Can a Glass Lid Go in the Oven: Know the Answer

The material and heat resistance are two main factors to be considered before using in an oven. A glass lid is more helpful than other lids. You can see the internal condition of the food without removing the lid.

So the question is, can a glass lid go in the oven?

You can place a glass lid in the oven. Its heat resistance is high. It doesn’t break easily inside the oven. A glass lid does not contaminate food like other materials. But you should keep in mind that the lid should not have scratches previously. The temperature should remain under 200° Celsius.

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Can a Glass Lid Go in the Oven?

A glass lid does not break inside the oven. It is safer to use a glass lid than other materials. Other materials have some issues of catching fire or melting. But a glass lid can not melt in the oven. Also, there is no such case of catching fire on glass material in the oven.


People ask can a glass pan lid go in the oven? You can use it without any tension. But you should check the lid. There can be other materials used on it. The handle or corner side of the lid could be made of plastics. That can affect the oven. Low-quality plastic can melt easily.

Iron or aluminum on the lid will not matter. They can tolerate heat. So the lid will not catch fire. But food wrappers catch fire in the oven. So, avoid using it. Glass can tolerate heat up to 200°C. So while using it, the temperature should be more considerable.

How Can You Use a Glass Lid Safely?

The glass lid can be made of borosilicate or soda lime. They both can go to the oven. As heat resistance capability is present, they are used worldwide.

Can you use a glass lid in the oven? Yes, it can go. But glass lids should be used by following some rules.

You should read the manufacturer properly. The glass lid is oven-safe or not will be mentioned on it. A common question, can a pyrex glass lid be used in the oven? They should not be used in the oven. Mainly in the convection oven. They easily melt.

You should not use a refrigerated or almost frozen glass lid directly. They can not adjust the oven temperature and break easily. So, while using make sure that the lid is not very cold or hot. They should be at room temperature. A hot glass lid can not cope with a low temperature in the oven.

Avoid sudden rise or fall in temperature. That can cause severe damage to any kind of material used for cooking. Can a heated glass lid go in the oven? You should not use a tempered glass lid in the oven.

Check the glass lid carefully before using it. A previous crack present on it can cause the lid to break down inside the oven. The crack can not tolerate high temperatures. The lid is more prone to shatter if a crack is present.

Most of the glass lid has knobs. The knobs can be made up of any material that can not resist heat. So, when the temperature rises the knob will melt. That can make the lid break. Check the knob material. You should use one which is highly heat resistant. Or you can unscrew the knob before using it.


Preheating can help you to avoid cracks. That can make the oven free from sudden temperature rises.

You should add some water to the dish before using a lid. The vapor inside the glass lid is produced from the food. The vapor of food can harm the lid. But the extra water used on food can balance the temperature of the vapor.

The frequent opening of the glass lid can not stabilize the temperature. The temperature inside the cookware will suddenly fall. It can make the lid vulnerable.

Tempered glass should not wash immediately after use. You should not contact a hot glass lid with normal or cold water. That can give the lid small cracks.

You can apply the above tricks for prolonging the lifespan of a glass lid. Following the rules will help you not to break the glass lid.

Why Does the Glass Lid Break Inside the Oven?

Is there any case where a glass lid breaks in the oven? It is a commonly asked question. A glass lid can break. It happens for some freaks. You should always observe it while doing the following points. Glass lid breaks mainly for these points.

Temperature More Than 200 Degree Celsius

A glass can resist heat up to 200 degrees celsius. The lid can break inside the oven if the temperature rises above 392°F. So, more carefulness should be present while setting the temperature.

Previous Cracks Present in the Lid

Cracks present in the lid raise the chance of breaking. The lid can easily shatter at high temperatures. Besides, the cracks can also extend while cooking. Many small cracks can appear while increasing the temperature.

Lid Does Not Fit the Pan

If the lid is oversize than the pan, the lid can break.


Using a Very Thin Lid

A thin lid is more vulnerable than a thick one. Although it is mentioned that they can resist the same temperature. But it is risky to cook for a long time with a thin lid. A thin lid can have more cracks if you wash it directly in a tempered condition. So, try to avoid a thin one.

Sudden Change of Temperature

A sudden change of temperature can harm the lid. Every material adapts to the temperature slowly. A sudden rise in temperature hampers adaptation to the situation. The glass lid helps to stable the cooking condition. But when the heat suddenly rises, it could not balance the inside and outside temperature. So, cracks or full breakdown of the lid occur.

Not Using a Lid in Room Temperature

The glass lid can be cold or hot. You should avoid keeping a lid directly from the refrigerator to the oven. Then it had no time to come to room temperature. The process goes very quickly. Here the lid can not tolerate and adapt to the heat.

In case of a warm lid, you should not use it. A hot lid goes in the oven. The oven remains at room temperature and rises slowly. But the lid can not get the time for removing the heat. So, it can easily break. We should keep the lid at room temperature. Then it is ready to use.

These are the points which should be considered while cooking. Try to avoid them.

What to Do If the Glass Lid Breaks Inside the Oven?

Let the oven cool down. It should be your first priority. Open the door of the oven. After cooling down, wear gloves. Remove the large pieces with the help of a spoon. A broom can easily remove all the small pieces. So, you can use it. Or a piece of bread can help you to remove the small pieces.

Wrap the interior with a cloth. Identity the damages to the oven and repair them. Throw the broken pieces into a garbage bag.


Here are some of the frequent queries on today’s topic that you might find interesting-

Should you put a Dutch oven in the oven with the lid on?

You can put a Dutch oven in the oven with the lid on. But you should follow the recipe. If the recipe mentions cooking with the lid then you should follow it. The lid on the cookware keeps the moisture in. Also, it does not allow the flavor to go outside the pan. It works like a seal.

Can you cook in the oven without a lid?

You can cook in the oven without a lid. Almost all types of baking require space to expand. The lid on the baking item does not get enough space to expand. Also, the brown color will not come if the lid is on. Cake, cookies, and bread do not need a lid on.

How do you steam in the oven?

You can stream in the oven with the help of water. Steam mainly applies in case of baking any item. You can also make pudding by steam. You need to preheat the dish first. Then put the loaf in the pan. In a pudding, keep the mixture in a pot and place it in the pan. Then pour the water.


That’s all about today’s topic: can a glass lid go in the oven. A glass lid is safe to use as it does not react with the food. Temperature and cracks of the lid should always observed. It can make half of your process easier.

Stay safe!