Can You Boil Water In A Crockpot? – What the Test Result Shows!

You might be wondering about the best uses of a crockpot. We agree with you about the fact that crockpots can be used in many ways.

But a common confusion arises when it’s about using water in a crockpot or boiling.

So, can you boil water in a crockpot?

Yes, you can boil water in a crockpot. However, it is important to know some essential facts. The areas of time, heat setting, and water levels are highlighted here. You can also apply some useful tricks to boil water faster using a crockpot. On any given day, you would feel lucky with a crockpot.

We, therefore, invite you to look at a broader context. This is in terms of how you can use boiling water to cook favorably.

Let us begin!

Is It Okay to Boil Water In A Crockpot?

Yes, it is okay to boil water in a crockpot. A crockpot is also known as a slow cooker. This is because they usually take longer to heat up and cook.

We are going to highlight if you are going to benefit by using a crockpot. A slow cooking machine takes up about two to four hours to boil water.

You can use other cooking devices to boil water as well. They would boil faster, however, it all depends on what makes you feel comfortable. 

It is good to know a few essentials about boiling water in a crockpot.

3 Facts About Boiling Water In A Crockpot 

There can be many reasons why you want to boil water in a crockpot. Here we ask – can you boil water in an air fryer? The simple answer is no.

Electronic products such as air fryers will not work with water in them. But you can easily boil water in a crockpot. 

So, what is our reason behind boiling water? It can be for just drinking or perhaps cooking. With a crockpot, you can cook varieties of meals. For that boiling water is necessary.

You should know that it takes a little time to boil water. Especially when you use a slow cooker. 

Keeping that in mind, we have uncovered three useful facts about the issue. 

Fact 1: The Time

Time should be a major issue for you. As mentioned before, it takes over two hours to completely boil the water. The slow cooker is not a fast machine and hence the name. 

It’s also depending on other facts. Such as the temperatures you’re using on the cooker. Consequent heating can damage the plastic surface of the crockpot. 

Again, we ask – can you boil water in a microwave? The simple answer is, yes you can.

What you need is a pot, perhaps a ceramic pot to heat the water. Inside the microwave, it will boil faster. This is because ceramic can absorb the heat properly. 

This is a damage-free scenario. 

A good option is to put the boiled water in a crockpot. This is to cook meats or vegetables. The process would be faster, saving you time. 

Boiling Water In A Crockpot 
Source: The Spruce Eats

However, we are here with a question! What advantages do crockpots possess?

A crockpot comes with the advantage of slow cooking ability by using less electricity. You can have a good long resting time while cooking with a crockpot. You won’t have to look after the status of the cooking every now and then. Crockpots let you know when the meal cooking is over. 

When the cooking is over, the cooker would stop. So you can just go and open the cooker any time you want. 

However, if you need to cook and boil quickly, perhaps you need an oven. 

Fact 2: Heat Settings

In order to boil water in a crockpot, you need to adjust the heat settings. As mentioned before, the water would boil within two to four hours. It is a long period. 

However, if you don’t have extra work, this should be good.

In a heat settings situation, you might be asking what temperature water boils?

The short answer is 100 degrees centigrades. 

Different crockpot brands have different ways of setting up temperatures. Some crockpots don’t have any settings. They just keep heating up to a certain point.

Some crockpots have high and low temperatures indicated separately. 

Source: Slow Cooker Club

If such is the case, press the high button to boil the water. The temperatures can go up 150 degrees centigrade. 

The good side is that the cooker will stop after a certain time. This keeps the plastics from not burning. 

If you are wondering how a slow cooker work, they work differently. This is in contrast with other cooking products such as microwaves. 

For other cooking devices, temperatures fluctuate every now and then. This is when you want to cook fast and a lot as well. 

Crockpots are slow-working machines, they are not good for party cooking. They work fine at a stable temperature. 

Fact 3: Water Levels

Can you boil water in a crockpot? Since the answer is yes, you should be happy with the time it takes. 

You may want the water to boil faster. It depends on the water levels. If you completely fill the pot with water, it will take longer to boil. 

If you are filling up half the pot, it may boil faster. However, it is usually suggested that you fill two third of the pot. You shall experience a better result with it. 

Boiling Water In A Crockpot 
Source: Life Should Cost Less

Probably you don’t have any other options other than the cooker. If you are preparing food for the guests, it’s better to start cooking before the day. 

You must know exactly how much water is needed for cooking certain meals. For chicken or beef, you may need more water than cooking vegetables. 

Putting the exact amount of water to boil will save you time. Overpouring water will make you wait longer. There is no way to speed up crock-pot cooking time

Water levels also depend on the way you are cooking the chicken. It can be roasted or shredded. See what the recipes suggest. 

As you can imagine, you should very patient with crockpots. However, at a certain point, you may lose patience. It’s a reason why we’ve recommended some useful tips.

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Tips To Make the Water Boil Faster

You probably have stoves in your kitchen. Boiling water from a pan on a stove will help to boil faster. This means you are not using the crockpot at all.

However, your stoves are probably not free as you are cooking there. A crockpot setting that is high will let you boil for two to four hours. 

The other scenario is that you are cooking with the crockpot. If so, you can boil water from the stove. After that, you can pour the right amount of water into the crockpot. 

There are many ways in which you can adjust your cooking time. We have pinpointed some simple tips to boil water fast. 

Tip 1: Hot Water

We have explained how you can use different options to heat the water. Heating the water on the stove a little would be good. This is when you are out of options and you need to save time. 

Hot water will boil faster in a crockpot as opposed to cold water. You are looking at a one-hour scenario here. This will make you deal with the slow cooker function comfortably. 

So, we are saying that you can heat the water on the stove for a few minutes. And after that, you use the crockpot for boiling. This is a very effective solution to boil faster. 

Another option is not to keep the tap water in the freezer. You can fill the tap water in bowls and keep them somewhere warm. You can do that before the day you are cooking. 

If you are living in a hot weather area, this should be easy for you. Otherwise, store tap water in bowls as much as you can. Apply the water in a crockpot whenever necessary. 

Tip 2: Add Baking Soda

Baking soda is regarded as a very useful ingredient. This is to bake cakes or make cookies. However, it can work well with any cooking as well.

After adding baking soda to the water, you will be benefited in many ways. You don’t have to worry about crockpot settings high or low. You will be faced with a clean and clear cooking solution. 

The baking soda usually acts as a reaction to boiling water. It makes the water heat up fast. This is because of its carbonic acid contents. 

Chemical changes happen profoundly with baking soda as they are creating carbon dioxide. The chemical changes make the water heat up fast.

So as a result, we are looking at a faster boiling process.

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Is slow crockpot cooking an advantage or disadvantage?

It is an advantage if you have a lot of time in hand. You don’t need to invest much time and effort while cooking in a crockpot. However, if you don’t have much time, it is a disadvantage.

Why do crockpots take so long to boil?

Crockpots take so long to boil and cook because it takes less electricity. If you want to save money on electric bills, the crockpot is a good option. Also, you must have a lot of time in hand.

What happens when I mix baking soda in hot water?

When you mix baking soda in hot water, you can boil faster. Remember not to put a high volume of soda, use a spoonful or so. You would have a proper cooking experience with this.


So, can you boil water in a crockpot? Since you can, the tips we provided will help you to cook faster. Hope this article has helped you.

We want you to have a good cooking experience.

By wishing a good luck, we are signing off!