How Long to Boil Chicken Hearts: A Complete Guideline 

The chicken heart is a good source of protein. But without knowing these many people throw it up.

Without throwing up, you can use the chicken hearts in many ways. Many delicious recipes can be made.

If you pet dogs or cats, chicken hearts can be a good source of their food. Usually, dogs love to eat chicken hearts if cooked properly.

But there can be microorganisms in the chicken hearts. You need to clean them before use or cooking.

you have to boil the chicken hearts before using. Boiling will pull out the bacteria or any other dirt from chicken hearts.

Now the question is –how long to boil chicken hearts?

The boiling duration of the chicken hearts depends on the recipes you are making. Usually, chicken hearts take 30-40 minutes to cook properly. But not all recipes require full boiling. Also in the pressure cooker, boil for just 15 minutes. For dog food, boil chicken hearts for 40 minutes.

Now, let’s know in detail.

How Long to Boil Chicken Hearts: A Complete Guideline

Chicken hearts are a good source of many nutrients. Like protein, fat, vitamin B2, etc. But many peoples don’t use it. Rather than using they throw it without knowing its benefits. But you use it after cleaning and boiling it in a proper way. The chicken hearts can meet up your protein requirements.


If you boil the chicken hearts in a pressure cooker, it will take less time to boil fully.

 Also, different chicken hearts recipes require different boiling duration. If you want to eat chicken hearts direct after boiling then boil properly. So, it will take 30-40 minutes to boil properly.

On the other hand, if you want to cook chicken hearts after boiling then boiling half is enough.  As you will cook again, the chicken hearts will be cooked properly after that.

Boiling pulls out all the microorganisms from the chicken hearts.

Let’s know the boiling duration of the chicken hearts for specific recipes and in a pressure cooker.

Boiling Chicken Hearts in a Pressure Cooker

Boiling chicken hearts in a pressure cooker requires less time than in normal pots.

As we know, the pressure cooker’s feature is boiling anything half of a time from a normal pot. So,  if you are in a hurry then you can use a pressure cooker to boil the chicken hearts. And it will take only 15-20 minutes to boil fully.

Let’s know about the chicken heart’s boiling time in specific recipes.

For Making Soup

For making a soup, you need to boil the chicken hearts for more than 20 minutes. In 20 minutes, the foam or scums from the chicken hearts will pull out. And then you can strain the chicken heart and use them in the soup broth.

Also, you can chop the chicken hearts after boiling to use in a soup.

You can cook chicken hearts and gizzards stew together. Here is a video link to assist you Instant pot Chicken gizzards and hearts stew.

For making Chicken Heart Meatballs

For making chicken heart meatballs, you should properly boil or over boil the chicken hearts. Because to make meatballs you need to smash the chicken hearts.

So, boil for at least 40-50 minutes. It will be good if you boil the chicken hearts for 1 hour. Then strain the water or dry up the water. Then let the chicken heart come to room temperature. Then grind them and use the required spices. Then fry them. This will result in yummy chicken heart meatballs.

Also with meatballs, you can make chicken heart meatball soup.

For Using in Salads

For using in salads, boil the chicken hearts properly. Because after boiling you will use the chicken hearts directly on your veggies. To enhance the taste, after boiling marinate chicken hearts before putting them into veggies.

So, boil the chicken hearts for 45-50 minutes. Chop them and mix them with your veggies and enjoy the salads.

Boiling Duration Before Sauteing

As you will saute the chicken heart after boiling, that’s why boiling for less time is okay.

Boil 25-30 minutes before sauteing. Then saute them with your favorite seasoning.

Chicken Heart Curry: Boiling Duration

If you are making chicken heart curry, then it requires 40-45 minutes to cook properly.


As you are cooking curry, there is no need to boil it first. Also don’t require extra boiling. The chicken heart will be boiled on its own by mixing with curry masala.

Boiling Before Chicken Heart Frying 

Many people directly fry the chicken hearts without boiling them. Okay, this is not bad. But, if you are health conscious then boil the chicken heart before making fried chicken hearts.

Because boiling the chicken hearts pull outs the microorganisms, bacteria, types of blood, and dirt.

Also, after boiling you will need less oil to fry the chicken hearts. Which is good for your health.

So, boil for at least 25 minutes before frying the chicken hearts.

Chicken hearts are also a good food source for your pet like dogs and cats. Let’s learn how to boil chicken hearts for dogs.

Chicken Hearts as Your Dog Foods: Boiling time

Chicken hearts meet up the demands of proteins in your dog’s body. Also, your pet dog will love the chicken hearts. But, for this, you need to cook them properly.

If you don’t want any intestinal problems in your dog, boil for at least 20-25 minutes. You can add some salt to the chicken hearts. Don’t boil for more than 25 minutes for your dog. As usually dogs like squeaky foods.

Before boiling you need to clean the chicken hearts in a good way. Let’s know about it.

How to Clean Chicken Hearts

With chicken hearts, you can make various recipes easily. But before making recipes you need to clean the chicken hearts. And it’s mandatory. Otherwise, the recipes will not taste good or you will not like the smells.

So Follow these steps

  • Wash the chicken hearts with plenty of water. Change the water and wash them again. Do it at least 2 times.
  • Take a sharp knife. And clean the surface of the chicken hearts. On the surface, you will see whitish parts in the aorta. Remove them with the help of the knife.
  • Wash them again and chop them if you want. Then use them to make recipes.

That’s how easily you can clean the chicken Hearts to make delicious recipes.

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How to Boil the Chicken Hearts

The next step after cleaning the chicken heart is boiling them. You know boiling for 40-50 is enough for chicken hearts.

But, how to boil the chicken hearts?

Here are the steps

  • Take enough water to a pan then boil the water for 4-5 minutes
  • Add some salts to the water and put the chicken hearts
  • If you don’t like the smells of the chicken hearts then add some ginger. It will lessen the smell of chicken hearts. Adding Thai leaves will smell good.
  • Boil for 30-40 minutes if you want a full boil. Or boil according to the dish you want to make.

Chicken Hearts: Fully Boiled or Not?

After cleaning and boiling you need to check whether the chicken hearts are fully boiled or not.

To check the chicken hearts if they are done boiling, cut them with a knife.

Cut them in the middle of the chicken hearts. If you see any pinkish color then the chicken heart requires more time to boil.

Easy, right? So, don’t throw the chicken hearts in your kitchen bin. Boil them and enjoy new recipes.


Are Chicken Hearts Nutritious?

Yes, chicken hearts are a good source of protein. Also, the chicken hearts contain irons and zincs. In one cup of chicken hearts, there are 13 + milligrams of iron and 10.6 grams of zinc. Chicken hearts also contain vitamin B2.

Do Chicken Hearts Need to be Cleaned?

Yes. Before cooking Chicken Hearts need to be cleaned. Because inside the chicken hearts there can be blood and specks of dirt. So, cleaning the chicken hearts before cooking is mandatory.

Are Chicken Gizzards and Hearts Good for You?

Yes. Both Chicken hearts and gizzards are good for us. Both are rich in proteins and vitamins. Also, they are easy to digest. They contain zinc, iron, vitamin b2, proteins, and fats.


Now you know the answer –how long to boil the chicken hearts. Also know that specific recipes require specific times to boil.

You have an idea about the cleaning and boiling procedure too. So, for your family, cook the delicious chicken heart recipes and enjoy family time. Also if you have dogs in the house, feed them chicken hearts to meet the need for proteins.

Bon appetit.