Lang vs Yoder Smokers: Choosing the Perfect BBQ Companion

Are you confused about Lang vs Yoder? Don’t worry! You are in the right place. We’ve got the topic covered for you! Keep reading to select the best smoker.

Different brands of BBQ smokers are available in the market. Lang and Yoder are the most popular ones. They come with different features and specifications. It’s quite hard to choose between them.

So which one is better between Lang vs Yoder?

Both smokers cook very tasty smoked meat. But the meat cooked in Lang is cooked evenly. Whereas Yoder smokers overcook and undercook different parts of the meat. Yoder comes in a round shape and Lang is square. Both are made from ¼ inch thick steel. Anyway, the price of Lang is costlier than Yoder.

This is only the starting. Lots of information is still unveiled. So please keep reading to know it all!

Lang vs Yoder: A Quick Comparison

Lang or Yoder, you can buy any of them. But they have their differences. We have discussed the differences between these two brands. It will help you to find a suitable one.

FactorsLang SmokerYoder Smoker
Flow typeReverseStandard
Cooking styleHybrid(Charcoal and Smoke)Charcoal Only
Fire BoxesUninsulatedMostly Uninsulated
Materials¼ Inch Thick Steel¼ Inch Thick Steel
Fuel SourceWood or CharcoalWood Pellets or Charcoal
Temperature Range150°F – 400°F150°F – 600°F (varies by model)
Smoking StyleOffsetOffset or Pellet
Cooking VersatilityExcellent for Traditional SmokingVersatile, Pellet models can grill, smoke, roast, bake, and more
Ease of UseRequires skill and experienceEasier to use, especially with pellet models
PriceClick Here to Check PriceClick Here to Check Price

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Hope this short comparison helps you out. But if you want to know more, stay with us. We have elaborated on these differences below.

In-depth Comparison

To make the correct decision it is essential to know all the information about smokers. And for this reason, I have discussed all the aspects of Lang and Yoder elaborately here.

Flow Type

The flow type is a very important characteristic of meat smokers. The specialty of the smokers is to give a smoky flavor to the meat. And this is done by proper airflow. The airflow is generally of two types, standard and reverse flow.

Lang comes with a reverse flow system. In this system, consistent heat is supplied to the meat. As a result, every part of the meat is cooked properly. The reverse flow also prevents the burning of meat at various points.

On the contrary, Yoder comes with standard airflow. This is an old mechanism. In this system some parts of the meat are overcooked. Whereas other parts remain cool. This can cause problems for many. However, several people prefer this type of cooking.


The shape of smokers does not have any direct impact on their performance. But there are still some effects of it. So you might want to give some thoughts on the shape. Round smokers are often cheaper than square ones. It also offers more space for smoke circulation.

The square smokers also have enough space. The plus point of square ones is the ease of changing the cooking racks. The Yoder smoker comes in a round shape. So the smoke circulation will be more in it.

The Lang, on the other hand, has a square shape. It’s easier to handle and cook on it. Despite its shape, Lang also has a strong smoke circulation system.

Cooking Style 

Based on the cooking style smokers has numerous types. But two most popular types are hybrid and charcoal smokers. The charcoal smoker only supports charcoal for cooking. It can retain heat for a long time. Hybrid smokers use both Charcoal and smoke for cooking.

Both styles are useful for cooking. But they have their advantages. The charcoal smokers give a very tasty aroma to the food. This aroma also comes in hybrid ones. Besides the aroma, the hybrid smoker also gives a juicy flavor.

Lang smokers come with a hybrid cooking system. So you can use both Charcoal and smoke here. However, Yoder has only the charcoal cooking mechanism. So you might miss out on the smoky juicy flavor.

Fire Boxes

The box that holds the coal in the smoker is known as the firebox. It can be of two types. Insulated and uninsulated. In the insulated boxes, the coal heat does not go out of the box. But in uninsulated ones, the heat spreads. So it is less efficient.

In Lang smokers, all the models come with uninsulated fireboxes. The situation is similar for Yoder smokers too. However, they produce some models with insulated boxes.


The material used to build the smoker can be crucial. The longevity and toughness of the smokers depend largely on it. Smokers with weak materials will break too easily. For long-lasting performance, high-quality materials are a must.

But you don’t have to give much thought to this aspect. Because both of these smokers are built of the same material. ¼ inch thick steel has been used for these smokers. Both Lang and Yoder are strong enough to last for a long time.


We have come to the end of our comparison. Now let’s check the price of Lang and Yoder smokers. This can be a deciding factor for many buyers.

Both the brands have different models available in the market. The price of all these models varies from $2000 to $6000 and more. So it’s not easy to compare them. However, we can get an idea by comparing almost two similar models of Lang and Yoder.

The price of Lang smokers is somewhat higher than that of Yoder smokers. Lang costs a few hundred bucks more than Yoder. This happens because of their reverse flow and other specs.

This is the end of the comparison between Lang and Yoder smokers. Now you have to make your choice. In the next section, we will try to select one of these two smokers.

Final Verdict

Both Lang and Yoder are very popular smokers. They have their characteristics. So it’s not easy to make a choice.

If you want your meat to be fully cooked in all parts, go with Lang. You will also be able to cook in the hybrid system in this model. But the price of Lang smokers is more. So you will need to increase your budget.

On the other hand, you might like a combination of less and more cooked meat. Then Yoder is the one for you. It has a well-structured smoke circulation system. The price is also low.

To select the best smoker you have to be sure about your preferences and budget. Only then you will get the best value for your money.


Is buying a smoker worth it?

Yes, buying a smoker is worth it. Smokers are very strong opponents of the grills. Both are used to prepare BBQ. But smokers increase the smoky flavor of the meat. This happens because the meat is cooked for a long time in it. Thus the flavor of the charcoal gets inside the meat in the smoker.

What should I look for when buying a smoker?

You should look for various factors when buying a smoker. The shape and size of the smoker are very significant. You have to look for the built material too. A thick body is essential for longevity. The smoker should supply heat evenly. Only then the meat will be cooked finely with a smoky taste.

Is smoked meat cancerous?

Yes, smoked meat can be cancerous. Smoked meat is cooked in a smoker. Here the meat is cooked for a long time with charcoal. As a result, harmful hydrocarbons and amines form in the meat. These ingredients cause cancer. So it’s suggested to not eat smoked meat continuously.


This is all we have on the Lang vs Yoder comparison. We hope that you will be able to choose one smoker easily now.

The smokers are often sold at a low price on different holidays. So stay alert about the offers. This will help you to save some bucks.