WSM 18.5 Vs 22.5:Which One Is More Suitable For you?

Many people get confused between 18.5 and 22.5.There is not much dissimilation in their features. The main differences between these two is their size.

18.5 inch is suitable for a small or medium family. So, if you are on this, then 18.5 is preferable for you.

Do you often throw parties? Or a family gathering? At Least have to invite more than 20 people? If the answer is yes, then buying 22.5 inch wsm is the best decision for you.

So in short, if your plan is to cook only pork butt and chicken, buy 18.5″wsm.If cooking bigger cuts like brisket and ribs then get the 22.5″.

WSM 18.5 Vs 22.5:Best For you

Which one to say the best depends on your needs.

  • If you need much cooking capacity then prefer 22.5 inch.
  • It is tough to portable 22.5 inched wsm. So, if you need a portable wsm then 18.5 is better.

Also the simplest calculation is ‘lesser the quantity, smaller the size ‘.

So, it is not necessary to have a 22.5 inch wsm for cooking less quantity.

Also, if you need to cook large quantities for any gathering then 22.5 is the best choice.

Let’s know their features and others. So that we can come to a decision.

    WSM  (18.5″)    WSM(22.5″)
Weight37 pounds52 Pounds
Top Cooking Grate17-½”21-½”
Bottom Cooking Grate227 sq.inch338 sq.inch 
Water Pan Resistancy2.5 Gallons3 Gallons
Charcoal Bowl18-½ inch22-½ inch

Here you can see how size differs from 18.5 to 22.5.

Before Buying: 4 Things You Need To Consider About

As you know now, the main factor is size to consider. But, price and mobility are also issues to think about. Let’s know in details,


22.5 inch wsm has 50% more cooking capacity than 18.5 inch.

Weber smoky mountain gives you two cooking grates. It is stacked one over another.

In wsm 18.5 you get a 17-½” top cooking grate. Its bottom cooking grate is 227 sq. inch.

On the other hand,22.5 inch wsm give you a 21-½” top and 338 sq. inch bottom cooking grate.

Now, you are thinking it is better to take the bigger one. Also you can think 18.5 is much smaller. But, here is a good news. You can fit 4 small chicken,3-6 smaller racks or ribs. Also 4 pork butts which are smaller can fit into it.

Also,you can fit a smaller turkey.Just you need to be a little bit creative.Remove the top rack and your 18.5 wsm is ready to cook your turkey.

I think it is enough to feed 7-10 people. So, if there is no chance of gathering, why bother about 22.5?

22.5 is hard to clean but 18.5 inch wsm is easier. So, why spend more money?

Now let’s talk about the capacity of  22.5 inch wsm.

You can cook 6 slabs of back ribs in only the top cooking grate. Also you can also fit 6 beer can chicken.6-8 lb pork butts will also fit. A whole brisket is easier to grill here also.

So, it depends on you and the number of people you are cooking for.


The bigger in size, the more you have to pay.

To buy a 18.5inch wsm you will need 349 USD. You will need to count more than 100 USD to buy 22.5.

Also you will need more charcoal in 22.5″ wsm.

It will also expand the expense of yours.

But if you need more cooking capacity then it is worthy enough to spend a little bit more.

If a middle size is enough then don’t waste money. Remember that middle size can save both your money and charcoal.


Bigger the size, heavier the machine.22.5 is obviously heavier than 18.5″ wsm.

18.5″ is smaller and lighter than 22.5.If you are able bodied then you will easily able to move it in a short distance.

You can grill turkey or ribs in backyard. After working, you can move your wsm into your house. As it’s surface is not known as waterproof,you need to think about mobility also.

In the case 22.5 wsm: It is quite hard for a person to pick it up and move it. You will need to port it part after part. You may need a mini truck to move it in a long or medium  distance.

22.5″ is also hard to clean. You need to clean the grease and mold after grilling. So, keep this point in your head too.

So, if you consider mobility then 18.5 is better.

Air Tight

18.5″ wsm is more air tight than 22.5″wsm.The reason behind this is poor fitting access of the door.

So the door fitting of 18.5″ is much better than 22.5″ wsm.


People also worry about the expanse of charcoal. Also throw away the used charcoal.

If you need a big sized wsm but discouraging yourself as it needs more charcoal, then here is some good news.

You can reuse your charcoal. Reusing charcoal can save your money.

After finishing cooking, shut the vent off. And put out your charcoal grill. Don’t forget to store them in a dry place.

Wrapping Up

Just think about your needs. Then buy the suitable size.

18.5″ and 22.5″ both have their own advantages. You just need to focus on your desired advantage. Size or mobility?

If you need more cooking capacity, then just forget about mobility. You will have to manage it anyhow. More cooking space, easier to cook ribs, pork butts, turkey and others.

Middle wsm is enough for a middle family. So, if you have a middle family, don’t think much 18.5″ is the best for your grilling time.


Is 18.5″ WSM Too Small?

No. It is the medium size of wsm. You can cook for 7-10 persons in 18.5″ wsm

Is WSM A Good Smoker?

Yes. WSM is a good smoker. If it is compared to a kettle, it is better.

What Quantity Of Ribs Can I Cook In 22.5″ WSM?

You can cook six slabs of ribs on the top grate of 22.5″ wsm.

How Long Does It Take To Smoke a Brisket in WSM?

Approximately 4 hours. When the temperature reaches 161-167F,you should take it out.