Can You Send Bread in The Mail?

Bread is one of the most famous foods in the world. Almost everyone in every country eats bread and also makes them.

Bread is also one of the most preferred foods of people. A loaf of fresh and nice-smelling bread makes everyone happy. That’s why sometimes, some people make bread and give it to their loved ones as a gift.

Now some of your loved ones might be living far away from you. And you might want to send them some freshly made bread from your home.

So, the question is, can you send bread in the mail?

Yes! You can send bread in the mail. But you have to package the bread correctly depending on the bread you want to send. Such as if you want to send pumpkin bread, you need an extra layer of wrapping. However, if you want to send a crusty sourdough bread, you need only two layers of wrapping.

Now, we’re going to know all about it in more detail.

Can You Send Bread in the Mail?

You can send bread in the mail. But before doing that, you have to package them nicely. And the packaging has to be right for the particular bread.

Such as, you have to wrap softer bread with plastic wrap twice. And then wrap it up with foil paper. On the other hand, for crusty bread, wrap them up with the foil paper first. Then wrap it up with a plastic wrap.

Crusty bread is the best bread to ship. Because it doesn’t get squished as easily as the soft bread. But with the soft bread, you have to be more cautious with the packaging.

Now, here is some information about different types of bread and their packaging in this table.

Types of Bread Packaging Tools
Banana breadPlastic wrap, wax paper, tortilla bread, aluminum foil, container box, crumpled paper
Sourdough breadPlastic wrap, foil paper, container box, crumpled paper
Pumpkin breadPlastic wrap, foil paper, container box, crumpled paper
BaguettePlastic wrap, foil paper, plastic baguette box, crumpled paper

Different Ways of Packaging for Different Loaves of Bread

People eat bread in various kinds of ways. They eat it with different kinds of sides, or they make other kinds of foods with it. Such as sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, wraps, etc.

So, there are many kinds of bread. Some of them are very soft, and some of them are a little bit crusty. On the other hand, some of them are soft on the inside but crusty on the outside.

They differ in shapes as well. Such as, some pieces of bread are long, some bread is round and some of them are square-shaped. For this reason, different types of bread need different types of packaging before sending them in the mail.

But whatever kind of bread you’re sending, try to send it overnight or within two days. That way, your bread will stay fresh.

However, if that’s not possible, you should freeze the bread before shipping. It’s more important if you ship the bread internationally. And that way, your bread will stay fresh for longer.

Now, we’re going to discuss some different types of packaging for some different types of pieces of bread.

Banana Bread

Banana bread is very delicious. It is a soft kind of bread. So, to mail banana bread,

you have to package it more carefully. Or else, it could be squished on its way.


For the packaging process, firstly you have to check whether the bread has cooled down properly or not. If it’s cool, then wrap it up with plastic wrap. Then wrap it with a piece of wax paper to keep the bread’s moisture inside the package.

After the second wrap, put tortilla bread on top of it. Then lastly, use aluminum foil for wrapping up the whole thing. Aluminum foil helps to keep the fresh smell of the bread.

Also, it’s important to use the foil. Because you don’t know what kind of things might be there around the bread while it’s shipping. There could be fish or some other kind of smelly thing around your package. And if that happens your bread will smell bad.

So, you must use foil paper to wrap the bread up. Then, place the bread in a container box. Here, the size of the box should match the bread size. Even then, if there is some space left, you could fill it up with the foil paper.

There could be some space left on the top of the box, or on the sides of the box. Just put some foil paper or bubble wrap or some styrofoam peanuts to fill up the space. You could also use some crumpled paper to do that.

And after that, the packaging for your banana bread is done and it’s good to go. But try to send the bread overnight. That way the bread would be fresh. But if you can’t do that, then freeze the banana bread before sending it.

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread is really tasty bread. And it’s pretty easy to make at home. Now, to ship homemade sourdough bread properly, you could follow some tips before packaging it.

Such as, you could use some natural preservatives. For example, you could use raw honey in the sourdough for keeping it fresh for longer.

Then, cool it down before you pack the bread. Because if you don’t, the bread will sweat inside of the package. If that happens, your bread won’t be fresh anymore and will become soggy.

After doing all this, your bread is now ready for packaging. There are two types of sourdough bread, crusty sourdough bread, and sandwich sourdough bread. Each of them will have different packaging.

For crusty sourdough bread, first, you have to wrap the bread with foil or wax paper.

And then wrap the whole thing up with a plastic wrap.

And for sandwich sourdough bread, you have to wrap the bread up with the plastic wrap twice. Then wrap the bread again with foil paper.

When you’re done with the wrapping, find a container box that fits the sourdough bread perfectly. Still, if there’s any space left in the box, just fill it with some crumpled paper. And then you’re done with the packaging of sourdough bread.

Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin bread is soft bread. But still, you can send pumpkin bread in the mail. Just keep one thing in mind, you have to package the bread very carefully and perfectly.


So, first wrap the bread with plastic wrap two times. Then again, wrap it up with foil paper to keep the fresh smell of the bread. After that, place it in the box.

Then, fill the spaces in the box with some crumpled paper to make sure the bread doesn’t move. And after that, your pumpkin bread is ready for sending in the mail.


Baguettes are long bread that is very soft on the inside. But it is crusty on the outside. So, if you want to send a baguette in the mail, you have to follow the steps written below.

Though the outer part of the baguette is crusty, still you have to be cautious with its packaging. Because the inner part of the bread is really soft. Moreover, as it’s a long bread, it could get ruined pretty easily.


So, in the first place, cool the baguette down. Then wrap it twice with a plastic wrap. After that, use foil paper to wrap it up again.

Then place it in a box that fits the baguette. There are some plastic baguette boxes available, which you can use for this. And then you’re done with the packaging.


Should I Freeze Bread Before Sending It in The Mail?

Yes, you should freeze bread before sending it in the mail. Because it’s the safest way to ship bread. Though, if you choose to send that bread by priority mail, then it would reach the destination overnight. In that case, you could send it without freezing it.

Can I Send Bread in The Mail Internationally?

Yes, you can send bread in the mail internationally. But you should freeze that bread before shipping. Because it could take some time to reach the mail to its destination. So, to keep the bread fresh, you have to freeze it first, and then you can send it.

How long does white bread last in tin foil?

In tin foil, white bread lasts for about 4-5 days at normal temperature. But you have to cool the bread down properly before wrapping it up with the tin foil. Otherwise, the bread will release moisture inside the packaging. And your bread will get soggy.


Now, if someone asks “Can you send bread in the mail?”, we can say yes without any confusion.

Also, we know how to package soft bread. We know about the packaging of crusty bread as well.

From now on, we can send bread to our loved ones in the mail with the perfect packaging.