Can You Boil Carbonated Water? Let’s Find Out!

Carbonated water is fizzy. Nevertheless, it is water under the pressure of Carbon Dioxide.

So, you might be wondering, can you boil carbonated water?

Yes, you can boil carbonated water. For tea, coffee, and desserts like cake, truffle, etc. you can use boiled carbonated water. However, with tea or coffee, it can affect the taste. But, for cake, it can give a more fluffy and beautiful texture. On top of that, it will be softer.

It is just the top of the iceberg. There’s more to it. To unveil the mystery, you should keep on reading.

So, let’s get started.

Is It Ok to Boil Carbonated Water?

In essence, carbonated water is simply water that has been pressurized with Carbon Dioxide. In that sense, you might be thinking, that Carbon Dioxide can harm your health when boiled.

Well, that’s not the fact. Boiling carbonated water is completely safe. You can use it for various purposes.

But, what happens when you boil carbonated water in a kettle?

When boiling carbonated water in a kettle, the CO2 disappears with the air. Resulting in just plain water left in the kettle. No explosion or bad chemical reaction will take place. With plain water, you can cook, drink or use it for coffee or tea. Boiled carbonated water is completely safe.

We get that carbonated water is safe. But there are some solid reasons why you need to boil carbonated water.

Why Would You Need to Boil Carbonated Water?

There are plenty of reasons why you need to boil carbonated water. Well, if you think health benefits are the first reason, then you are wrong. Because after all, you are left with flat water after boiling.

The reasons why you need to boil carbonated water are

  • You don’t have access to flat water.
  • To prepare foods that taste better with infused Carbon Dioxide.
  • For cakes to be more fluffy and softer.

Now you know the carbonated water which is boiled is safe. But will it affect the taste of hot beverages or food?

Well, in the next segment I will answer that appropriately.

can you boil carbonated water
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Can You Boil Carbonated Water for Flavored Beverage?

By now you know that boiled carbonated water is safe to consume. Nevertheless, you should also know that the water may taste bitter or sour. It is because of the Carbon Dioxide getting defused.

So, is it ok to add tea or coffee to boiled carbonated water? Well, you can add any flavored beverage to boiled carbonated water. It is in fact healthier option than regular water.

As we know, tea or coffee tends to make us dehydrated. But, with carbonated water, you may feel less dehydrated.

On top of these, carbonated water will increase metabolism. Also, it won’t cause any dental issues.

But, there’s something you should know. Let’s find out can carbonated water has a negative effect on health.

Will Carbonated Water Negatively Affect the Taste?

With unflavored and unsweetened carbonated water, you won’t notice any difference with tea or coffee. Albeit, making coffee and tea can differ.

So, let’s find out the answer for each beverage.


Carbonated water can be used for tea and some call it carbonated tea. Any carbonic acid or mineral flavor that you may be concerned about will probably be covered up. And it’s by the tea.

However, there isn’t really an advantage to drinking tea using carbonated water. Also, carbonated water often costs more than flat water. Boiled carbonated water and flat carbonated water are almost the same.

Yes, with carbonated water you gain some health benefits. But, with flat water and tea, you get the same health benefits as carbonated water. So, using carbonated water for tea is unnecessary.


Coffee may be made with carbonated water without any problems, just like tea. However, there’s a catch! You’ll be surprised if you assume that coffee brewed with carbonated water will be carbonated.

The water in your coffee maker is heated to be boiled. Afterward, it is added to the coffee grinds. Before the coffee percolates into the jug the taste and caffeine are removed in this manner.

The bubbly water will no longer be carbonated after being heated. Because just like a kettle, the infused Carbon Dioxide will vaporize and disappear.

The good news is that carbonated coffee does exist. Although it is uncommon to find it on grocery store shelves, you may buy it online.

Here is a list of some carbonated coffee. Have a look

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In theory, you can also carbonate your homemade coffee. Pour it into a SodaStream or other home carbonation system. Then, pump it with bubbles as you would water. Is the flavor genuinely pleasant? You get to determine that.

Ok, now you get it that for hot beverages, you can use carbonated water. But it’s pointless as you’re just simply left with flat water after boiling.

The fun thing comes afterward! Let’s find out if can you cook using carbonated water.

can you boil carbonated water
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Can You Cook with Carbonated Water?

Yes, cooking can benefit from the use of carbonated water in specific situations. It may be used to give baked items and fried mixtures a delicate airiness.

For instance, Japanese tempura batter for frying fish and vegetables occasionally contains carbonated water. The airy crunch of tempura is well-known. The carbon dioxide dissolved in carbonated water may enhance this flavor even more.

Other delicacies like cake, crepes, and even waffles may benefit from the addition of carbonated water. After baking or frying, the food is lighter and fluffier.

There is another benefit of carbonated water. Putting a hard steak in carbonated water and cooling it can tender the meat. Because of Carbon Dioxide, the steak meat’s tension can be broken. It results in a soft steak.

After cooling for 2.5 hours or so, you can just season and fry the steak. The result will surprise you! The meat will be more flavorful and tender!

Using carbonated water for cooking is ideal in this type of situation. Then again, carbonated water can alter the taste of a particular food if you aren’t careful. For instance, making soup with carbonated water isn’t an ideal decision.

Source: Spoon University

Things to Avoid While Boiling Carbonated Water

Carbonated water will serve just fine if you don’t have access to potable water for cooking. To assure safety and flavor, however, there are several things you should stay away from.

  • Use a kettle or saucepan rather than a container or bottle for heating carbonated water. It is risky to boil water in the wrong containers. Because toxic substances can contaminate your water.
  • Never boil water that has artificial sweeteners, caffeine, colors, or natural or synthetic flavors. These ingredients may damage your hot beverage and have a bad influence on flavor.
  • Carbonated water has less boiling temperature than flat water. So, don’t use excessive heat to boil carbonated water.

What Drawbacks Might Boiling Carbonated Water Cause?

Flat water is always our first preference for consumption and cooking in a healthy lifestyle. But if you want to boil carbonated water instead of flat water, remember the following drawbacks.

  • Carbonated water is more costly than flat water.
  • Has no advantages in terms of health over pure flat water.
  • Taste modification brought caused by the presence of lingering carbonic acid.
  • Causes bloating, farting, and burping.
  • Your gut microbiota can alter by artificial sweeteners like sucralose which is present in carbonated water. This may result in potentially induce diarrhea.


What Is the pH Rating of Carbonated Water?

The pH rating of carbonated water is 4.5. It is in between acidic and neutral stages. So, it is slightly acidic. Yet, it is completely safe to consume the water. However, usually, the water’s pH rating is between 6.5-8.5. Water is more neutral than carbonated water.

Is Carbonated Water Unhealthy for You?

No, carbonated water isn’t unhealthy or unsafe for you. However, there is no evidence suggesting that it is beneficial. Yet, it can increase metabolism and digestion by reducing constipation. So, you may consume carbonated water.

Is Soda More Acidic than Carbonated Water?

Yes, soda is more acidic than carbonated water. The pH rating of soda is 2.5-3.5. Whereas, carbonated water’s pH is 4.5. Hence, orange juice will taste less acidic with carbonated water instead of soda. In fact, as soda is more acidic than carbonated water, it can cause dental issues.

What Drawbacks Does Carbonated Water Have?

There are some drawbacks to carbonated water. Since Carbon Dioxide is present, the drink’s bubbles may result in bloating, burping, and other symptoms. Sucralose and other artificial sweeteners may also be included in some carbonated water products.


That’s all regarding the topic can you boil carbonated water? Hopefully, you got your answer by going through the article.

Here’s a piece of advice, carbonated water with lemon juice is a healthy option. Drinking it every morning will enhance digestion.

Have a good day!