Can You Brine A Turkey Already Injected With Solution

You might be wondering, can you brine a turkey already injected with solution? Well, we’ve answered your question in detail. Read along to learn more:

Did you buy a pre-basted turkey by mistake? And don’t know if you should brine it or not? It is okay to get confused when it comes to preparing a pre-basted turkey.

Let’s see- can you brine a turkey already injected with solution?

Well, that depends. If the brine’s salt percentage is at the same as the solution, it won’t get saltier. However, it’s not a good idea to brine the turkey which is already 8% injected. Although, you can brine it if it’s around or less than 4%. It won’t get saltier than your brine.

There are few more things to know when you are dealing with an injected turkey. We’ll discuss this more in detail so follow along!

So, without any more delay, let’s begin.

Can You Brine a Turkey Already Injected With Solution? – Yes/No

Yes, you can. But it can get too salty. It depends on the salt level in that solution. The brine will not increase the salt level unless it’s saltier than the solution. In a sense, It’s pointless to brine a turkey that it’s already been injected. Only if the solution isn’t more than or around 4%.

You don’t want a salt bomb in your thanksgiving, right? So there are some rules and recipes that you can follow.

Most of the time, wet brine can’t do anything but make your turkey salty.

Also, another thing to understand here is the effects that the brine will have. Such as:

  • What will it taste like after brining?
  • What will be the state of the meat? Will I be able to eat it?
  • Is there anything to keep in mind before bringing?

Well, we’ll try to answer these questions in the next section.

What Will Happen If You Brine a Turkey Already Injected With Solution?

You’re just a newbie who’s preparing a turkey for the first time. Your recipe says that you need to brine it. And you did. Then you realize that it was already injected with solution. Opps!

Should you keep bringing and preparing the meal? Or just buy a new premium turkey?

Let’s answer those questions one by one.


Will it be too salty? Yes, if you’re not careful.

When you’re buying a turkey, take a look at the level. Most of the time the solution level is written in the package label. But on the other hand, it might not clear what percent of salt is actually there.

If the brine contains less salt level than the solution, it won’t get pulled into the meat. If that’s not the case and the salt level is more, turkey will taste like a giant salt ball.


Usually, it will look no different from the outside. Even if your turkey gets saltier, it means it’ll affect the taste of the food. It does not seem to affect the texture of the turkey.

The turkey will still contain the juiciness and tenderness, if you cook it well. But what is the point if you can not eat it if there is too much salt?

That concludes this part. Our next question is, is there any alternative method or recipes? Yes, there is. Let’s discuss that.

Alternative Methods and Recipes

Well, there are a few recipes and tips that can get you out of this. You have a few options to properly prepare the turkey for your family.

So let’s not waste any more time and get straight at it!

Properly Brine an Injected Turkey

No matter what percentage of salt is in the turkey, you can still make the juiciest turkey ever. There are a few tips that can help to crack this thing.

Step 1:  Rinse the turkey real good.

Step 2: Cut back the salt a little and put it in Pop’s brine. Use around half cup kosher salt per gallon of water.

Step 3: Add lots of spices or ingredients such as onion, garlic, brown sugar, dry thyme etc) to the pan. This’ll add a subtle flavor.

We know steam and juices bathe the meat. So the more ingredients you add, the more flavor you get.

To add more flavor, rub the ingredients both over and under the turkey. But make sure to remove these before cooking.


  • Don’t put the turkey liver in the pan.
  • To absorb the extra salt, you can inject raw potatoes in them.]

Step 4: Leave the turkey in brine for about 24 hours. If the salt level is between high (6% to 8%), then let it brine for 3 or 4 days. And of course, if the turkey is 20+ lb, you need to brine it for at least 4 days.

Step 5: Rinse the turkey again.

Step 6: Smoke it.

But if all the process seems hectic, you can follow the next section.

Dry Brine

In general, your turkey is already brined, right? So, if you don’t wanna risk it, don’t take the extra hessel of brining with salt.

As an alternative, you can always dry brine and come out with pretty good results.

When you are using a conventional method, you are removing the salt. Then you are adding the salt again. Which is pointless.

Tip:  you can use Kenji’s dry brine. And do not make the mistake of altering the recipe at all.

Soak in Water/Apple Cider/Spice

Sometimes, water works like a charm. Just let the turkey soak in the water for 10 to 12 hours.

On the other hand, cider contains sugar. It might help to neutralize the saltiness. As a bonus, it makes fantastic gravy from the drippings.

Then you can freeze it and thaw it. It’ll help you let out a lot of the solution from there. As a plus point, it also improves the texture.

After that, you can brine it again.

Buy a Organic Turkey

It’s always a good idea to buy an organic turkey. It might be expensive but it’s worth it.

The best thing about organic turkey is that it soaks up the brine great. Which means the more ingredients that you will add, the turkey will get more flavor. Besides, you will have to put less effort into preparing for it.

Organic turkeys are raised without any preservatives. So, it’s always a great option when it comes to health benefits.


Can I Brine a Turkey That Has a Solution?

Yes, you can. But that is not actually necessary. Brining means you are just adding more salt. If the solution already contains more than 6% salt, it is better not to brine.

Can You Dry Brine an Injected Turkey?

Yes, you can. Use kenji’s dry brine recipe. Just put salt above and under the skin and let it dry for 10 to 12 hours.

How Long Should I Brine a 12 Pound Turkey?

That usually depends on a few things. But in general, you should brine a 12 pound turkey for at least 10 hours. But do not go over 14 hours. You might ruin the texture.


Hope we’ve settled the “can you brine a turkey already injected with solution?” question properly.

You can brine the turkey if the salt level in solution is less or around 4%. If it’s more than 6%, it’s better not to brine. Or you can use  Kenji’s dry brine method. Works great in situations like this.

Have a blessed thanksgiving!