mixture of refined oil and 15% to 25% virgin olive oil.

The refined oil ingredient is processed with heat and chemicals to eliminate taste flaws.

Extra Light Olive Oil

Light olive oil is the combination of refined oil and 5-10% virgin olive oil. These oils’ health advantages are proportionately diminished. Since they contain less virgin olive oil than ordinary olive oil.

Light references to the oil’s almost entirely neutral taste and scent in this example.

The Ultimate Guideline for Using Olive Oil to Fry the Chicken

We will not take any more time to frying chicken in olive oil in a healthy way. The chicken can be fried with olive oil in two methods. One is Pan fry (less oil), and the other is deep fry(more oil).

We talked about both methods in this section. Have a look at it.

Pan Fry

  • First, heat the oil properly. Then gently arrange as many chicken pieces on top of the pan. Don’t overload the meat since it will cook unevenly.
  • After around two minutes, your meat should be on one side.  use tongs or a spoon to turn it over.
  • Carefully cook both sides of the chicken. Then, take that from the pan and place it on a platter lined with towels or napkins. This will aid in absorbing some extra oil.
  • Sliced open one of your chicken pieces to see if it’s sufficiently cooked. If the hue is pink, it is undercooked and has to be fried further.
Chicken Fry

Deep Fry

  • To retain the oil within the pot, choose a pan with beveled edges.
  • When operating with really hot oil, always use oven gloves and take a step back. When heated, oil tends to spew. When this comes into touch with skin, it may be pretty harmful.
  • Before putting the chicken in the pan, make absolutely sure no parts are contacting. This keeps them from adhering together while cooking.
  • When deep frying, never leave the pan. You never predict when the oil may start sputtering and spitting. But if this occurs, always remove the pan from the heat and step back.
  • It is preferable to let the grease dissipate from the meal.

Things to Remember Before Using Olive Oil 

So, we all know the benefits and usability of olive oil. However, there are a few things to note before you start cooking. These are listed below.

Temperature Management

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a smoke point around 350° and 380°. How long you fry chicken in olive oil depends on various types of olive oil.

Canola oil, peanut oil, or maize oil has smoking points. They are 400, 440, and 450 degrees celsius respectively. Compared to other oils, this has a comparatively low smoke point.

This is the reason temperature management is critical while frying with this Oil. To check the temperature of your oil as it heats, use a reliable fry/candy thermometer. A temperature of 320° to 330° is ideal.

Overheat Problem

Many essential polyphenols, and oleic acid are retained by maintaining oil underneath the smoke point. It is also abundant in monounsaturated fats.

It does not degrade when heated, just like other oils. Hence, it can degrade into dangerous trans fats. Some may say frying with olive oil causes cancer. And this is absolutely wrong.

Proper Heating Way

Avoid overheating the oil. This increases the likelihood of it burning. Instead, start with medium heat and gradually bring the oil up to temperature.

Regular Olive oil vs Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Which One is Better?

Extra virgin oil is pricey. This pricey oil should be used for salads. Because it has lower smoke points in comparison to certain other oils.

 This implies that it might burn even if heated at quite low temperatures. Include extra virgin oil to make a salad. Or mix it with some of your bread dips.

Regular olive oil has fewer health-promoting bioactive components than virgin olive oil since the refining process reduces amounts of certain chemicals. But when it comes to cost efficiency, regular olive is the first choice.

Extra Virgin Olive

It almost gives the same flavor as extra virgin oil. Besides, It has a low smoking point compared with extra virgin oil. Hence, you can deep fry or pan fry quickly for a long time.

So, which olive oil are you using to fry the chicken?

What Types of Oil Do Restaurants Use?

KFC or Popeyes, you love both of them. But ever wonder what oil they use when frying your yummy chicken?

We compile a list of the greatest chicken fry places.

Restaurant Oil
KFC canola oil and hydrogenated soybean oil
McDonaldcanola-blend Oil
Popeyes Palm Oil
Chick-fil-A Peanut Oil
Wingstop Soy Oil


Which is better between olive and vegetable oil for frying?

The greatest all-purpose cooking oil is olive oil. It has a rich, fruity flavor and is best served at room temperature. It has a lot of health benefits. Vegetable oil has a fresh, neutral taste and is best used for high-temperature cooking. But extra fat and unrefined oil can cause problems. Hence, try to avoid this oil.

Is It Possible To Fry Chicken In Olive Oil Without Flour?

Yes, You can. You may fry chicken in olive oil instead of flour and obtain fantastic results. You may also substitute flour, such as cornstarch. Cornstarch results in a crisper layer that holds up much better to sauces and absorbs less frying oil.

Is Heated Olive Oil a Harmful Substance?

When olive oil is heated over its smoke point, it emits hazardous smoke. Cooking with olive oil risks producing smoke-containing substances detrimental to human health. You might not even realize you’re breathing in harmful smoke.


So, what do you think after reading this article? Do we miss anything important? Do let us know what types of olive oil you use for frying the chicken.

We hope to answer the burning question: can you use olive oil to fry chicken.

And always be careful when cooking with oil. Wish you the best of luck!