Mak Vs Yoder: Which One Should I Pick

The mak or the yoder? Which smoker should you pick? This is a question that has plagued barbeque lovers. We looked into 11 factors in hopes to be able to answer your question

Are you a barbeque lover? If so then it might be hard to pick what the best smoker might be for you.

The mak and the yoder are both smokers that use wood pellets as the base to burn in order to produce smoke. You could say that they are ideal options for the home cook who wants smoked food.

But if you had to choose between the mak and the yoder then which one would you choose?

Smoker can be a hefty investment with a mak 640 costing upwards of two grand

We believe that the better option for you will be the Mak. It has better air flow, can start faster and will not rust.

Mak Vs Yoder: Which One Is Better? A Brief Comparison

Brand OriginUnited StatesUnited States
Product RangePellet grills, smokersPellet grills, offset smokers
Build QualitySolid construction, durableHeavy-duty construction
TechnologyInnovative features, modernTraditional design, robust
Temperature ControlAdvanced digital controlsManual controls, expertise needed
Cooking VersatilityVersatile for various stylesWell-suited for traditional smoking
Ease of UseUser-friendly interfaceRequires hands-on skills
DesignModern aestheticsClassic and rugged design
Price RangeMid to high-endMid to high-end
User LevelSuitable for various skill levelsMore experience recommended
Preferred byHome cooks, BBQ enthusiastsExperienced grillmasters, purists
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It’s very necessary to look at the variables in deciding whether you’d opt for a mak or a yoder. And that is perfectly understandable considering their hefty price tag. Let us take a brief look into a few of them and see which one takes the W in which segment

Overall we have looked at a total of 11 factors. Lets see which one holds up in which factor.

Starting Time

Overall a mak takes less time to start, added with the fact that it also takes less wood pellets to start smoking your food.

Of course you must still take into account the fact that the yoder is larger than the mak. Hence it might be only natural for it to take more time and to require more smokers. The capacity is also higher on the side of the yoder.

Flavor Profile

The smoke that’ll be produced by the yoder will be considered to be more clean and less pronounced. Of course it is up for debate as to how that will directly translate into the flavor profile of what is being smoked. However it could be said that most people might gravitate towards a dish that has a more clear tasting smoky flavor.


The Mak comes to around 4194 dollars. This amount is something that comes with no added tax or additional shipping expenses(as the shipping is free for the mak)

For the yoder, the total cost comes to around 3642 dollars. This is accounting for the costs of tax, additional accessories that aren’t included in the package itself, building and finally the delivery fee.

For this the yoder comes to around 550 dollars cheaper than the mak. That too after taking in all these additional factors out there. Keep in mind that these aren’t retail prices but total price minus the wood pellets from buying to operation usable.

The Yoder takes the clear win in this category.


While overall a yoder is larger than the mak,it is also important to look at the dimensions of the cooking chambers of the yoder and the mak. While different models will have different dimensions, a few for reference are:

The mak is around 60” wide . The Yoder’s width comes to about 35 inches.

The mak has a cooking area of 429 square inches while the yoder has a total cooking area of around  1070 square inches.

The headroom for the mak is around 19.5 inches whereas for the yoder it is 12 inches.

 So in this criteria it’s up for you to decide.


The weight of the yoder is around 418 pounds for a YS640S. For a mak the weight is around 180 pounds for a similarly sized model. The winner in this criteria is also the mak.

Lower Ranges

In the lower ranges of temperature the mak is the better smoker.

Mid To High Ranges

In mid to higher temperature(325 to 450 degrees) the yoder takes the cake.

Fluctuations in temperature

In the yoder there are more temperature swings in the pit. Temperature swings are something that’s not desirable under most dishes and if you’d still want it then you’d want to make sure that you’re in control of it. So this one also goes to the mak.


The capacity of a mak smoker is around 20 pounds of food whereas for a yoder the capacity is around 20 pounds and well. So you could say that they’re both in the exact same bucket in terms of capacity.


There’s a high probability that a yoder will give up on you by rusting if you’re not using it that frequently. The Mak on the other hand ? Well it’s made of stainless steel in most models. So if you opt for a mak then it’ll be sure not to ever get damaged from rust or damage you from the possible rust.

Of course if it’s in an environment where rusting is impossible to occur then that might be a different issue.

Regardless, The mak takes a win in this category.

Air flow

The final crucial factor that one could use as a metric is air flow as it helps you to evenly spread smoke to the food.

The airflow of the yoder is not that good. You might have to use an additional or a better fan for it. But for the mk the air flow is actually pretty decent.


Generally speaking when purchasing a smoker it is important to look into other factors as well. Make sure that you check the warranties for each of the products mentioned. Make sure that you get something that will last you long enough to be able to be worth the investment.

Remember, these can cost upwards of4 to 5 grand(no wonder why barbeque is so expensive). Also make sure to check any modifications and whatnot that have been made in the subsequent models.

Both companies do offer deals that may include free shipping so it might be worthwhile to look out for that as it might affect the factor of price significantly. Currently the world, especially the USA is facing driver shortages and surging fuel prices so something as simple as shipping might tilt the balance for you.


Is A Yoder Smoker Worth It?

Yes it is.

While the yoder may come with a hefty price tag of a few grand, the quality of the materials used to make it, it’s build quality as well as it’s performance more than makes up for the price of the yoder.

Mak Grills Out Of Stock

Mak’s all stainless steel 2 star general grills are currently out of stock. Others may also face similar issues due to the current supply chain crisis.

Is Yoder A Good Pellet Grill?

Yoder might not be as good as the mak but it’s still a great pellet grill.

If you’re relatively  on a budget then the mak still makes a great pellet grill.


The Mak vs the Yoder: which one should you choose? Well the answer naturally does gravitate to the mak based on our opinion. But the yoder is still a great grill.

If you’re on a budget then you can always opt for a yoder as a grill or use it if you don’t have access to a mak.