How Long Does It Take an Oven to Cool Down: Variable or Not?

The oven is necessary for us. But do you know about its cooling time? Cooling time is an indicator of your oven conditions. You can create some difficulty in the process by making some mistakes. This will prolong the cooling process of the oven.

Now the common quarry is, how long does it take an oven to cool down?

20 to 30 minutes are needed to cool an oven down. Mostly we cook at 350-400° F. The heated oven for this temperature will not take more than 30 minutes. The time can increase or decrease by some factors. Oven and room temperature, cooking time is one of them. A closed-door oven takes more time.

That’s not the end. We have discussed more in our article about the factors. You can cool down easily by avoiding some mistakes.

How Long Does It Take an Oven to Cool Down

Most of the time we use an oven for its quick delivery. It is a regularly used material. But how much time is required for an oven to cool down? The answer should be known to all the users. The time limit will give you the functioning skill information of an oven.

An oven takes mostly 20 to 30 minutes to cool down for the simplest work. But the time can extend. 40 to 45 minutes is also normal to cool down. You might work a long time with the oven. Then it will take more time to get back to its normal temperature.

You should experiment with new dishes with your oven. This experience will give you a clear idea about the cooling time.

An oven can cool down more quickly. Also for some mistakes, it can take a lot of time. Some factors related to the cooling system are described below.

What Factor Should Consider to Cool Down an Oven?

The air inside the oven becomes warm while cooking. Oven wall and the racks present inside absorb heat. They can raise the temperature. But when the switch is off, all the inside air goes to the outside. It helps the oven wall and racks to cool down. But what if the door is closed?


The cooling process will be lengthy. What if the oven is big-sized? So some factors can affect the cooling system a lot. Oven temperature and room temperature can shorten or lengthen the process. We are describing the factors below.

Oven Temperature

If you cook at a high temperature then cooling time will increase. Also preheating causes the oven to cool down slowly. High temperatures heat the oven materials a lot. How long should an oven take to cool down to 350 degrees?

Most of the dishes are cooked at 350 to 400 degrees F. At this temperature, the oven takes 30 to 40 minutes to cool down. How long should an oven take to cool down for cooking in 450 to 350? 40 to 45 minutes are enough to cool down.

Increasing the temperature increases the cooling time. How long does it take an oven to cool down from 425? It might take around 50 minutes.

Room Temperature

Room temperature also plays a vital role. In winter the temperature goes low. There remains a big difference between the air outside and inside the oven. So after cooking there will be an exchange of air.

The cold air will enter inside and the heated air will come outside. The cold air can easily cool down the oven. The oven will take less time for cooling.

In summer, the oven takes more time in comparison to winter. The weather remains hot. The air outside the oven is also hot. So while exchanging the air the oven gets heated air in return. That air can not cool down the oven quickly. So it takes more time.

Cooking Time

Most of the baking items are prepared within 15 to 20 minutes. Commonly cooked dishes do not go up to 25 minutes. But if the dish takes more than 30 minutes then the oven gets hotter.

A microwave oven takes a short time to cook. Baking items are prepared within 5 to 8 minutes. Here if you cook for more than 15 minutes then the oven will heat a lot. So the cooling process will be long. The oven will not cool down easily.

Oven Capacity

Ovens are of different types. Each has a significant capacity. Toaster ovens are one of them. Its capacity is low. It can not produce more food at a time. So the heat needed for cooking is also low. That’s why a toaster oven cools down quickly.

Commercial ovens have a huge capacity. It can cook for many people at a time. This oven is commonly used in restaurants. Making a lot of food needs a lot of heat. This oven carries more heat after cooking. For that reason, it takes more time to cool down.

Oven Size

Oven capacity depends on oven size. The more the oven is in shape the more capacity is. Toaster ovens are little in size. For that, it is easy to cool a toaster.

size of the oven

But a commercial oven is large in shape. It has a big surface area. So it is hard to cool down this type of oven. The size of the oven has a great effect on cooling time.

Oven Type

Different ovens cool down at different times. Some take more time. Some are quick. Some ovens are designed with fans. They get to room temperature quickly. But those who have no fans take time.

Convection ovens cool down in a short time. But the electric oven takes a lot of time. It warms slowly and cools down slowly. A gas oven also cools earlier in comparison with an electric one.

Kitchen Ventilation

Kitchen ventilation allows fresh air from the outside. That air can carry heat to the outside. Frequent passing of air cools down the oven quickly.

The kitchen ventilation system can remove the vapor. Evaporation chases the oven to cool down. Ill ventilation can not remove the warm evaporated water. That water holds the warm temperature for a long time.

Oven Insulation

Oven insulation remains inside the oven. It controls heat. It does not let the oven overheat. Also, it saves the oven from catching fire. It also helps to cool down the oven quickly. Good insulation helps to control the temperature. So the time will not extend while cooling the oven.

Oven Door Open or Close

The oven will take less time to cool down if the oven door is opened. Gasses and warm air pass easily.

oven door is opened

But if the door opens, what will happen? Then how long does it take an oven to cool down?

The oven will take at least 20 minutes to cool down properly.

Malfunctioning of Any Parts

There can be malfunctioning in the fan, thermostat, or heating parts. For that reason problems can arise in time management. The parts will not correlate with each other. Heat will increase while cooking. Also, the cooling process will be increased.

These factors can both help and hamper the cooling system. If you follow the right way then the oven will cool down within a few minutes. But with a big-sized and capacitated oven, it will take more time. That time limitation is normal for that oven.

How to Cool Down the Oven Quickly?

The best way is to open the door of the oven. That helps to escape the warm air and evaporated water. You should not cook frequently for long periods. You should clean the oven fan regularly. An oily fan can not run fast. That can cause delays.


Here are some of the most frequently asked queries related to today’s topic

How long does it take an oven to cool down with the door closed?

It takes an oven to cool down with the door closed for 30 to 60 minutes. When the door closes, the air does not pass out. The exchange of air can quickly cool down the oven. But the cooling process will be lengthy for the closed door.

Is it normal for the oven to stay warm?

It is normal for the oven to stay warm before cooking. Some ovens provide a warm condition at 170-200° F. But which does not have the setting then that is not normal. Also if the oven creates this warm condition at any temperature then it is abnormal.

Do ovens stay at a constant temperature?

Ovens do not stay at a constant temperature. The thermostat controls the temperature. It has an average temperature limit. The temperature can not cross that line. But no system can stay the temperature constant. It can only increase or decrease the temperature.


That’s all about today’s topic: how long does it take an oven to cool down. We have given overall information about the common oven. But you need to work more with your oven. Try to understand time management. That can help you a lot with your oven.

Enjoy cooking!

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