Smokin-it Vs Cookshack: The Shocking Smoker Battle

Having the best bite on your freshly smoked meat feels heavenly, right?. But it’s often an important question for us, who love smoking as a food cooking method. “How can I make the perfect smoked meat?”

To get the best smokey flavor, your smoker does play a tricky role. Now there are plenty of smokers in the market. Which one would be best fit for you?

 You can get easily confused by those charming throwaways.

 Who doesn’t want to get some lauditive words from friends and family about cooking? Everyone does.

 If picking up the best smoker can give you a hand then so be it. You have the lead to  pick the best smoker wisely. Also choosing the right smoker according to your style, preference and need will enhance the taste thousand times better.

You also won’t like to buy it twice or to deal with the heating element, upgrading or to modify it.

Here, we will be talking about two most famous smokers in the market. Read throughout the article to find out your best fitted smoker.

Smokin-it Vs Cookshack: A Quick Comparison

AspectSmokin-it SmokerCookshack Smoker
Cooking CapacityMedium to LargeMedium to Large
Build QualityStainless SteelStainless Steel
Temperature Range100°F – 325°F150°F – 300°F
Ease of UseBeginner-FriendlyBeginner-Friendly
Temperature ControlPrecisePrecise
Smoking StyleElectricElectric
Cooking TimeConsistentConsistent
Smoking ResultsFlavorfulFlavorful
Additional Features– Digital Controls
– Insulated Design
– Wheels for Mobility
– Digital Controls
– Meat Probe
– Wood Chip Tray
Warranty3 Years2 Years
PriceClick Here to Check PriceClick Here to Check Price

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Anatomy of Cookshack

Cookshack is an American smoker brand. It is manufactured in Ponca City, Okla.

Cookshack is not interested in franchising or licensing any of their products. This way they are able to  control materials and maintain quality.

Although Cookshack comes with great features as well. Let’s talk about cookshack’s  features.

Superiorly  Manufactured

This smoker is all-stainless steel with very high-grade insulation. The door and all parts lock are tightly closed. The hinges, screws, and bolts are all corrosion-resistant stainless.

Excellent Temperature Control

The temperature control is excellent. You can set the smoker to cook to a specific internal temperature. When it finishes cooking, the smoker will hold at internal temperature for as long as you need it to.

Cookshack Smokette Elite Electric BBQ Smoker SM025

Although you can’t hold it for days.

 Suppose,you filled  the smoker up in the morning. Then you set your target temperature and went to work. After you get home, a mouth watering barbecue will be waiting for you.

Hot from the oven. You don’t have to go through the hassle of reheating again.

Giant Space 

It also has plenty of room. You can literally cook anything you want to smoke. It weighs around 175 pounds. Cubic capacity is four cubic feet.


Cookshack does not come with any WiFi connectivity. Also bluetooth connectivity is missing.

No app feature has not been developed yet.


It comes with 2 years of warranty.


It comes with great efficiency. Almost no weather can cause any harm. It also consumes less electricity.


To be honest, the design is likely to be industrial. It provides professional smoking equipment.


Cookshack is more expensive than other smokers. Although quality comes with the best price.

 It is quite expensive than others but you get what you pay for.

Product Range

Cookshack doesn’t have much variety in product range. When you are about to choose Cookshack, you don’t get to select from many designs.

Anatomy of Smokin-It

The Smokin-It is a Chinese smoker brand. It comes with great feature quality. Let’s discuss all details about Smokin-it.

Good Build Quality

It is built with excellent stainless steel construction. It is like a simple box. Smokin-it is made from 18 gauge 201 stainless steel which means you get a strong, solid smoker.

Space Savior

Smokin-it is a little bit small compared to other smoker brands. It is ideal if you are looking for a smoker for family parties. 2-4 people’s food is easily prepared with the smokin-it smoker. It is actually apartment friendly.

Temperature Control

It contains a pretty good temperature range. You can easily smoke a huge range of food.

Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker

Many smokers, such as charcoal smokers, can’t smoke very well at lower temperatures. But  as this is electric it does a great job at low temperatures.


It has Wifi connectivity.


Smokin-it comes with a 3 years warranty. They are also quick to respond to customer care.


The smoker’s walls are insulated with fiberglass. It helps to reduce heat loss. Thus it makes it become extremely durable. Also it is very effective at holding its temperatures.


It has a very interesting design with the door.

What’s interesting is that the door uses no gasket to seal in the heat. The handle and door create a compression fit.

This helps to  keep the temperatures very steady.


It is manufactured to be a more affordable version of Cookshack.

Although it is more expensive than basic masterbuilt electric smokers. With the value you actually get superior built quality and efficiency.

Product Range

It gives plenty of models to choose from. Smokin-it comes with great varieties of design. This way you get more product ranges to choose from one brand.

Pros And Cons of Cookshack

Now, we will be analyzing the pros and cons of Cookshack. This segment will help you to make your decision about Cookshack.


  • Comes with bigger space
  • No one can beat its construction quality
  • Gives high efficiency
  • Internal temperature holding  feature
  • Gives authentic barbeque flavor
  • Made in USA


  • It can take a lot of space
  • Doesn’t have vast product range
  • Not innovative
  • No Wifi connectivity
  • No smart app feature
  • A lot more expensive

Pros And Cons of Smokin-It

Smokin-it itself a great smoker brand. Now let’s analyze the pros and cons of Smokin-it.


  • Cooks flawlessly almost everything
  • Super easy to use
  • Plenty of temperature ranges
  • Set and forget function
  • Has WiFi connectivity
  • All Smokin-it smokers are usable as commercial smokers


  • Won’t get classic barbeque taste
  • It is smaller in size comparatively
  • Expensive than other brands
  • No remote heat sensor

Overall Thoughts

I hope that you could make your decision easier than before by reading this article. I have tried to explain all the details point by point.

If you are looking for greater space and superior built quality, I would suggest you to pick Cookshack.

On the contrary, if you are looking for something that will do Cookshack but in a smaller box, pick Smokin-it.

Both are excellent quality smoker brands. Your choice will mainly depend on your budget and how big you want.

 Whichever you choose, you picked the right one according to your preference. That’s what I’m sure of!


  1. Does it get hot outside of smoker?

Ans: No,it  doesn’t get hot in outer space. It is safe for children and pets.

  1. Where do I place my smoker?

Ans: Always place it on a dry location. Keep the plug off while not in use.

  1. Can I use wood chips in my smoker?

Ans: Yes, you can use wood chips to get more smokey flavor.

Cleaning And Maintenance Tips

No one likes a greasy and oily smoker right? Let’s agree. It kills the mood for cooking.

 Also proper maintenance can make the smoker run for decades. So it is essential you take good care of your smoker.

Cleaning on The Outside

Make sure whenever you are cooking, you are lighting a clean fire as a general rule. You can wipe the outside with paper towels or any stainless steel cleaner. If you want to scrub, try to use non scratching scouring pads.

Cleaning on The Inside

It is quite hard to clean the inside of the smoker. You can wipe off the walls with water and white vinegar solution. All the racks, drip pans and shelves are made of stainless steel and dishwasher safe. Allow it to air dry.


  • Do not use a garden hose to clean the inside of the smoker. Water force can damage the smoker.
  • Do not accumulate a big pile of grease. It could cause fire.
  • Always make sure your smoker is unplugged before cleaning.

End Words

At this point, you already made up your decision. I am happy for you that you could choose the best pick for you. Next time when you are smoking up some delicious meats, do not forget to invite me. Happy eating.