What Icing Goes With Lemon Cake? 6 Options To Choose From!

Are you a cooking enthusiast who likes to experiment with new things? In that case, confusion like what icing goes with lemon cake is very common. As you know, some flavors just never go well together. So, it’s better to do some research first. 

So, what icing goes with lemon cake

There are many icing that goes well with lemon cake. You can always go for classic vanilla icing. To make it cheesy, go for cream cheese or mascarpone icing. For a fruity taste, go for whipped fruit icing. Lemon curd icing is also a good option. Finally, garnish it with fresh berries. 

Hey, don’t get overwhelmed with all the options. I will give you some more details about them. That will help you choose the proper icing according to your taste bud. So, let’s get right into icing. 

6 Icing Options For Lemon Cake

Everyone has different tastes. And when it comes to cake frosting or icing, there’s always a clash.  Some like the chocolaty flavor, while some prefer the subtle cheesy or vanilla flavor. There are also many cake lovers, who prefer their cake with tangy or strong fruity icing. 

So, the options are endless. That’s why you got confused, what icing goes with lemon cake? But here are some icing suggestions that are very popular with lemon cake. Let’s discuss them. 

Vanilla Icing For Lemon Cake
Source: Once Upon A Chef

Option 1: Vanilla Icing For Lemon Cake

You can never go wrong with the classic vanilla. It compliments almost all flavored cake there is. The lemon cake has a tangy taste. So, some prefer to balance it with the sweetness of vanilla. So, if you are one of them, just go for it without thinking much. 

Also, as a baking lover, you must have all the necessary items for making it. Let me share an easy recipe for vanilla icing with you. 

How To Make Vanilla Icing? 

Here is an easy recipe for vanilla icing. 

IngredientsPreparing Method
1 cup sugar½ teaspoon vanilla essence 2-3 tablespoons heavy cream or milkMix all the ingredients togetherWhisk it until you get the desired consistencyFor thinner icing, use milk and cream for thicker. 

Option 2: Cream Cheese Icing For Lemon Cake

From savory to dessert, there’s always cheese to the rescue. Cream cheese icing will give you a subtle tartness. It goes well with lemon cake, as the tastes are similar. The tartness won’t dominate but will give you a refreshing vibe. 

How To Make Cream Cheese Icing?

An easy recipe for making cream cheese icing is given below. 

IngredientsPreparing Method
50g butter75g cream cheese1 cup icing sugarMix butter and cream cheese until it becomes creamy. Gradually mix the icing sugar. Your icing is ready. 

Option 3: Mascarpone Icing For Lemon Cake

Here is another cheesy option for you to choose. Usually, the icing is made by mixing mascarpone with cream cheese. Mascarpone has a mild sweet taste. To decrease the tartness of cream cheese, you can use this option. 

How To Make Mascarpone Icing

IngredientsPreparing Method
375g cream cheese375g mascarpone cheese1.5 cups icing sugar1 tablespoon vanilla extract450 ml heavy creamIn a bowl, mix the cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla extract. Beat it until it becomes fluffy. Mix the mascarpone and heavy cream gradually. Keep beating until it becomes smooth and creamy. 

Here, I have suggested premium quality mascarpone and cream cheese. 

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Option 4: Lemon Curd Icing For Lemon Cake

When life gives you a lemon, make a delicious lemon cake with lemon curd icing. Some prefer their lemon cake with only a lemony taste. In that case, lemon curd icing will be a good option. 

Lemon Curd Icing For Lemon Cake
Source: The Heritage Cook

How To Make Lemon Curd Icing

IngredientsPreparing Method
½ block (226g) cream cheese2-3 tablespoons lemon curd2 cups icing sugar2 cups butterBeat the cheese and butter in a bowl. Add icing sugar and lemon card. Continue beating until you get desired consistency. 

You can make lemon curd at home, or you can buy it from a super shop. 

Option 5: Lemon Icing For Lemon Cake

Don’t wanna bother with lemon curd, but want the lemony flavor? It’s okay, you can still have it with lemon icing. It is also very easy to make. 

How To Make Lemon Icing 

IngredientsPreparing Method
½ cup unsalted butter3 cups icing sugar2 tablespoons lemon juice½ teaspoon vanilla extractMix all the ingredients together. Beat it until the icing becomes fluffy. 

Option 6: Whipped Fruit Icing For Lemon Cake

If you want a fresh, fruity flavor, you can use whipped fruit icing. Berry flavors go very well with lemon cake. Also, whipped fruit icing is very easy to make.

How To Make Whipped Fruit Icing

IngredientsPreparing Method
½ cup jam or jelly1 cup whipped cream (frozen)¾ cup icing sugar¼ cup waterFirst, mix the water and jam/jelly in a bowl. Add the sugar and whipped cream gradually and mix it properly. Your icing is ready. 

These are the icing flavors you can use with the lemon cake. 

Garnishing A Lemon Cake 

Garnishing is not just giving your cake an aesthetic look. It also plays an important role in the taste of your cake. So, choosing the proper garnishing is as important as choosing to ice. 

But no worries, here are some ideas to garnish your lemon cake. 

  • You can use sliced berries, such as strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry. It will give the cake a fruity taste. Also, garnishing with fruits makes your cake look beautiful. 
  • Using candied lemon on a lemon cake is my personal favorite. It will give a sweet and chewy taste. 
  • For a minimal decoration, try putting 2-3 lemon leaves on top of the icing. 
  • You can also use lemon zests on top of the icing. This garnishing will go best with lemon curd icing. It will bring out a fresh lemony smell. 
  • Powdered sugar also can be used for garnishing. But it works better when you don’t use any frosting or icing. 
  • You can always sprinkle some confetti on top of the icing. 
Garnishing A Lemon Cake
Source: Simple Bites

6 Tips For Icing Your Lemon Cake

Icing doesn’t always go as per your expectation. Sometimes the cake doesn’t look as good as you expected. you can make a mess while icing the cake. Sometimes the icing gets separate. 

Don’t worry! Here are some tips you can follow for better icing. 

Tip 1: Don’t ice the cake hot. Put it in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours then do the icing. This is how your icing won’t melt. 

Tip 2: Another thing you can do is, cool your cake off. Put a thin layer of icing. Then  refrigerate it for 2-3 hours. After that, spread the second layer of icing. Your icing will look so much better. 

Tip 3: Always make sure your icing is cold. 

Tip 4: Try to use fresh and good-quality ingredients for preparing the icing. 

Tip 5: While making the icing, whip with patience. Don’t rush it. 

Tip 6: Put a baking paper sheet under your cake while icing. And remove it when you’re done. That way your plate won’t get messy.

Tip 7: Be generous with the Icing. Icing is thinner than frosting. So give a good amount of icing for getting the taste properly. And the Icing will also look rich. 

That way, You will have gorgeous icing on your lemon cake. 


What’s The Difference Between Icing And Frosting? 

The frosting is thicker and fluffier than icing. We need to frost the cake by spreading it with a frosting spatula. Whereas, Icing is poured or drizzled over the cake. Icing gets hard while frozen, frosting doesn’t. The frosting is used for full coverage decoration. Icing is poured for a shiny thin layer. 

What Filling Goes With Lemon Cake?

There are various options. You can use buttercream frosting or icing in vanilla, cream cheese, or lemon curd flavor. Using chopped fresh food like strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, etc is also a good option. It will give you a chunky flavor. You can also use jam or jelly or curd. 

Why Does My Lemon Cake Not Taste Like Lemon?

Maybe because you aren’t putting enough lemon juice on your cake. Increase the amount you are using by 1-2 tablespoons. Use lemon zest to give it a better taste. Also, lemon extract is a good solution to this problem. 

Is Icing And Powdered Sugar The Same?

Yes, they both are the same thing. Icing sugar is also known as confectioners sugar. You can make it at home by blending regular sugar and corn flour together. For 1 cup sugar, take 1 tablespoon of cornflour. Regular sugar is also known as granulated sugar. 


I hope now you know what icing goes with lemon cake. Decide which icing you will choose according to your taste bud. Icing compliments the whole taste of the cake. Although lemon cake alone is very delicious so icing is just a bonus. 

Now, put on your apron and start icing the cake. Happy baking!