Can I Use Oven If Inside Glass Is Broken?

An oven is a regular need in our daily life. But there is always hesitation when using electric houseware. At that point, you may find deformities in your gadgets. A common problem with the oven is breaking the inner or door glass.

So, people sometimes ask: can I use oven if inside glass is broken?

You shouldn’t go for the oven with broken glass inside. The oven loses its ability to raise the temperature quickly. It takes more time to do that. The temperature affects the outer panel and heat exposure to the outer glass. Lastly, it’ll cost huge amount of electricity and increase your electric bill.

That’s not the end. We have discussed more of the problems in our article So, keep reading.

Can I Use Oven if Inside Glass Is Broken?

Using an oven perfectly depends upon your practice. But you might face some problems while using this. Every problem has a solution. Many people find that the inner panel of the oven is broken. They ask, can I use an oven with broken inner glass?

glass broken oven

No, it is unsafe to use an inside glass broken oven. The inside glass panel can be cracked or broken. But there is no way to use the oven with broken glass. It is a risky thing to do. Besides, you will not benefit from using this.

Also, people are curious about the outer glass. Is it safe to use the oven if the outer glass is broken? It is also not safe. You will face some problems because of it. It is not a good idea to take risks with electric instruments.

4 Causes for Not Using An Inside Glass Broken Oven

As it is risky to use a broken inner glass oven, there must be some causes. The problems may cause more new problems. It will affect your time, money, and others. You will be tense while cooking.

If the inside glass of the oven is broken, it will create some problems. You can find out the differences during cooking or baking. There will be a huge change in temperature and time in the oven. We have discussed four major problems below.

Cause 1: Don’t Rises the Temperature

For the high temperature inthe oven, we can easily bake or cook. While doing a baking item, it’s necessary to maintain the right temperature. Thermal insulation is provided by the inner glass. It has the ability to quickly boost the temperature.

The inner glass panel can hold the temperature for a long time. It is the most important component of temperature management. When the oven is turned off, it also cools quickly. It can reduce your tension while it is not broken.

But the problem comes, when it is broken. The broken inner penal can not hold the temperature. Increasing the temperature, in general, takes a long time. Then if the temperature rises, it will go to the outer glass panel.

glass broken oven inside

Heating the outer glass panel is bad for the oven. The outer glass can not tolerate a high temperature. The glass will break at high temperatures. There will appear cracks.

Can I still use my oven if the inner glass is broken? Using cracked inner glass is also risky.

The cracked inner glass will break at high temperatures. A cracked inner glass fails to serve you properly. It will also cause the same problems described above. If your food or baking item can’t get a suitable temperature, it will affect the taste.

Cause 2: Take More Time

The temperature rises slowly for a prolonged time if the inner glass is broken. There will be an unexpected delay in your cooking. It can break your patience. Many people with this problem claim that it takes 20-30 minutes more for baking a cake.

The timing varies with the types of oven. Some ovens take more time to cook, some take less. We have some suggestions for you.

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Broken inner glass can waste a lot of your time. It will take more time than needed. You might get frustrated with your oven. This unusual process can also damage other parts of your oven. So in this case, it is also a disadvantage to using it.

Cause 3: Increase the Bill

You will notice a big change. And it’s in the electric bill. It may occur for using an inner broken glass oven for a long time. A logical way is that it takes more time in cooking. So, if you regularly cook for extra 20-30 minutes, the bill will also increase gradually.

It is not a good thing. Also, it is a waste of electricity. The oven takes the same amount of current to heat the oven. But the oven rises slowly. For this, the oven takes more time and burns extra current. This favors increasing your bill.

Cause 4: Risk Of Any Other Accidents

If there is a malfunction in your oven, it will affect the other parts also. There is a high chance of damage to the outer glass panel. Also, heat the other parts. The cooling capacity will decrease. It will take more time to return to a previous condition.

Also, there is a chance of physical damage. You might put your hand unconsciously in the heated oven and burn your hand. Also, there is a chance of an explosion. Broken glasses can Pearce in the foot or hand during cleaning.

There is no benefit to using an inside broken glass oven. Rather it has many disadvantages which are not bearable. So it is better not to use the oven a single time. You should fix it first, after that you can cook.


Many people know the problems. But still, they find a shortcut to use it again. A highly asked question is, can I use my oven if the inside glass is broken? The answer is the same. It has no alternative way.

Can I use the oven if the inside glass is broken? No, but you can go for the solutions. It is costly but it can help you to cook safely. Besides, it can save you money and time. You should follow any of these two solutions for safety measurement.

Solution 1: Replace the Inner Glass Panel

You can change the inner glass panel. It is available in the stores or you can get through online. Fix it. If it is possible. But if you are not an expert, call a mechanic to fix it.

An important thing while replacing the glass is the measurement. You should buy an accurate number of the previous glass. Do not buy a big size. Because you will not be able to fix it. If it is small, it’s not going to help you either. As it is not that pricey to buy, go for a new one.

Solution 2: Replace the Oven

You can go for this option also. One of the main parts has gone damaged. You might fix it. But there are also some cases that, after repairing the glass, it is not working. It’s the most effective if you can afford it.

It is a little bit costly. But it is the safest way. You can avoid all the problems easily.

Above the two problems, you can go to the first one. In case it can not help you, then it’s recommended to go for the second one. It is not a wise decision to use the broken one. Repair or replace the oven, you will get a better result.


Can you cook with a cracked oven door?

You should not cook in a cracked oven door. A little crack can hamper your cooking. Temperature can escape from the crack. It causes a delay in your cooking. Besides, a lot of cracks will appear due to a little crack. It is better avoid using it.

Can oven doors explode?

Yes. Your oven doors can explode. Your oven might get a lot of little cracks in the glass. It is visible but doesn’t break for a long time. It is caused due to high temperature. When the glass can not tolerate the temperature, it explodes.

What kind of glass is the inside of the oven?

Tempered glasses are used for the oven. This type of glass is used now in most ovens. These types of glasses can easily heat the oven. It is helpful to cook the food quicklt. The glass also cools down fast. So the oven gets the normal temperature quickly.


Now, we know the answer of can I use oven if inside glass is broken. The answer is no.

We know the causes of why we should not use it. Also, the solutions are given. Go for the solutions if you don’t face any unwanted occurrence.

Until now, stay safe!