Can You Bake Pizza on Cardboard? 4 Alternative Methods

Do you want to bake the pizza using the cardboard that came with it? Well, we suggest you think again.

It could sound like a good idea to save time. Also to save labor. But it actually isn’t.

You would want to bake your frozen pizza or bake a new pizza in cardboard. You could also want to reheat your pizza in the cardboard box.

Well, cardboard in an oven is a bad idea. No matter which type of pizza you want to bake.

So, can you bake pizza on cardboard?

Yes, you can however, it’s not worth taking the risk. Because heating cardboard in an oven could cause a fire hazard. Also, release toxic fumes and ruin the taste. Instead, you can use alternatives. Such as directly on the rack, aluminum foil, or cookie sheets. You could also use a pizza stone.

We’ve elaborated on these throughout this entire article.

So, let us get right into it.

Why is Baking Pizza on Cardboard a Bad Idea?

You could think that baking a pizza on cardboard could save time. But you’ll be wrong. It not only requires additional time, but the pizza is also ruined.

Up to the moment of ignition, cardboard is a heat insulator. It will therefore shield your pizza from direct heat.

Additionally, it hinders appropriate heat circulation. Because of this, you’ll never find a pizza that is properly baked from dough to toppings.

Apart from ruining the pizza, it also alerts other cautions too. Let’s have a look.

Fire Hazard

The biggest threat of baking a pizza in cardboard is the fire hazard.

It’s true that cardboards don’t usually ignite unless they’re exposed to extreme heat. But cardboards have an ignition point. It still has the risk of igniting a fire.

The ignition point of cardboard is considered to be 427 degrees Fahrenheit. That may sound a lot.

Now, consider the baking temperature of a pizza. Pizzas typically begin baking around the temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

It may seem good as long as you don’t hit the ignition point temperature. But in reality, the margin is very close. Only a few degrees more and you would have to call the fire department.

Besides, you need to consider the amount of time you’ll bake the pizza. If you’re baking it for quite some time the cardboard could ignite a fire. Even if it doesn’t reach the ignition point temperature.

The sort of oven you’re using is a further factor to take into account. The ignition point of cardboard could be different for different ovens.

It ultimately boils down to one argument. Is it worth taking the risk?

Toxic Release

Toxic release from cardboards! Sounds strange right?

Consider this, cardboard boxes contain organic adhesives. When heated these adhesives could release toxic fumes. These fumes could blend together with your pizza and end up endangering your body’s health.

Besides, cardboard boxes are made with layers of grease. These greases could also release toxic fumes when heated.

However, the boxes itself may well be toxic. Because a good number of cardboard boxes are made from recycled cardboard. Researchers suggest that recycled cardboard can contaminate your food with toxic chemicals.

Traces of Diisobutyl phthalate can be found in recycled cardboard boxes.

Ruins the Taste

As mentioned before, baking pizzas in cardboard ruins the pizza. And additionally, it also ruins the taste too.

As the cardboard absorbs most of the heat, it makes the pizza soggy. Of course, you wouldn’t want to taste a soggy pizza.

Besides, when the cardboard is heated as long as it doesn’t burn it produces fumes. These fumes get mixed with the pizza and give it a bitter taste.

4 Alternative Methods to Bake Pizza

Since baking pizza on cardboard is a bad idea, you need to find alternatives. Don’t worry, there are lots of alternative methods you can use to bake your pizza.

Let’s have a look.

Method 1 of 4: Directly on the Rack

Yes, it is as simple as it seems.. You can bake your pizza directly on the rack.

Baking pizza directly on the rack could make you do some extra work. But it’s worth doing it. Just simply put your pizza on the pizza rack and start baking.

The pizza is heated more uniformly when baked on a rack. Considering you have no baking pans or sheets, this will give a good result.

Baking Pizza Directly on the Rack
Baking Pizza Directly on the Rack

The only drawback is you’ll need to clean the rack after heating the pizza. Because some bits and chips will fall on the rack. 

But it certainly is safer than using cardboard.

There is, however, something crucial you have to think about. Directly placing uncooked pizza dough on the rack is not advised. As it passes through the gaps and could fall.

You should only use the rack for reheating or pizza with a pre-made crust.

Method 2 of 4: Cookie Sheet

It’s a good way to use your laying around cookie sheets.

Cookie sheets are a staple in every kitchen. It’s very good for heating or baking raw dough.

You can easily reheat or bake your pizza on a cookie sheet. Just make sure to check if the cookie sheet is a stick or a non-stick type. This can help you determine if you need to oil the sheet before using it.

Baking pizza on a cookie sheet
Baking pizza on a cookie sheet. Source:

If you don’t have a cookie sheet, take a look at our recommended cookie sheets.

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These are the best cookie sheets available for you in the market. Buy one of these one time for a lifetime of use.

Method 3 of 4: Aluminum Foil

Using Aluminum foils could be a very efficient and low-cost solution for you.

Aluminum foils are necessary for every kitchen. Considering this, you should have a roll of aluminum foil lying around somewhere. 

Let’s say you’re in a hurry. Or don’t have access to buy other baking these cases, aluminum foil is your best friend.

You just simply cover the oven rack with aluminum foil. Then put your frozen or cold pizza on it. You could also put your raw pizza dough in it. Then just simply start baking.

This will help you to grt rid of a big mess.

The aluminum foil will help the heat to reach the pizza faster. Additionally, this will assist keep the pizza from slipping between the oven rack’s gaps.

Baking pizza on aluminum foil
Baking pizza on aluminum foil. Source:

Method 4 of 4: Pizza Stone

Let’s consider you consume pizza on a regular basis. It could be frozen pizza or it could be homemade. It could also be pizzas bought from pizza joints.

Considering you’re a regular consumer, you should have Pizza Stone at your home. A pizza stone is a circular plate made for pizzas. It’s mostly made up of metal.

You can use this item in the oven without any concerns. As this item is oven-proof. You can use it to bake and thaw frozen pizza. You can also use it to reheat your pizza.

Using a pizza block to bake your pizza will give you a lovely well-baked pizza.

It could seem like this item is unnecessary at first. But after you use it you’ll understand the significance of this.

And most importantly it’ll not catch fire like cardboard.


We have curated some of the most frequently asked questions for your consideration.

Can You Buy Uncooked Pizza at Costco?

Yes, you can buy uncooked pizza at Costco. Although Costco does sell raw pizza, you will want to be sure they have your preferred toppings. But you can make a gourmet Costco pizza at home by baking it on a pizza stone. Using a pizza stone will ensure your crusts are baked evenly and perfectly.

Can you store pizza leftovers?

Yes, you can’t store pizza leftovers. You can use ziplock bags to store the pizza leftover. You could also use sealable wraps. Before putting the slices in your refrigerator, make sure they have cooled. The pizza dough will lose water and get soggy if you store them at a warm temperature.

Why are pizza boxes made of cardboard?

Pizza boxes are made of cardboard to retain the shape and size of the pizzas. Earlier pizzas were packaged in cardboard boxes. But it used to damage the shape and size of the pizzas. Later on, business owners came up with the innovative and cost-effective idea of cardboard boxes.


Hopefully by now you should get your answer to can you bake pizza on cardboard?

You may refrigerate pizza dough well in advance, as a bonus tip. Pizza dough can be refrigerated and used for several days.

That’ll be all from us.

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