Electric Smoker Won’t Go Above 200 Degrees Fahrenheit

Confused about why electric smoker won’t go above 200 degrees F? We’ve got the exact answers you’re looking for! Read along to learn about the whys and hows!

Electric smokers are so easy and feasible to use. It is great for the pros, as well as the beginners.

It is really easy to control the temperature in electric smokers. You can just set your temperature and timer, and get to other chores. 

But sometimes the electric smoker won’t go above 200 degrees F. Initially you can just plug in or out the smoker. Also, it is important to get a smoker with good components in it. 

However, you might definitely want to know the top common reasons why your smoker won’t go above 200 degrees F. 

Why Electric Smoker Won’t Go Above 200 Degrees Fahrenheit? 

Electric smokers won’t go above 200 degrees F because of the failure of the internal power system. Sometimes the temperature setting on your electric smoker is too low. You can check the temperature level and set it right. Also, it is important to keep your electric smoker clean for perfect outcomes. 

Looking for more detailed information on why your smoker won’t go above 200 degrees F? Well, we got to your back. Stick with us and find out why and how to fix it!

Why Won’t my smoker go above 200 degrees?

Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, smokers not getting properly heated is a very common problem. 

But we don’t want you to worry about it anymore. Because here are the common 7 reasons for your problem:

Problem 1: Inadequate Airflow

This can happen due to a blockage in vents or dampers. 

It is one of the common issues for smokers to not go above 200F. An inadequate airflow means the air inside the smoker is not going everywhere. The air isn’t being distributed inside evenly. 

Problem 2: Uncleaned Smoker

You can clean your smoker regularly. Otherwise, it may cause your smoker not to be heated properly. 

An uncleaned smoker has a pile of grease and fat inside of it. These can prevent the smoker from getting to the perfect temperature.

Problem 3: Broken Temperature Gauge

Electric smokers have built up internal temperature gauges. And it is possible for your internal temperature gauge to be broken.

You can always check the temperature of your food while cooking. Also, you can use a separate thermometer to find out. And you’ll know if the temperature gauge is actually up to the mark or not.

Problem 4: Large Quantity Food

Everything has a limit of its own. Even your smoker has a specific limit. 

If you put a large amount of food altogether, then the smoker will have a decreased temperature. This is because the food absorbs heat and gets cooked evenly.

So it is very important to put the perfect amount of food in the smoker. 

Problem 5: Low-Cost Smokers

If you get yourself a cheap smoker, you might this problem. As low-cost smokers are not built with high-class materials. 

It is hard for low-cost smokers to maintain temperatures. It gets difficult to manage the smoke as well.

Also, low-cost smokers can leak. A leakage in a smoker will push all the heat and smoke outside the smoker.

So you have to do your research on electric smokers before buying one. 

Problem 6: Smoker’s Lid Opened Too Frequently

Always set a timer when you’re cooking in a smoker. 

If you keep opening the lid of the smoker, that will lower the temperature. Because you’re allowing the hot air to exit and cold air to enter the smoker.

Problem 7: Not Enough Woods In the Wood Chip Tray

Woods in the wood chip trays control the temperature of smokers. In most of the models, the smokers have wood chip trays around the heating rods. 

The wood chip tray carries the selected wood chips. The wood chips slowly burn and produce smoke and heat for the smoker. 

You can adjust the smoke through a wood chip tray. Alos, can add small woods, or chunks to the heating zone. Do you know that heating zones are also called fireboxes? 

You can always add woods of your choice to increase the temperature. And you have to check that there are enough woods to cook your food properly.

How To Fix It 

It is very common to not have a perfect temperature in your smoker. 

But obviously it is nothing that can never be fixed. So, just relax and breathe. Also read with us to get the 5 necessary tips to fix it!

Solution 1: Preheat the smoker before starting

You can always preheat the smoker before starting.

A cold smoker takes a little too much time to reach the perfect temperature. But a preheated smoker is able to heat your food as well. Also, a preheated smoker has a perfect amount of smoke inside of it.

Solution 2: Keep Your Smoker Clean

Try to clean your smoker frequently. 

After cooking each meal, try to manage an hour and half to clean the smoker. It is very essential for the useful life of your smoker. Also, a clean smoker will function properly, like the new ones.

Also it is necessary to clean the smoker before cooking as well. In order to get yourself healthy and clean food, a properly clean smoker is needed.

Solution 3: Keep The Lid Closed While Cooking

The smoker will remain properly heated if you keep the lid closed while cooking.

If you keep on opening the lid and checking food, the temperature will fall. Because this will allow the heated air to leave the smoker and cold air to enter.

Solution 4: Don’t overfill the water pan

The water pan is always filled with cool water. It’s placed above the wood chip tray.

Water pans help to maintain the internal temperature of smokers. These guise the smokers to gradually increase their temperature. 

When the water pan is warm, the water is also heated. The water then helps to handle smoke for the whole smoking process. 

If the smoker gets hot suddenly then the food won’t be smoked properly.

Water pans control the internal temperature of an electric smoker. It prevents to not get the smoker from being all heated. 

But if you overfill the water pan, the smoker might take too much time to get heated. And the temperature won’t increase as expected.

Solution 5: Don’t put cold food in the smoker

Always bring out the food from the refrigerator before an hour or two of cooking.

If you put cold food directly in the smoker, the smoker will decrease temperature. And the food won’t be cooked properly. 

So, keep your food at room temperature.


What to do if my smoker gets too hot?

When your smoker gets too hot, close the top vent almost all the way. Smoking is a relatively low-maintenance way of cooking—but remain mindful and be safe. Never leave a lit fire unattended, and check the temperature every hour or so.

How long does it take for an electric smoker to cool down?

It takes around 15 to 25 minutes to cool down an electric smoker. When your items are fully cooked, turn off the smoker, unlock the door, and carefully remove them from the racks. Set them aside on a separate surface to cool.

Why am I not getting smoke from my electric smoker?

You’ll get  more smoke, by keeping the vent open. This will keep the element on longer; the smoker will not smoke unless the element is full on. Just make sure the tray is relatively clean, and touching or as near to the heating element as possible.


Now you know all about why an electric smoker won’t go adobe 200 degrees F. It is normal to have a smoker with temperature problems. But you can always fix it and get to your cooking. 

So, don’t worry and stress about this small regular problem. You can fix it on your own and increase your handiness skill. But always maintain safety measures while working with electric measures. 

Now chop chop! Get to fixing and cooking your meal.