Maverick XR-50 vs Thermoworks Smoke: Smoker Thermometer Face-Off

Your mind is tied up on which one to choose between Maverick Xr-50 Vs Thermoworks Smoke? No worries! We’ve got the right answers for you. So, get to the reading!

You definitely love yourself a nice BBQ or smokey meat. Or, you are just a professional trying to upgrade your career by getting yourself a better thermometer.

Now there are a vast range of options in the market. But Maverick and Thermoworks are the top notch brands for what you’re looking for.

So, here comes the ultimate question which one should you pick in between Maverick Xr-50 Vs Thermoworks Smoke?

They both are good quality thermometers to get reading on your meal. But if you are thinking of a budget friendly BBQ and smoke thermometer then you should definitely go for Maverick XR-50. But if budget is not an issue for you then you can choose the Thermoworks smoke thermometer.

Quick Brief Comparison

Smoke thermometers are essentials for you if you’re regular into smoking or making BBQs. So, we want you to think before buying any of the thermometers. Here is a quick brief comparison of Maverick Xr-50 Vs Thermoworks Smoke:

AspectMaverick XR-50Thermoworks Smoke
Wireless MonitoringWireless Range (up to 500 feet)Wireless Range (up to 300 feet)
Battery life12 hours1800 hours
Mobile AppYesNo
Temperature Range32°F – 572°F (0°C – 300°C)32°F – 572°F (0°C – 300°C)
Probe Quantity4 Probes2 Probes
Probe TypesMeat and AmbientMeat and Ambient
DisplayLCD ScreenLCD Screen
Remote MonitoringYesYes
Alerts and NotificationsYesYes
Temperature AccuracyGoodExcellent
Battery LifeVaries, around 40-60 hoursVaries, around 30-50 hours
Price RangeClick Here to Check PriceClick Here to Check Price

Maverick Xr-50 Vs Thermoworks Smoke: The Detailed Comparison 


This is the most important factor when you’re willing to buy anything. So, do you want to spend on these BBQ and smoker thermometer?

You should consider the products and decide about it after knowing your budget well.

One of the BBQ and smoker thermometer is budget friendly and one of them is not. So, if you have any issue with your budget you know which one to choose.

The Maverick XR-50 remote bbq & smoker thermometer is very easy to use. It is only $89.99.

Whereas the Thermoworks Smoke Remote BBQ Alarm is a little expensive than Maverick XR-50. It is $99.00.


The Maverick Xr-50 comes with four complete probes. These four probes have four separate receiver for readings. Each probe monitors all the information for four meats, four BBQs, or two meats and two BBQs.

You can also set the probes to HIGH to LOW options for perfect readings. The probes can be selected in fahrenheit or celsius, whichever you prefer. And obviously the probes are water resistant.

The Thermoworks Smoke Remote BBQ Alarm comes with two compatible probes. You can use one probe for meat and the other one for pit.

However, you can also use the second probe for cooking meat. And track the two meat cooking simultaneously. You can set the probes HIGH/LOW. You don’t need to hassle with any buttons.

Wireless Monitoring

Both the smoker has wireless monitoring. Wireless monitoring can definitely makes the cooking easy.

Maverick XR-50 has a very easy wireless monitoring system. This permits you to get readings on your food on process from up to 500 feet away. There is a built in alarm in it which will notify you about temperature.

The wireless monitoring system of Maverick XR-50 features 4 things. And they are:

  • Faster connection
  • Reduced connection drops
  • Easy user programming
  • Better data packet transmission

On the other hand the Thermoworks Smoke Remote BBQ Alarm has wireless monitoring feature as well. This allows you to receive information about your food in the smoker from up to 300 feet away.

Battery Life

The power source of Maverick XR-50 is definitely battery powered. 4 AAA batteries are required for this BBQ and smoke thermometer. The batteries are definitely included in the packaging. They can last up to 12 hours and then you’ll have to recharge it.

For Thermoworks Smoke Remote BBQ Alarm, you’ll also need batteries to source power. You’ll need 4 AA batteries for this one. And the battery life is 1800 hours. So, batteries won’t run outta power while cooking.


The Maverick XR-50 has a limited warranty life. Its warranty range is from 90 days to 2 years.

But you’ll have to consult your original User Manual to claim the warranty. If you somehow lose it then you won’t be able to claim your warranty.

The Thermoworks Smoke Remote BBQ Alarm has their warranty range from 1 year to 5 years. They will also repair your defected product without any charge.

 But the you can claim the warranty only if you purchase directly from them or any authorised seller.

Which one to choose?

Now is the time for your ultimate decision, which one you will choose between this two.

Let us make it easy and break it down for you a little.

If you are just into BBQ and smoking your meat, then Maverick XR-50 is the perfect fit for you. It is not for professionals. You can conduct your experiments of foods and have a great meal.

Maverick XR-50 is perfect for your thanks giving meals and winter night BBQ parties as well.

On the other hand, Thermoworks Smoke Remote BBQ Alarm is manufactured for competitive BBQ teams. Professional chefs and other BBQ restaurants can use this one.

If you are a professional and definitely not a beginner then you should just go for Thermoworks Smoke Remote BBQ Alarm.


Are two of probes short for reason or can i replace with larger ones?

All probes are interchangeable and can be used to read meat or pit temperature. You don’t always need a long probe for pit temperature or some meats (like chicken) so we included a variety of sizes to mix and match for your needs.

Can Maverick XR-50 be used for candy making?

No. The probes are too short. and why would you need a timer for candy and all the other features for candy. Also, walking away from candy cooking on a stove is just asking for trouble.

Is there a case for Thermoworks Smoke Remote BBQ Alarm?

Yes. There is cases for Thermoworks Smoke Remote BBQ Alarm. You can choose your favorite colors and sizes from their websites. You can also preorder from their website.


No you know all the necessary information for Maverick Xr-50 Vs Thermoworks Smoke. We really hope that you made the right decision in buying smoke thermometers.

If you are a beginner and do it for fun then Maverick XR-50 is a great choice for you. But if you are a professional and deal with this BBQ and smoking meat very seriously then you should choose the Thermoworks Smoke Remote BBQ Alarm.

Good luck! We know you’ll choose the right one.