Can you cold smoke on a traeger

Traeger wood pellet grills deliver an authentic, delicious wood-fired taste that you won’t find in other barbecues. The curious cookers also try to grill, bake, roast, and cold smoke on the Traeger. But confusion always remains about the consequences.

So, can you cold smoke on a Traeger?

Yes, you can cold smoke on a Traeger. Regardless of what temperature you set your grill at, you can expect maximum smoke. You may even get maximum smoke without any temperature. So you can cold smoke cheese, salmon, or whatever else comes to mind.

Do you have a few minutes to spare? I’ll go through it with you in detail to make the most of your time.

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Can You Cold Smoke on a Traeger?

Traeger grill does not feature Lockhart’s upper smoke cabinet. Still, you may use it as a cold smoker. Outside temps must be below 90°F to cool smoke in the Traeger grill. A dependable cold smoking gadget, as well as the food you wish to cold smoke.

Traeger grill

Also, a common quarry can you cold smoke cheese on a Traeger? It can be done. 

The process is quite similar. Cold-smoked cheese is simple to make. However, achieving the desired flavor and texture might be tricky. This is particularly true if you are unfamiliar with it.

Can you cold smoke salmon with a Traeger? Set the grill to smoke mode using the Traeger cold smoke attachment. When the smoker reaches the desired temperature, place the salmon on the grill and smoke for 1.5 hours.

Keep an eye on your temperature gauge. After the salmon has finished smoking, wrap it in plastic and refrigerate it.

What is Cold Smoking?

The method of infusing food with that characteristic smokey flavor is known as cold smoking. With the least amount of heat. It’s frequently used to cure and preserve foods. Other things that can be utilized include cheese, salmon, fruits, vegetables, country hams, and so on.

What’s the Difference Between Smoking Hot and Cold?

Hot smoking is done at temperatures high enough to cook the meat while also seasoning it with smoke. Cold smoking is the process of preserving meat by smoking it for 1 to 30 days. Want to know a little extra? Well, the details are given: 

Hot Smoking

The most frequent way to use a pellet grill is for hot smoking. It entails utilizing the pellet grill in the same way as a convection oven. You turn on the grill and adjust the temperature to your preferred cooking time. Cooking temperatures can range from 180°F to 500°F.

The meat or meal is set on the grates after the grill has achieved the specified cook time. The meat does not need to be cured. Because it is cooked at temperatures just above the danger zone of 140°F. 

The higher temperatures are sufficient to eradicate any germs that may cause food poisoning. Of course, hot smoked foods can still be marinated or cured to add taste.

Cold Smoking

As previously stated, cold smoking entails the use of a smoke tube or smoking equipment. The pellet grill is turned off, and the chamber serves as a storage space. So, both the food and the smoking equipment.

The dish is smoked at temperatures ranging from 77 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit to enhance the taste. Depending on the meal kind. Instead of cooking the food, the method coats it with smoke. Adding a smokey taste without sacrificing too much moisture.

Is Cold Smoking Safe?

Cold smoking is safe if done appropriately. The technique of smoking food dates back to prehistoric times. The only distinction is that technology facilitates it for everyone. To be able to smoke meals in the privacy of their own house.

However, if done poorly, botulism might result. Botulism is a rare occurrence. Other diseases, such as listeria, have a considerably higher prevalence and are equally hazardous.

Meat that has been cold smoked has not been cooked. It has been in the risk zone for an extended period of time. Rendering it vulnerable to germs and other infections.

People have died as a result of consuming meat that was not properly cold-smoked. Factory meat manufacturing results in dangerous microorganisms on meats.

Meat must always be properly brined before cold smoking. The salt prevents germs from growing during the cold smoking procedure. Not all meats require brining or curing before cold smoking.

Let me show you how to conduct cold smoking on the Traeger Grill. Now that you’re aware of the dangers. You may also find tons of wonderful materials on YouTube that will walk you through the procedure.

Foods Safe to Cold Smoke

Most items may be cold smoked, however, the following are examples of the simplest and safest:

  • Cheese
  • Nut
  • Fish
  • Garlic
  • Vegetables
  • Cooked Bacon
  • Tofu
  • Hard Boiled Eggs

Any of the meals listed above are the most straightforward to begin with. On the Traeger Grill, you may practice cold smoking this way. Without having to be concerned about the aforementioned concerns.

Many also ask which cheese should I cold smoke?  When smoking cheese, the most difficult part is keeping the cheese from melting. That is why, if you want to smoke cheese, you should select hard varieties.

Getting The Traeger Grill Ready for Cold Smoke

The first step is to ensure that the Traeger barbecue does not overshadow your food. During the procedure, do not melt the cheese. This entails preheating the grill in advance.

You’ll also need a few items to assist keep the process at the low temperature you want. This includes dishes or casseroles for storing ice in the smoker afterward.

To achieve lower temperatures, you must also correctly establish the Traeger grill. When it’s rainy or chilly outdoors, as in the winter. Then it’s the greatest time to cold smoke a cheese.

You live in a climate where winter and cold months do not exist. I recommend putting up the Traeger barbecue, much like the tropical ones. On your patio or in the shade of a tree.

Washing the Traeger grill is also essential before starting the cheese smoking process. Make sure the grill grates are well brushed and any food residue is removed.

This helps to guarantee that the cheese does not become contaminated with microorganisms. Which is a result of the other foods you’ve cooked on the barbecue. So properly clean the rill.

There are various designs of Traeger Grills. I’ve compiled a list of excellent Traeger grills. These are of good quality and with in reasonable price. Here-

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I hope this information aids you in selecting an appropriate offset smoker!

Traeger Grill

Things to Remember While Using Traeger Grill

We’ve compiled a list of helpful hints for utilizing a Traeger Grill. Such as-

  • You can load the smoking device with wood chips. Or hardwood pellets, depending on its form and size.
  • It all boils down to personal preference and experimenting with different wood ratios and kinds.
  • Allow a flame to remain for 10 minutes to guarantee that it does not go out.
  • To make it simpler to get pellets to burn, the handbook suggests adding Gel Alcohol Fire Starter.
  • Depending on where you reside, late fall and early winter are the greatest periods of cold smoke.

Following these tips and tricks, you can get better results. 


Can I cold smoke in a pellet smoker?

Yes, you can. Very simple to use Simply stuff it with pellets, ignite one side, and set it on any grill grate. Turn the barbecue off for cold smoking and on for hot smoking. Just as with the Lanney Smoker Tube, you’ll need adequate airflow in your grill to get the pellets to burn.

What meats can be cold smoked?

Cold smoked meats include pig chops, beef steaks, and chicken breasts. The sole objective of grilling, baking, or roasting is to enhance the flavor. So, in actuality, you can cold smoke pretty much anything you want.

Does cold smoking cook the meat?

Cold smoking doesn’t quite cook food, meats should be properly cured before being cold smoked. Cold smoking could be used to enhance the flavor of foods. Meats such as chicken breasts, beef, pork chops, salmon, scallops, and steak, as well as cheese and nuts.

Can you slow smoke in a Traeger?

Yes, you can. The drumsticks will be hung on a leg hanger for 1 hour at 275°F on a grill. Then, in a pan, slowly smoke them. You may also add sauce once they’ve got the right temperature. It takes roughly 2 hours to complete the operation.


Can you cold smoke on a Traeger? Hopefully, you got the answer.

You may add extra ice to the Traeger grill if it becomes too hot. If it becomes too cold, reheat it and let it cool for a few minutes. 

You will be able to master the technique after one or two attempts. Especially with the assistance of a fantastic grill like the Traeger. So be careful to follow the steps outlined above.

Keep yourself safe! Good Luck!