Branzino vs Trout: Which One Should You Buy?

Fishes have been a popular source of protein all around the globe for many. However, people often get confused when buying between branzino and trout. We understand if you are struggling with that dilemma as well.

So, branzino vs trout– which one should you get?

Trout tastes bland compared to the slightly sweet taste of Branzino. But Trout is rich in calories. Also, Branzino is only found in the Atlantic ocean. Whereas you can find trout in any kind of freshwater spot. Also, Trout is way cheaper than Branzino. There is also a difference in the cooking process.

I’ve compared all these factor in details in here. Obviously, your preference comes first while choosing what you’re gonna eat. But it’s important to know what you’re getting at the first place.

So, what’s the hold-up? Let’s jump right in the waters, shall we?

Overall Comparison

Branzino is a fish from the white ocean, thriving in the Mediterranean sea. On the other hand, trout is a fish from the clear waters. Both of them are highly popular as food all around the world.

If you are to choose from one of them, you better consider some differentiating factors. 

Here, we have a table with an overview of the comparison between these two fishes. 

Let’s have a look!

TasteBranzinos are slightly sweet with a light and flaky texture.Trouts have a really mild and bland taste, somewhat like catfishes.
Nutritional ValuesBranzinos are lower in calories. But still, it is an excellent source of protein and Vitamins.Trouts are rich in calories, protein, niacin, potassium, and so on.
How to cookGrilling, Steaming, Baking, etc.Pan-frying, Smoking, etc.,
HabitatEastern Atlantic Ocean mostly.Can be found in all sorts of freshwater spots.
Pricing  Around $15 per pound.Around $8.5 per pound.

Hopefully, this was able to give you an overview of the factors that set these two fishes apart. Now, we need an in-depth discussion to choose one for you! Let’s go!

In-Depth Comparison

Earlier, we looked into the differentiating factors between branzino and trouts. In this section, we will further discuss these factors for you to choose one for yourself. Stay tuned!

Factor 1 of 5: Pricing

It’s a no-brainer that affordability plays a huge role when choosing something to buy. Hence, we need to consider which one of these two fishes is more affordable.

As Branzion can only be found in Atlantic ocean, it’s normal to ask, is branzino expensive?

Branzino cost no less than $15 for each pound. They belong to the salmon family and that’s why they are considered premium fishes. Also, the difficulty of catching them adds to the price.

On the other hand, if you want one pound of trout for your family, you’d need just $8.5. 

Wondering why is it cheaper? Well, you can literally catch them in any freshwater source with ease. Since it is easily found in almost every region, the price is comparatively cheaper for trout.

Factor 2 of 5: Taste

Well, the most important aspect of this discussion is taste. You will never buy a fish that doesn’t suit your taste buds, will you now? 

First, let’s talk about what Branzino tastes like

Branzino has a slightly sweet taste to them. The sweet taste comes along with a texture that is flaky and very light. The taste is somewhat similar to halibut and sea bass.

This mildness in the taste goes hand-in-hand with the ingredients you use perfectly. It tastes really well with spices like lemongrass or chilis from southeast Asia. 

However, branzino tastes best with Mediterranean ingredients like tomatoes and fennel.

Greek Styled Roasted Branzino Source: The Mediterranean Dish

On the other hand, there is trout. So, how does trout fish taste?

Trouts taste considerably blander. Their taste is somewhat similar to catfishes. Trouts are often called “chicken of fishes” for their very common taste. 

Baked Rainbow Trout with Lemon, Garlic and Black Pepper Source: Julia’s Album 

Hopefully, now you understand how these fishes will go with the dish you have in mind.

Factor 3 of 5: Nutritional Values

Nutritional values are super important when choosing a fish for you or your family. Hence, this factor also requires a fair share of consideration.

Nutrition FactorBranzinoTrout
Protein14.6 gm per 3 OZ18 gm per 3 OZ
Calories90 calories per serving136 calories per serving
Other Nutrious elements(rich in)Selenium, Omega 3 fatty Acid, Vitamin A, B12Phosphorus, Potassium, Niacin

Both of these fish are rich in protein. They are consumed for protein by people all around the globe. 3 oz of Branzinos contains 14.6 grams of protein, whereas, trouts contain 18 grams.

So, if you want protein, both of these will suffice your needs. However, the real difference comes in the calories.

Branzino is comparatively low in terms of calories. They contain 90 calories per serving. But, trouts pack a load of 136 calories per 3 oz serving. 

Branzino is rich in antioxidant selenium and Omega 3 fatty acids. They contain fair amounts of Vitamin A and B12.

On the contrary, trouts are rich in Phosphorus, Potassium, and Niacin. However, they do not contain high levels of vitamins.

This should provide you with an idea of the nutrition that these two bring to the table!

Factor 4 of 5: Ways of Cooking

Since branzino is a small fish with few bones, it’s ideal for grilling, steaming, or baking whole. 

So, how to bake branzino?

Fill the branzino with lemons and fresh herbs and then bake it for 25 minutes. Keep the temperature at 325°F. Now, give it 5 more minutes before serving it along with lemon slices and fresh basil.

Season it with fresh lemon juice, garden herbs, or a dry rub if you’re steaming it. Before serving, it would be nice to flake the cooked fish onto the plate. Branzino goes well with casseroles, spaghetti, and other one-pot recipes since it splits into little parts.

The crispy branzino is so good that it can make you ache for going to fish.

Now, let’s talk about trouts. They are widely famous for pan-frying, smoking, and baking in many regions of the world. 

They are also sometimes used with angel hair pasta. If you can cook non-sticky angel hair pasta, it tastes heavenly with trout.

If you are pan-frying trout, fry it with butter accompanied by lemon. We recommend you put your trout in a solution one hour prior to cooking it. The solution should contain 50% water and 50% lemon juice.

The process for baking is also the same. However, you should use lime juice instead of lemon juice for better taste.

As for smoking a trout, you can use any sort of seasoning for whole trout. Make sure to let it stay marinated overnight. Always remember to smoke it at low heat or it’ll be super dry to eat.

That’s all about the popular cooking methods of these two delicious fishes!

Factor 5 of 5: Habitat

Well, if you are reading this for fishing purposes, then don’t worry. We have covered you too.

If you’re wondering which fish could you potentially catch in your region, then this is it! Branzino is mostly found in the mediterranean sea in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean. So, If you’re fishing in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean, you may very well catch many branzini. 

On the flip side, you can find trout in all sorts of freshwater spots. They could be living in rivers, ponds, or even lakes. So, it would be easy for you to find them.

Also, if you’re a beginner, you’d find it much easier to catch trout than other fishes.

Which One to Get?

Now, comes the moment of truth. Which one should you get for yourself?

Well, this is totally up to you! If you’re looking for a slightly sweeter fish, you can get branzino. If you know the ingredients that go with Anadama bread, you’d know branzino is a perfect choice

If you want something like catfish, trouts will not fail you whatsoever!

Branzino will be a great choice for a low-calorie meal. However, if you’re looking for something affordable, you can rely on trout any day! 

Here we have mentioned some amazing canned trout and branzino for you:

Canned BranzinoBuy Now!
Canned TroutBuy Now!

We hope that you’ll love them.

And lastly, you can choose one based on how you wanna cook it. Hopefully, now you can choose one easily!


Should branzino be always served as a whole?

Well, branzino is served as a whole traditionally. However, you can ask the restaurant to serve it as a filet if you want so. It would still taste delicious. That way the bones will be taken out in a nice butterfly cut. However, they do taste the best when you serve them as a whole!

Can you eat the skin of branzino?

Yes, you can definitely eat the skin of a branzino if it is cooked properly. You can pan-sear it to perfection. You will get a nice and crispy outer skin that will add great flavors to your branzino. In most posh restaurants, branzino is always served with its skin for aesthetics and taste.

Can you eat the skin of trout?

Keeping the skin on is the best way to eat trout. Trout tastes bland in general, unlike branzino. Hence, if you eat it without the skin, you won’t get much meaty flavor. The skin provides the trout with the crispy punch that it needs. That’s why trout is cooked with its skin on almost everywhere.

Final words

Hopefully, we were able to clear your confusion regarding branzino vs trout

Always make sure to check if the fish is fresh or not. Rotten fish is the last thing that you want, trust us!

We will see you in another fishy article real soon. Till then, adios!

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