Turkey Fryer Won’t Stay Lit-Find Out The Solution

You must be looking for the main reasons of Turkey Fryer Won’t Stay Lit. Well, you are in the right place. Stay with us to know more about it.

You want to enjoy your food with a turkey fryer, but suddenly it stops lighting. It can spoil your beautiful moment. You may find that most people having a turkey fryer face this problem.

So here comes the question Turkey Fryer Won’t Stay Lit?

It mainly occurs for the loose connection of the wiring or the screws. Most of the people facing this problem have the wrong placement of thermocouples. If the oil is too hot or if you use the fryer for a long time, it will automatically stop lighting. Also if the thermocouple is damaged, it happens.

That’s not all. Find out your proper answer with the solution in our article and take a look at the tips.

10 Minor Causes Why Does Turkey Fryer Won’t Stay Lit?

There are many reasons why it happens. You are ready for the cook. All the ingredients are present. But the turkey fryer stopped lighting. It will be very annoying when this happens.

You can fix the fryer by yourself if you know the main problem. But what can be the problems? The problems might be very small. But only for your unconsciousness, you are going to repair it in the shop. 10 causes are given below in which the maximum of the problems you can solve by yourself.

If your turkey fryer is not serving you properly, just check out these problems. These 10 problems are common. You can easily fix it.

If The Ignition Switch Is Not Engaged

It is a big reason for not lighting your fryer. The ignition switch helps to start the fryer. If it is not engaged properly, the gas supply will not reach properly. It may light for a while, but again it will stop while working.

When The Thermocouple Gets too Hot

Sometimes the thermocouple gets too hot. For the safety issue, it automatically stops the fryer from light. It may cause an accident if it is too hot. So you should be careful about the temperature.

If The Regulator Is Disconnected

The fryer should have a regulator. If you are using propane gas, then a regulator can help. It helps in supplying enough propane to the fryer. You can regulate the flame for deep frying by the regulator.

If The Gas Supply Is Not Proper

It is known to all that gas is the main fuel to light your fryer. If there is no gas available then it won’t light. So you have to make sure to present sufficient gas. Also if there is any leakage in the supplying pipe the fryer will not light properly.

If The Thermocouple Set-up Is Wrong

If the thermocouple is away from the flame then the fryer will not light. The thermocouple will show the wrong temperature then. So the fryer will not light continuously.

If You Are Not Holding The Ignition For at least 10 Seconds

The rule to start the fryer is that you should press the ignition for 10 seconds. It takes a little time to start the process. So if you just press and do not hold the button for 10 seconds, then the fryer will not start working.

If You Lit More Than 20 Minutes

Some people face that, their fryer can not be lit for more than 20 minutes. There is a timer in the fryer. It sometimes suggests you not overcook. So it gives a signal not to stay lit. Also if you do not turn your timer knob clockwise then it will not light.

If The Star Washer Gets Enough Space

If the star washer gets enough space it means the screw is loose. If that happens then the sensor will go in the wrong place. So that the sensor is not able to determine the flame. For that reason, your fryer stops lighting.

If The Wiring Connection Is Loose

A wiring connection is a big thing for the fryer to light continuously. If the connections are loose, the mechanism of the fryer will hamper. The gas will not reach the burner. The wrong set-up for the wiring connection will bother you.

If The Thermostat Got Damaged

The thermostat could be damaged or malfunctioning. It will then measure the wrong temperature. It will show that the fryer is overheating. So for safety measures, it will stop.

These problems often arise while using a turkey fryer. You should keep in mind these problems. Also, you can check by point to point of our article.

12 ways to Keep Turkey Fryer Lit

Now you are already aware of the problems. You should deal with the problems by yourself. We have given 12 solutions. Just go through these solutions. Hope your turkey fryer stays lit.

The given solutions are very easy to handle. If you are using your turkey fryer for a long time, you already know the remedy. But go throw once. It will help you not to avoid any problem by mistake. If you are a newbie, our article will help you out.

You Should Fix The Turkey Fryer Accurately

You should fix the turkey fryer according to the instructions. There is a manual given to your fryer. Go through it. If it is not fixed then your fryer won’t light. So your first consideration is to fix and check all the wiring connections of your fryer.

The Thermocouple Must Be in Its Right Place

The thermocouple should be close to the flame. Only then can it give an accurate temperature count. If it is away from fame, it will not give the wrong temperature. Then the fryer would stop. So place the thermocouple closer to the flame before you start cooking.

The Ignition Switch Must Be Engaged

Ignition is the key to lighting your fryer. If it is not engaged, gas will leak. The burner will not get enough gas, then it will not stay lit. So you should engage the ignition correctly.

You Should Press The Ignition For at least 10 Seconds

You should press the ignition and hold it for 10 seconds. By doing this, your fryer gets enough time to supply gas to the burner. Also, you can find out this in the manual. So try doing this process.

Reset Process 

Sometimes you can not find any problem with your fryer. It seems to be all okay but still, your fryer won’t stay lit. What should you do then? Shut everything down. Rest it for 5 minutes. Then try it again.

The Sensor Should Be Installed

If the sensor is not installed you will not be able to determine the flame. So the sensor is also an important factor. Sometimes there is not enough supply of gas. The sensor will detect that by the flame. You can also detect if there is any leakage or not by using easy tricks with the sensor. So you must install the sensor and fix it in the right place.

Place The Star Washer

If the star washer is not in its place then the sensor will not work properly. If there is enough space, the sensor will not be able to measure the flame. So the star washer should be in the right place.

Wiring Connection Shouldn’t Have Leakage

You should check that there should not be any leakage in your fryer. Gas can spread through the leakage. Accidents can take place. Also, the supply to the burner will be insufficient. So make sure that there should not present any leakage.

Reset The Regulator

The regulator helps to conduct less or more propane gas into the burner. So if you are issuing to light, reset the regulator and try again.

Set All the Screws Tight

If there is any loose connection you will not work properly. Your fryer will stop working frequently after some time. To fix all the screws tight before starting to cook in the fryer.

Change The Thermocouple

Your thermocouple got damaged. You are running at a low temperature. Though it will give you an overheating temperature. So you should replace the old thermocouple with a new one.

Repair Shop

Check all the possible solutions. If it’s still not working, then you should go to the repair shop. If a major problem occurs with your fryer, you can’t fix it on your own. You should go to the expert for a better solution.

Many people suggested taking off the thermocouple and timer. They also remove the plugger device. It will work, but it is not safe. We have given the basic solutions. Very easy to fix with our solutions. You should not take any risk with the fryer.

9 Tips to Use Turkey Fryer

Here are the tips now. These tips will help you for your safety. As a turkey fryer causes many accidents for your carelessness. So you should go through these 9 tips for your safety measurement.

You should follow these tips before setting up or using the turkey fryer. It is for the safety of your home and yourself. There are such cases of burn and fire, injury, and spilling hot oil, also exploding. So follow the tips and avoid risks.

  • Clean your turkey fryer regularly.
  • Don’t bypass the thermocouple.
  • Never leave the turkey fryer unattended. Always keep your eyes.
  • When lowering the turkey, turn off the burner.
  • Always take care not to overheat the turkey fryer. Accidents can occur.
  • If your turkey fryer has no timer or thermocouple, then always monitor the temperature of the oil. It can cause a fire.
  • Don’t cook on a turkey fryer at home. As it has a fire hazard, it should be outside and away from home, trees, and woods.
  • Don’t fill up the cooking vessel with oil.
  • Your turkey should be dry. If you use a frozen turkey, it will cause a splatter of the oil.

So you should keep in mind all the tips. It will help you to cook without any interruption. As you know, there is a high risk of fire and damage from hot oil, so you should be more careful while working.


How many minutes does it take to deep fry a turkey and what should be the temperature?

The accurate time according to the weight is 4 to 5 minutes per pound.

The temperature of the oil should be 175 degree C (350 degree F). You can take the temperature of the meat by a thermometer in the thickest part. The internal part of the meat should be 80 degree C (180 degree F).

Why does my propane burner keep going out?

It occurs because the thermocouple is far from the flame. You can fix this by replacing the thermocouple. Also, you should keep the thermocouple closer to the flame.

Why is my deep fryer overheating?

There must be a fault in your thermostat. It is malfunctioning or broken. It is not sensing the right temperature. You should change the thermostat. It should be replaced, also you should check the whole fryer.


Hope that this article has helped you in Turkey Fryer Won’t Stay Lit. Also, you know the solutions.

Our suggestion for you that, be careful when you are using a turkey fryer. It could create a hazard in the twinkling of an eye. Stay safe and enjoy your food!