Samsung Oven Buttons Not Working: 3 Reasons Explained!

Your Samsung oven buttons not working might occur due to broken issues. Also, did you find the control board or panel faulty? This might be the case too!

Confused about what should be your next step? Then, you are in the right place! We will show you the reasons behind it and some quick fixes too.

So, why are your Samsung oven buttons not working?

Ribbon cables inside the control panel are a vital impactor here. It needs rubbing through gently to enable the buttons to work nicely. Along with that, Samsung oven control boards can get faulty over time causing button failures. Meanwhile, broken issues make the buttons vulnerable.

This was just the preliminary illustration of the whole case. Let’s dig deeper!

Quick Fix

Your Samsung oven buttons not working for miscellaneous reasons. For instance, there could be problems with the wiring connections or the setup. In the meantime, plugging issues in the wall might be an issue too.


Before breaking down the reasons, let us show you some quick fixing just as above.

Check Plugs and Power Supply

First of all, disconnect the power supply of your Samsung oven. While unplugging this device from the circuit breaker, check if you find anything unusual there.

The next step is to rotate the gas supply valve and keep it off. Then, extract the stove from the wall. It will give you access to the rear panel.

Check the Wiring Connections

Wearing out cables might keep your Samsung oven’s button unable to work. Also, it might force the oven to get warmer.

Usually, usage of 6/3-gauge or equivalent cables might ensure a safer wiring connection. Along with that, number #10 gauge or #8 gauge copper wire is also suitable. The absence of these might cause oven issues.

Check Jabbing and Broken Issues of the Button

Check if the oven’s button is stuck or unable to move in a specific direction. Extracting the button might be a tough case. However, getting this to an expert can easily fix this.

Believe us, the jabbing issue is really simple to get fixed. Similarly, cases including broken buttons can be fixed easily with a DIY method. In this case, you might discover broken issues spreading heat from inside.

Reasons Behind Samsung Oven Buttons Not Working

It’s time to unfold each reason along with the best possible solutions. So, let’s get going!

Samsung Oven Buttons

Reason 1: Ribbon Cable Failure Issue

You can find a heat shield protecting the whole button panel from the top. Inside this, there is a heat tape too.

Heat tape melting issues are considered a potential risk for button failure according to the users. But interestingly, most cases show that users have got the wrong idea.

The heat shield or inner tape doesn’t cause much trouble. Rather than, the ribbon cable inside the button panel can damage and stop working.

Usually, the cables connecting to the panel of the oven over time can cause this issue. In the end, ribbon cables might develop some kind of oxidation or film.

As a result, this connection prevents the cables from keeping good contact. At the same time, the film needs to be cleaned off.


Usually, Samsung ovens come with two different panels on their button control. You will see digital and manual knobs- both there. Besides two or more knobs, a digital template can be found.

This sensitive button panel is operated through screen touch. Thinking to replace the whole panel while finding this insensitive to touch? This approach might cost you a lot of money.

Also, you don’t need to call a technician.

To start the fixing, all you need is a 10 cent pencil! Yes, you heard right! As the film requires to be cleaned, that’s where a pencil eraser comes in!

Install-Ribbon-Cable, Source:

Step 1: Prerequisites

First of all, place a towel down on the surface in front of the oven. So that it doesn’t scratch the floor while pulling on the handles.

After pulling this out from the wall, remove the back panel. It will lead you to have access to ribbon cables.

Step 2: Removing The Bezel And Accessing Ribbon Cables

Along with that, screws holding on the front bezel will also be accessible. After removing the bezel, you can actually access both of the ribbon cables.

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Step 3: Detaching the Cables

These are usually locked in place and secured by some tiny tabs. Simply, detach the tab connectivity with the cable. And then, you can pull it off from the front side.

Step 4: Rubbing With Eraser

Once you detach the cable, rub each of its tiny contacts with your pencil eraser. Flip the cables over and repeat the process again and again. After finishing one, apply the same to the other side of the ribbon cable.

Step 5: Attaching the Fixed Cables

Once you are finished, do the attachment. And hey! Everything is working fine. The digital button panel will be showing every option without lags.

Reason 2: Faulty Oven Control Board

Another possible cause might relate to faulty control boards for your oven’s button failure. More specifically, it occurs when the button doesn’t respond but the touchpad light is working.

Faulty control boards block generating a low voltage signal. That’s the situation where you should think of a replacement.

To replace this, you need to disconnect the main power supply first. And then, release the cabinet and the assembly.


Let’s now see the step-by-step process to fix the control board of the Samsung oven.

Step 1: Taking Out Screws

First, turn off the main breaker box. Next, you need to open the door to take out the screws.

Step 2: Exploring Ribbons

Throughout the revealing of the control board, look for the ribbon now. It will interlink the board to the touchpad. And then, disjoint the ribbon.

Step 3: Leaving Oven For a While

Now, placing the oven control board back together is required. After returning it to the original position, turn on the oven. After that, leave the oven sole for an hour.

Step 4: Checking Display Panel

After the oven gets rested, turn it on! And check the display panel. Showing no more faulty codes there? 

Then, you are on the right path. Now, you require reconnecting the ribbon to the control board. But make sure to utilize a replacement touchpad.

Step 5: Locate Pins

Turn off the main breaker again. And then, dismiss the multi-pin plug. Reference the wiring chart of the Samsung oven in order to locate pins six and eight.

Step 6: Using Ohm Meter

Utilize an Ohm meter to scan the tasks on the forenamed pins. Get a glimpse of the readings.

Step 7: Observing the Readings

If the Ohm reading comes to less than 900 Ohms, the temperature sensor should be substituted. The same goes for getting a reading higher than 1200 Ohms. Unless you require getting a whole new oven control board.

Step 8: Re-using the Oven

That’s it if you finish the above-mentioned process nicely! Now, turn the Samsung oven on and start utilizing it.

Reason 3: Broken Knob Issue

Lack of heat distribution might impact the knob. You might find them nicer initially.

However, over time it will show its vulnerability and get your eyes. Along with that, very old plastic tends to get brittle also a cause here. And, forcing the button heavily can make it damaged.


To fix the broken issue, you need to detach the broken buttons first. Check where the cracks are and how complex these are to fix! Worry not, hiring a technician won’t cost you much.

So, money is not an issue. However, most cases show fewer complexities inside the knobs. First, take super glue and put it in that crack.

And then, get a zip tie, and cover this on the inside circle of the knob. Pull it as tighter as you can. Up next is to cut down the lengthy area of the zip tie. Leave them alone for a while.

Once you are back on track, the knob’s broken area has already been glued tight. Now, it’s time to put this in its original position in the oven.

Some noise might arise initially due to the zip tie. But in the long run, this simple DIY trick will heal the problem.


How Can I Reset My Samsung Microwave Oven?

First, all you need is to extract your Samsung microwave oven from the wall’s electrical outlet. Then, take a break for around 2-3 minutes while it resets. Once the resetting is done, you can simply plug it again into the outlet. Lastly, all is good if the keypad and other functions remain good.

Why Is My Samsung Oven Display Not Operating?

Resetting your Samsung oven’s unit first is the first job. After that, if the display doesn’t start working, you might consider replacing the fuse. Usually, getting a new fuse is required when it stops working during a self-cleaning cycle. Meanwhile, display-related problems also require display boards.

Which Button On My Oven Is A Fan?

Fan ovens contain three prongs in the middle appearing in a square shape. This crucial button can activate the fan. As a result, you will find more heat getting distributed around the oven. In the meantime, your cooking will be done quickly. It can also decrease energy consumption.

Final Words

We’ve shown you every possible fix while your Samsung oven buttons not working. Hoping this will help to fix your case. 

Thinking we have left something undiscussed? Let us know!

This is all! Catch you another day!